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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Hotter and home

Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



…………. Orlando rained kisses all over my body till he got to my feet he slipped off my shoes

“You know I think you have some of the hottest shoes in your closet” He chuckled as his slid his hands slowly back up my legs.

“Between you and Dallas you know what’s hot” I sighed as his fingers toyed with me again making me start to tremble again.

“I know you’re hot” He chuckled “Turn over” He instructed I raised one eye brow and looked at him “I liked the way you screamed my name I want to hear that over” he kissed my lips “And over” he kissed my cheek “And over” he moved to my neck “and over” I waited for the next kiss but he grabbed my hips and flipped me on to my stomach and pressed his weight into me “And over” he kissed the back of my neck as one of his hands trailed down my side slipping under me popping my ass up into him. His fingers reaching round enough to part the soft flesh and rub the too sensitive nub.

“Oh Damn you” I hissed as my legs felt like utter Jello, he laughed as I felt the pressure increase as he leant over me and reach for something from the nightstand “I looked up and smiled at the bottle of oil he had in his hand, the thought of what was about to happen only added air to the fire I pushed back into him feeling the twitching of his hardness pushing against my thigh. I moved my legs under him as he eased them apart with his thighs.

“You ready baby” he clicked the cap on the oil bottle making a moan of anticipation escape from my lips.

The pleasure and the pain that seared through both of us was more than either of us could handle everything that had happened and had been said was now culminating in this night, this holy erotic meeting of the two of us doing things I’d never want or dream of doing with anyone else. The level of intimacy was through the roof as his slow defined stokes in and out had me bucking like a wild mustang under him Sending us both spiraling and spinning out of control as he held me filling me deep as we came together falling down on the bed with each other panting and gasping for air..........

….. I lay with his arms tightly wrapped round me his face nuzzled in to my neck as we both basked in the moment.

“Well that was” He chuckled a little “I mean…” I lifted my hand and put my fingers to his mouth silencing him up “Okay shutting up” he kissed my finger tips

“Thank you for making this birthday the best one ever” I turned in his arms to face him

“You’re more than welcome.. and I’d better start planning next year’s birthday surprises from tomorrow… it’s going to take a lot to top this… but I have something that might help because next year we’re not going to be in the city for it” He let go of me and got off the bed I sat up and bit my lip as I took in the nakedness of him the chiseled body that was normally tucked away under well tailored suits. Orlando Loughlin had an ass you could bounce rolls of quarters off of He walked to the dresser and pulled out a tube from along the side of it.

“Okay please don’t tell me you have a toy in there” I laughed a little hysterically “I’m a little tender right now” He looked at the tube in his hands and wiggled his eyebrows at me “Okay not that I don’t enjoy when we do that but Baby…”

“It’s not a toy” he reassured me He climbed back on to the bed with me and pulled the sheet over him and handed me the tube “Okay you know I brought those two acres on the lake just about 10 miles from your parents” I nodded “Well open it” I opened the tube and tipped out the blueprints from inside of it I unrolled them and laid then out on the bed “It’s half way built” he kissed my shoulder “It’s out escape from the city” He smiled as I looked over the floor plans to a three bed roomed cabin ‘It’s built for me and for you he moved away as I looked at the pictures of it being built, he opened the drawer in his nightstand and pulled something out and moved back to me.

“It looks amazing” I grinned “Are you sure you want to be so close to my brothers?”

“I’m more than sure and I can see us having a lot of fun there” He chuckled “but you have to do something for me?” I looked at him and he held out a Black Credit card “You have to do the interior”


“Yes you” He laughed taking the blue prints and putting them away “I want to walk into our home and see what you call home I want it to be our space cozy and ready for family” he kissed my temple “Oh and it’ll be finished in time for my birthday next month” he winked at me

“So no pressure then?’ I groaned “We’re in Japan for ten days”

“I know but you have the Gay Superman as your best friend who you know will help you out” he pulled me back down with him. “I love you Blue… I love you like I’ve never loved anyone” he stroked my arm as I listened to his heart beat. “You’re mine and I’m forever yours” he kissed my head

“All mine” I propped myself up on my elbow and looked at him he nodded “My turn to make your birthday amazing next month” I got on my hands and knees and pushed the covers back making sure I had a clear run south as I licked and kissed from his chest down his abs………………

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