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Chapter 27 (v.1) - Cut out

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…………. The party was incredible Orlando had used Kent expertise in party planning and pulled out all the stops there was a table filled with Blue cupcakes instead of a normal cake a table by the door was filled with gifts including two boxes that I knew contained bags from Alexander McQueen and Orlando’s sister had brought me a Pair of Jimmy Choo’s. People were dancing and having a blast, I was on the dance floor dancing with Riley and Derek like we were at the lake. Orlando was standing with his Dad and mine watching and laughing.


“Okay what are they trying to do?” Josiah asked as Derek picked me up and literally spun me and threw me at Riley.


“It was something she learnt in Gymnastics as a kid and let’s say over the 18 years they’ve been doing this we’ve had a couple of broken arms a broken wrist at least 8 or nine broken noses oh and Blue dislocated her shoulder when River caught her wrong last year.


“Well I’m just glad she’s wearing underwear” Orlando smiled


“Well normally they’re doing in on the dock by the lake so not the dress” Dad laughed as Jason called Orlando over to have pictures taken with all of us


“You have an amazing family there Colin” Josiah sighed looking at me now in the middle of all six of my brothers in a pose for a picture “Yu really do and I’m so happy my son is part of it”


“You’ve raised a good man there as well” Dad looked at Josiah “we hope he and Blue well we hope they become more permanent”


“You mean marriage”


“Well it’s up to the kids but it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they did”


“I’d love to see the look on my wife’s face… I’m sorry to say this but she doesn’t like Blue”


“I know Blue’s told me” Dad took sip of his drink “But I’m sure Blue and Orlando can handle it”


“Oh I’m sure they can… so did you mean what you said about taking me hunting?” the two of them turned and walked to the bar.


“People are going to carry on partying” Orlando pulled me away from the others and over to the table with the gifts on where his sister and Dallas were bagging them all “And we’re going to sneak out” He started to help put gifts into bags to take down to the car…


“Dance with me and then we can leave” I trailed my fingers down his back I took the bag from his hands and put it on the table.


“So did you have fun?” he asked as I bent to pick up something that had fallen on the floor


“It was amazing… I don’t’ like surprises but this” I looked over my shoulder and saw he was watching me bending I moved to get something else off the floor, Orlando stepped forward as if no one else was around. His hand stroked over my ass through my dress his hand moved over my hip as I straightened up, he pulled me back against him his hand not quite on my stomach just edging lower, I felt him draw in a breath and he wrapped his arms round me.


“Well I think there is still time left on your birthday you might still have more surprises to come” I looked at him there was a mischievous smile on his lips, I turned in his arms and he drew me closer and kissed me with vigor and passion before I could even say a word.


His tongue snaking in to my mouth was driving me to distraction, the heat it was causing in me was so intense, I felt my body respond to him and push against him with the kiss alone my hands dropping the gifts in them as they went to Orlando’s hair. I heard the moan from me as he pulled away, as the music changed to something slow and sexy he tugged my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor. He turned me under his arm in a spin before catching me round the waist and pulling me close, my arms winding their way up round his neck, I got lost in the deep brown of his eyes as we moved almost as one on the floor


“I love you Blue, I really do” he sighed, that was the second time today he’d said those words to me, I wanted him and only him I couldn’t see another man giving me anything near what Orlando did, and I wasn’t talking about the financial security., the sheer amount of love from him blew me away.


“I love you too baby” I smiled at him my tongue slicked over my lips putting the gloss on the scarlet stain on my lips.


I felt him catch his breath one of his hands moving quickly to the back of my head pulling me into a mind bending kiss filled with desire and the forcefulness of his masculinity, his hard body tensed like a caged animal, both of us on the edge of being overwhelmed, He pulled back from him before we lost control in front of a room full of friends and family. Orlando was breathing hard as smiled at the pout on my face, he lowered his head to my ear his voice rough and gravely .


“There I’ll be plenty of opportunity to get carried away when we get home” He nipped my neck, I lowered my lids a little making the come to bed eyes that he loved.


“There’d better be Mr. Loughlin”


We quickly said our goodbyes Rowan, Kent and Dallas had already loaded the car and had it in the parking garage of the hotel. The air felt charged with electricity as we rode in the elevator with some business guy that was all over someone that you could tell wasn’t his wife. We waited for them to get out and walk to a Black Mercedes and got into it, I stepped off of the elevator and walked across the empty garage floor toward the Camaro making sure my hips moved in a way to catch Orlando’s attention, I smiled to myself as I quickly lifted the back of my dress as I walked giving him a teaser I looked back at him and watched him swallow hard and lick his lips, his feet rooted to the floor I stopped and leant on the car and looked at him


“Are you coming tonight” the innuendo dripped off of every word as I smiled at him. He blinked a couple of  times snapping out of the erotic ideas in his head.


“Damn why do we live 3 miles away” he muttered under his breath as he crossed the garage floor……………

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