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Chapter 29 (v.1) - Hot sandwich

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




………….. The guard smiled and nodded as we angled the car down the ramp into the garage waiting for the steel shutter to roll up, Orlando hit the gas as soon as there was enough clearance for the car pulling into the private garage area that came with the apartment the Audi sitting already in the dark. Orlando turned off the engine leaving the keys turned a red glow the only thing illuminating the space from the under carriage lights from the Camaro.


I’m smiled and thanked my brothers for giving me the love and intimate knowledge  of cars right now. I leant over him and hit the release on the wheel clicking it in to it[‘s highest position, Orlando was on the same wave length of thinking as I was he’d got his and on the seat release and slid it back, he pulled me to him my knees on the edges of the seats either side of his hips I pushed up on my knees and dragged the jacket out from under me letting him spring free again I smiled down at him as his hands slid under the soft fabric of my dress and skimmed lightly over my ass cheeks. My fingers worked the buttons of his shirt, over the past few months I’d gotten quick at flicking open the buttons of expensive shirts I tugged it down over his shoulders and leant into his bare chest I trailed my fingers slowly of hit hot skin as he pushed aside the lace of my underwear and positioned the tip of him against the scorching heat between my legs, and he mumbled something inaudible as I lowered myself on to him, slowly, teasing him with slight movements.


 His grip on my ass suddenly was released and he hands moved to the front of my dress pulling it roughly down exposing my breast to the heat of the moment, His mouth closed round one of my nipples as he sucked and bit lightly on it his other hands mimicking his mouth with the other one tweaking and rolling the hard tip in between his fingers My Head fell back and a moan escaped my lips as his hips thrust up to meet me body filling me. His body pistoning in and out of me making the windows all cover in condensation. He moved his mouth away from my breast and gripped my hips stopping me moving he lifted me off him pushing me back a little, I felt a little confused and hurt, and suddenly shy.


I moved to go back to the passenger side my head hanging slightly, He stopped my by gripping my chin and making me look at him as he shook his head.


“Get out of the car” He literally growled “I need you properly”


I wanted to let out a sigh of relief, he opened the door and smile on his lips was one of pure I‘m in charge of tonight, I got out not too sure if my legs would hold me up. I walked round to the front of the car pulling down the zipper at the side of the dress and letting it slip to the floor and sat on the hood as Orlando got out, I pushed the underwear off leaving me standing in just the heels, I sat on the hood of the car and smiled at him, his shirt was tossed to the ground and his belt clattered against the side of the Audi and his pants pooled on the ground. Amen to my man not liking to wear underwear, He was looking at me, I licked my lips.


“Why don’t you take a picture it last longer” I giggled


“I can’t be wasting time looking for my phone right now and I prefer to look at the real thing” I felt myself blush as he walked across to me his hand wrapped round himself stroking lightly.


 I caught my breath in my throat as I watched him. He stopped in front of me and  Unfurled his hand, he was standing hard and proud for me he caught my hand pulling me up and turning me round I moaned as I felt him rock solid against my back, He pushed me down on the still warm hood his feet kicking my legs apart, his hand burrowing inside of me again as he kissed my back and shoulders the heat from the cooling engine and the heat from Orlando made this the hottest sandwich I’d ever had.


“You want me” He breathed in my ear as he drew out his fingers making me feel empty “You want to feel me inside of you”


“Yes” I gasped as I felt him rub across the ready opening I tried to push back against him, he held me in place


“Ah-ah” he chuckled “I’m the one that’s going to give you the pleasure” I tried to push back against and got a quick slap on the ass for it.


“Oh Damn Orlando… this is torture” I moaned as I squirmed against him “I need you now” He didn’t wait to be told again He slammed himself into me in one move “Oh Hell” I squealed and he pulled back and pushed forward again he drove into me hard. He pinned my hands to the hood and nipped and sucked on the back of my neck making my knees want to buckle under me “Orlando” I gasped as he increased the pace His free hand dove between my legs rubbing and adding pressure “Fuck…” My Body tensed trembled as I came harder than I think I’d ever done. hard


“Oh Damn Blue” he groaned as the final thrust slammed into me as his body shook  and I felt the heat spread in me “Shit so good” His head dropped to my back as he released his hold on my wrists.


I felt him pull out of me and he pulled my upright and turned me to face him, my body still buzzing and trembling as he kissed me lightly,


“We’d better get some clothes on and take this upstairs… the night’s still young” He smiled as he moved away from me. He retrieved his pants and his belt and shirt slipping them on as I pulled on the dress and picked up my underwear from the ground. I had and idea something I was planning for his birthday but hell practice makes perfect right.  He bent over into the car to get something and I couldn’t help myself I brought my hand down in a sharp slap on his ass “Ow” he jumped and looked at me over his shoulder and withdrew from the car “Okay I know you like that” he grinned pulling me to him “but me not so much”


 He moved in for a kiss I dodged it earning a slight look of confused bewilderment from him. I stepped back and started to walk away from him I head him move and he grabbed my hand.


“Are you okay? Is something wrong?” He asked worry tipping into his tone “I know it wasn’t the most romantic…” he glanced back at the car and then back to me “But hell It was hot and I don’t think either of us could have made it upstairs” He pushed his hand through his hair and fidgeted on the spot as he looked at me like a little boy lost…………….



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