Office Games

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Chapter 31 (v.1)

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



…………. He looked filled with total lust and desire as he roughly grabbed my wrist and tugged me hard into his waiting body.


“Sounds like a challenge to me” he smiled as he bit on his lower lip “But I’m sure it will last longer and make you reach a place you’ve not gone too before… I’m going to make it so every time I’ve made you come before is like a slight tingle”


His breath was hot on my neck, hell I was ready to come again just listening to him. He moved his head and looked me in the eyes he meant every word of it, determination etched into his stare as he fisted his hand in the back of my hair and pulled my head forward to meet his in a searing kiss.


His tongue probing and pushing against mine winning the battle for control  as my arms went round his neck pressing my breast hard into his chest his hand released my hair and they both traveled to my chest capturing my nipples in between the thumbs and forefingers. I moaned into his mouth as he teased and tweaked and rolled the hard peaks my nails gripped into his shoulders as he tugged on them capturing my lower lip in between his.


I hitched my left leg around his waist as he automatically let go of my breasts and moved his hands to my ass. I looked at him both of our breathing was like wild horses after a stampede, My other foot tapped him behind the knee making him buckle and fall back hard on to the bed


“Hell no” He growled his abs doing the work to sit himself back up and flip me on to my back “Mine”


He was almost animal like as he was over me, he pinned my arms to my sides at my hips as he started suckling and nipping where his hands had left off with my breasts. My back arched off the bed as my legs locked round his waist. The pleasure and pain seared together as he grazed his teeth over my tingling flesh. Orlando knew my biggest weakness when I was this turned on, He captured my belly button ring in his mouth and tugged and twisted it


“Oh god…” My hands fisted on the sheets and my legs scissored together under him trying to give some relief to the torturous aching in between my legs. He let go long enough to lick round my belly button before recapturing the ring and tugging it again “Hell Orlando… let me come” I begged


“Nah-ah” he murmured letting go of the ring and carrying on with teasing and tantalizing trail  He let go of my wrists to be able to slid his hands from my ankles up my legs  to my knees before he pushed my legs apart “Damn you’re wet baby” He moaned as he licked and flicked his tongue slowly up my thigh.


“I need you in me in me” I gasped as his fingers parted the hot flesh and his tongue did a languid lick “Orlando I need… Ooooooo Crap” I gripped the back of his head pushing him into me as his tongue dove deep and swirled inside me “Oh… Damn… Or…lan….” He pulled his head away and smiled up at me a wicked grin on his face “Son of a bitch that’s… Oh FUCK” His tongue returned to where it was before he began the slow journey back up my body.


“Kiss me” He smiled as he hovered over me. I pulled him down to me tasting everything he’d just tasted as he pushed into me, “I love you” He moaned as the relentless pursuit of the end goal pounded away in both of us. He picked up my legs putting them up over his shoulders his hands on my breasts as he teased the slick entrance gyrating his hips.


“You’re killing me” I moaned as his hands caressed my breasts.


“Really what if I do this” He pushed forward filling me easily with how lubricated I was. He pulled back and started a slow lazy pace that seemed to hit all the right spots, “You want to come for me baby?’ he smiled I felt the muscles in my stomach begin to tense as the first waves of orgasm began to hit me, Orlando held me in place as he pushed in as far as he could, I felt everything clamp onto the hard length in me as I screamed his name My Back arching off the bed. ‘Good girl” He soothed as my entire body shook and quaked with wave after wave of  aftershocks. He let my legs down from his shoulders  I looked at him.


“Wow…” I gasped “that was…” he cut me off with a kiss


“I’m not done yet” he laughed “not by a long shot” he started to kiss along my jaw working down my neck “Neither are you…”


“I need…”


“And again Na-ah” he chuckled “It’s going to take a lot to live up to tonight” He hovered over me “Hell of a lot”…………………….





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