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Chapter 37 (v.1) - Japan

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



…………….. I watched As Rowan boarded her flight back home I’d called Dallas and Kent to meet her off the plane and look after her for a few days, I walked to my gate and pulled my phone from my purse.  I sent Orlando a message my head was too screwy right now to work out time differences.


*waiting for the flight to bring me to you hell I need a hug right now… I love you and miss youxxxx*


 I pinched the bridge of my nose as the phone rang.


Orlando * you okay?

Me * No not really but I will be… I miss you

Orlando * I miss you as well and I’ve already been asked where you are by four differen people

Me * see I should have been there

Orlando * they understand when I explained that you were coming you were seeing off your brother to war


I groaned


Orlando * sorry… was Rowan okay

Me * nope but I have Batman and robin waiting for her when she gets home and if I know those tow they’ll take her clubbing and get her trapped between two rock hard gyrating gay men to cheer her up

Orlando * well that’s disturbing

Me * no it’s fun actually

Orlando * I’ll take your word for it… I’m going to be waiting at the airport for you

Me * I can take a cab

Orlando * I know you can but I’ve gone for four days without seeing you and hell I need to feel you against me

Me * oh I’m going to burst in to tears in a minutes

Orlando * I’ve pushed back a meeting so we get at least eight hours before we need to work when you get here

Me * I love you

Orlando * I love you too


My flight was called


Me * I have to go I’ll see you in a few hours

Orlando * I can’t wait love you

Me * love you too


I hung up and gathered my things together and boarded the flight and settled down for the long assed flight to Tokyo……




………… I worked on some of the stuff I’d kept with me while I was on the flight finishing up the last of the paperwork that I knew Orlando needed for some of the final meetings, it passed the time making the flight now seem quite as long as eternity, we finally landed and I got through immigration and customs and got my bags. I walked through the doors to the arrival hall and smiled as Orlando was there carrying a huge bouquet of lilies and roses. I smiled at him and stopped pushing the cart with my bags on as he put the flowers on top of it and lifted my off the floor his mouth on mine his arms wrapped tightly round me, I pulled away from him breathless and smiling


“Damn I love you’ He grinned “Welcome back to Japan Miss Stevens” He handed me the flowers


“Thank you” He took the luggage and led me out to the waiting car. as the driver opened the door for me I smiled and got in with Orlando.


“So are you hungry?” He played with my fingers


“Yeah I didn’t have breakfast before we took River” I sighed “and the food on the plane was not good”


“Well we have just over eight hours so let’s get to the hotel and showered and fed” he stroked my cheek


“And loved” I smirked running my hand up his leg


“Okay I’m like a powder keg without you” he laughed catching my hand before I could touch him he nipped at my neck “I’m about to leap on you and take you right here in the back of the car”


“You can have me wet and naked in the shower if you want” I kissed him as we pulled up to the hotel. Orlando took me to our suite and tipped the porter He closed the door as I pulled my shirt off over my head and pushed my jeans down over my hips.


“Well you don’t waste” I walked over to him and kissed him hearing the moan come from him as his hand slid up my back and  unclipped my bra slipping it down my arms before picking me up and wrapping my legs round his waist he carried me to the bathroom. All the tension and stress slipped away with the hot water and the tender touches from Orlando, We sat on the bed eating and talking about the meeting’s Orlando had been to already he took the plate from me and  got back on the bed after leaving the room service tray outside of the door He pulled me into his arms and stroked his hands up and down my spine as I lat with my head on his chest he had a file in one had reading over the presentation. I wrapped my arm round his waist happy to be back in his arms a few decisions clicking into place for me as my eyes slid closed the jet lag pulling me down, he put down file and kissed my forehead as he set the alarm for a four hour nap and settled down with me………………

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