Office Games

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Somethings off

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



…............... I walked into the bar with Kent and Dallas I ordered the drinks as Kent went and snagged a table.


“Okay so come on what’s wrong… it’s almost your birthday and we party hard for it” Dallas put his head on my shoulder “Is everything okay with you and Mr. Hot Ass?” I smiled at the affectionate nickname Dallas had laid on Orlando.


“Yeah… well I think… oh hell I don’t’ know” I groaned turning to look at him, He looked worried


“You fighting because I’ll kick his ass” he became defensive


“No it’s not like that… I took a call just before you got there tonight and… and well it was from a jeweler”


“Ooo Sounds like you’re getting something sweet for your birthday” He giggled picking up his beer and Kents doing his little happy dance


“It’s a diamond ring”


“Fuck” He stopped dancing “engagement?”


“I don’t know but why… why would he be buying a ring?”


“It migbht be for his Mom or his sister” Dallas chewed his lip “Oh hell who are we kidding he’s going to ask you to marry him… Wow he loves your hick ass girl” I punched Dallas on the arm “Oh What Was That For”


“It’s not funny”


“Why not… you love him right?”


“you know I do”


“He loves you” I nodded “You live with the damn guy and hell girl you go at it like damn rabbits… what’s the problem?”


“It’s onel been four months and hell you know all of my past”


“And so does Orlando… hell if the guys is still with you after finding you used to take your clothes off and dance on a pole and you dated the worlds biggest douche bag in Nate and he puts up with your insane brothers and” I put my hand over his mouth


“Okay I get it” I sighed “I just… You know what his Family is like”


“No I know his Mother in a pain in the ass his sister was drooling over Cody and his Dad seemed pretty cool”


“I’m still not one of them” I did air quotes “I’m still the girl with nothing from nowhere”


“Okay Blue I’m going to…” he stopped “Well Mr. Loughlin nice of you ro join us” He shouted over me giving my hand a little squeeze


“Sorry I’m late and damn” I felt his lips press on the back of my neck “I’m sure you weren’t wearing this when you left the office” I took a deep breath and turned to look at him


“Birthday gift from Kent and Dallas”


“Nice” he looked at Dallas “Damn you’re going to out do me at this rate” Beer shot down Dallas’s nose Orlando looked at me and then looked at Dallas “Dude”


“He’s fine he was thinking out doing you in bed and that’s not likely I glared at Dallas “And you and Cowboy Bob owe me a new bunny” I picked up my drink and walked over to the table


“She okay?” Orlando asked


“Yeah I think it’s time of the month” Dallas shrugged


“No that was last week” Orlando shook his head


“So what you getting her for her birthday?” Dallas asked as I started chatting to Kent


“A goody bag of stuff but I don’t think we’ll be taking it to her parents” Orlando licked his lips as he looked at me


“Well that’s good because we’re all camping” Dallas rasied his eye brows “Hey have you ever camped in your life?”


“I went to camp when I was a kid” He shrugged looked at Dallas “But that was twenty grand for six weeks”


“Oh Damn you’re in for a shock” Dallas burst out laughing “We tent it with the parents in a Camper”


“I can rough it”


“We know that you’re Dating Blue” Dallas winked at him


“Hey Not nice Dallas” Orlando caught his arm and turned him round to look him in the eye “You might be her best friend but I’m not adverse to knocking anyone on their ass that disrespects her” Dallas cocked his head “What?”


“Just making sure”


“Of What?”


“that you’re with my girl for the right reasons and not just because she’s a good lay” Orlando relaxed a little


“I’m in love with her and the fact she’s so down to earth she’s as comfortable in a $20 dollar dress as she is in a gown that cost over a thousand, she looks hot in jeans and sneakers and equally as hot when she’s working” He took a deep breath “Dallas I see her without her make up on walking round in one of my shirts every morning and every night and she still takes my breath away… I know she’s my future” he picked up his drink and walked over to where I was talking to Kent.


“So what do you think?’ I looked at him


“Okay but think to what?” He sat next to me and draped his arm over the back of the chair


“I know that the Japanese call today was the last thing you had on your schedule” He nodded “Well why don’t we leave for the farm tonight and then we can head to the lake with all the others tomorrow?”


“Sounds like a plan” He smiled “Oh I just need to make a call” he got up and walked outside the bar


“Okay that was Odd” I looked at Kent as Dallas sat down


“Well I think you’re right he’s going to propose” Dallas sighed “Damn girl where’d he go?’


“He’s making a call and we’re heading north tonight instead of tomorrow” I watched Orlando talking on the phone outside as he paced the sidewalk “Something’s off”………………………………….

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