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Chapter 43 (v.1) - Mooing at 3am

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



………….. We we’re sound asleep arms and legs entwined the sounds of cow mooing seemed to fill the room…


“What the hell is that?” Orlando groaned “An engaged sexually exhausted man trying to sleep here” I laughed and pushed his legs off mine.


“It’s an overseas call and normally the only person overseas that calls me is River” I reached my phone, Orlando rolled on to his stomach and propped himself up on his elbow. I answered the phone and flicked it on to speaker


Me * Hey Marine

River * okay how do you know it was me?

Orlando * her damn phone Moo’s

Me * I miss the farm sometimes


I got back into bed


River * you’re insane

Me * you only just worked that out?

River * No I knew when Mom and Dad brought you home from the hospital you weren’t right

Me * Love you too… So how’s it going?

River * okay so far but that can change as fast as you can blink… How was Japan?

Me * It was really good apart from Orlando’s damn mother telling everyone I was knocked up

River * You’re what!

Me * no I’m not she took something I said and sprinted with it

River * Damn don’t pull shit like that girl

Orlando * I’d take care of them

River * Dude I know that and hell there’s enough of us that would step up as well but  you guys need you time after all the bull shit and with the business

Orlando * I know and we’ve talked about it but there is one thing that I think your sister needs to tell you

River *  Blue what’s going on

Me * I asked Orlando to marry me about 4 hours ago

River * You asked him?

Orlando * ring and everything

River * Wait isn’t that a little fucked up you’re supposed to put a ring on her finger

Me * Oh jeez do the Marines all live in the dark ages… Yes I asked him and put a ring on his finger

Orlando * and rode me hard and put me away happy and wet

River * Dude she’s still my baby sister

Orlando * sorry

River * Does mom and dad know yet?

Me * no you were the first person we told, we had a sort of stressful night and well it lead me to make the decision

River * well okay then and congratulations guys I’m happy for the two of you

Me * thank you

River * makes me wish I was there for the Fight at the weekend then we could all celebrate properly

Orlando * Well I’m damn sure the wedding won’t happen without you… I know a certain girl that wants a Marine there in his uniform

Me * Dress blues River not the camo

River * well you both know that I’m out for at least the next six months don’t you

Orlando * I didn’t but I do now

Me * I knew but try not to think about another damn holiday season without you here”

River * ERD’s blow you know that. I have to go I’m in a meeting in less than ten minutes Oh and the guys are so pissed with me for getting to meet Christine Kroeger and when I told then you knew her… Well let’s just say Orlando make damn sure you hold on to my sister there’s a ton of Marines wanting to get to know her

Orlando * they’re not getting her shes mine


He smiled at me


River * good I’ll try ad call again but you know what it’s like for me

Me * I know and watch your ass Marine

River * always do


I waited for it to disconnect before turning off my phone and pushing it on to the nightstand falling back into my pillows Looking up at the ceiling.


“You okay?” Orlando draped his arm over my


“Yeah, I’m fine” I turned my head and looked at him “I guess we need to start telling everyone don’t we” I snuggled into his warm body


“Well I think they’ll be pissed if we start now it’s just after three am” he held up his hand and smiled at the ring “Hey is this going to be my wedding band as well?”


‘It doesn’t have to be” I linked his fingers with mine and wrapped the arm round me “But we’ll get to that closer to the time… Hell should I have asked your Dad’s permission” I sat up in bed. Orlando shook his head and started to laugh


“Lie down and stop being a dork” he pulled me back down you have to make a call to Christine Kroeger tomorrow and find hotel rooms for your brother for the weekend”…………….

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