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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Shock news

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



………….. The next four days passed in a blur of intense business meetings long dinners once again with Members of the Company’s board of directors and then the two of us making the most of the down time we had, we’d managed to squeeze in some shopping and had made sure we used every available surface to Er… well experiment some more. The final meeting was amazing seeing Orlando put his signature on the final draft of the contract, his face lit up giving me goose bumps at how far he’d come in the almost five months I’d known him, he already owned his own multimillion dollar company that was flying high gaining in reputation as well as stature. Orlando handed me our copies of the contract.


“Can you scan these and send them to our lawyers and to the office please” He beamed at me trying not to kiss me because  well that would just be unprofessional in front of clients because nine times out of ten we end up going a lot further than just kissing once we get started.


“Yes Sir” I nodded I bowed to the Clients and walked out of the room to use the scanner on the desk of the secretary I’s gotten to know. Orlando watched me as I left and let out a contented sigh.


“You have a very diligent young lady there” Mr. Takada said walking over to Orlando “Charming beautiful and extremely good at her job” Orlando nodded and smiled


“I was lucky to find her, In more ways than just business” He walked over to the board room table and started to close things on his laptop.


“Well I know that things in the United States are slightly less…er… conventional shall we say but if she takes to motherhood like she has to business she’ll be incredible” Mr. Takada beamed “Congratulations Mr. Loughlin” Orlando fumbled with his laptop almost dropping it.


“What?” Orlando stammered


“We heard through business contacts that you and Miss Stevens are expecting your first child together” Mr. Takada Smiled “The birth of a child is truly a special event”


“What?” Orlando started to loosen his tie and beads of sweat broke out on his forehead.


“I was in contact with your Fathers Bank and I was told the news by Josiah himself”


“What?” Orlando blinked a few times


“Fatherhood is a large step and a terrifying one but more rewarding than all of this” He gestured round him as his PA walked over and said something to him. “Excuse my rudeness I have to take this call, I’ll look forward to seeing the final blueprints and you must be here when her break ground” Mr. Takada shook Orlando’s hand and the both bowed to each other. Mr. Takada left the room as I walked back in talking on the phone.


“Sure I’ll let him know and I’m sure we’ll be there for it” I smiled at Orlando and put the papers in the folders and into my bag “No problem Mady thanks” I hung up and dropped my phone in to my bag “Apparently your Mother has been into the office” I glanced at him “We’re expected at your parents house tomorrow night”


“I don’t think we should fly home” He walked over to me and swallowed hard


“What?” I wrinkled my nose at him “We have clients to see on Monday and you have to make a call to Chris Kroeger about her request, we’ve been summoned to Chateau Loughlin by the hag from hell” he smiled at the name I’d landed on his mother “I have to get some thing sorted out for the cabin or we’ll be going there and sleeping on bare floors” I put my hands on my hips “So why do you think we shouldn’t fly?”


“Because it might not be safe” He chewed his lip


“Oh my god did signing the deal give you a brain aneurism?” I laughed touching his arm “I want to go home… yes I love Japan but we have so much going on right now”


“Don’t we just” he looked me over and his eyes lingered on my stomach


“Okay I know we fell asleep last night” I teased “but we can’t get hot and dirty on the board room table I think they’d take the contract away… but let’s get to the hotel and screw up what housekeeping has done before we check out” I winked at him.


“Is it okay… I mean we’re allowed to right?”


“Orlando… Are you okay you look like you’re sickening for something” He picked up my bag and slid his laptop in to it I held my hand out for it.


“I’ll carry it it’s heavy” He put his hand in the small of my back


“It’s not” I shook my head


“Blue come on you have to be careful” He looked at me


“I do?” I raised my eyebrows at him


“I know you were probably going to tell me over dinner or something and I know it’s a shock and not what he would have planned with how busy we are”


“Wow you’re really not making sense right now” I tipped my head to the side “I walked out of here and everything was normal now you’re jabbering like a drunken in-breed uncle” He started to laugh


“The Baby, Baby” he smiled


“Okay still not making any sense” I shook my head


“I know about the baby I know you’re pregnant” My Hand went to my mouth


“I’m not… think about the week before my birthday… I’m not… oh that dumb hag” I hung my head “Do I have permission to kick your mother from here to kingdom come”


“What?” Orlando looked like he was about to stoke out


“I wasn’t going to tell you but I sort of pissed of your mother when I picked up Rowan to go see the guys” I took the bag from him and started to the door he followed me “She was being her usual charming self so I shut her up and obviously she’s rain with it, twisted it and broadcasted it” I stepped into the elevator


“So we’re not… I mean” he put his hand on my stomach


“No we’re not pregnant” I smiled at him “I still want to do so much with you and to you before we even talk about going there”


“Oh Thank god” He pulled me to him and hugged me “Now tell me everything my mother said to you”

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