Office Games

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Chapter 44 (v.1) - DUN DUN DUN

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



………….. Yet another insane week in the office, I spent most of it on the phone and helping Orlando sort through applications for staff all I can say is god bless Mady she was amazing at wielding out the deadbeats and Victoria had even applied and I thought Orlando was going to blow an artery when he saw it. Both Mady and I walked away from the rant he was going off on closing the office door quietly behind us.


“Okay I’ve never seen him that stressed out ever” Mady looked at me as I signed for a package


“He’s stressing over a lot of things right now and trying to put on his game face” I sighed perching in the side of my desk “He’s getting more and more het up right now and I know it’s not work, or money” I chewed my lip ‘I don’t’ think he’s happy about me asking him, to marry him” I looked at her


“Yeah right have you not seen him flash that ring on his finger every chance he gets” She picked up the papers she needed “You had the balls to do it and girl that’s huge” She grinned at me, the elevator chimed as it opened on our floor. Diana and Joshiah walked out


“Oh Crap” I groaned




“His Damn Mother” I looked at Mady


“I’ll trip the bitch” She winked at me leaving me giggling. I knocked on Orlando’s door He was still pacing angrily.


“You walked out” he cocked his head


“You were having a two year olds temper tantrum, I’m not going to listen to it until I have a two year old” I smiled at him now pull your diaper up and put the pacifier in the desk your parents are both here” he put h is hands on his hips “and keep giving me that look and you’ll not be playing with this tonight I pointed to my ass” a smile broke out on his face as he straightend his tie


“I love you, you know that” he chuckled as the door knocked “Yep” he called out. Joshia opened the door and held it for Diana personally I’d have hit her in the face with it.


“Sorry for barging in like this” Josiah smiled as he shook hands with his son “Blue stunning as ever” he kissed my cheek


“Thank you Mr. Loughlin” I smiled at him blanking the hag hound.


“Josiah please” He laughed clapping my hand in his


“Okay” I nodded “If you’ll excuse me I have a call into a rock star right now”


“Can you give us just two minutes” he looked from me to Orlando “It’s about Orlando’s birthday in two weeks”


“We’re going to be away for it” Orlando didn’t even look at his mother “We have a house on a lake we’ve just finished building and we’re going to celebrate there together”


“Oh we’re taking you out for dinner first before you leave then I’ve been there for all of my childrens birthday’s from your first” Josiah’s tone was sincere


“We can head to the lake after dinner” I looked at Orlando, he looked at his mother who was looking like she was sucking on a lemon with a pole shoved up her ass.


“Or your Girlfriend could always meet you there” She sniped


“Diana” Josiah bit sharply




“Oh I’ll be at dinner Josiah” I smiled sweetly “I have plans for Orlando at the cabin”  I swear Josiah stifled a snigger as I said it and his wife squirmed the door knocked and Mady put her head round the door


“Blue Christine Kroeger is on the phone for you”


“Thank you” I nodded at her “If you guys will excuse me this is a call we have to slip in when her husband’s not around”


“Of course we’re interrupting your business day” I walked out of Orlando’s office leaving him with his parents.


“I think it’s inconsiderate that she thinks she can talk about you like that in the office” Diana huffed


“Seriously Mom” Orlandop cocked his head “Why are you even here after the other night… I told you what I thought” Josiah looked a little lost “I’m with blue for life”


“Hmmm fits her… what is it they say a dogs for life not just for Christmas”


“Okay enough… go wait in the car Diana” Josiah growled “my patience with you and for you is wearing very thin right now” Diana turned on her heel and walked out slamming the door Orlanod pushed his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry about her”


“Don’t’ be sorry Dad” Orlando looked at him “I’m choosing my future wife over my mother because Blues not a bitch”




“Yep… she  asked me to marry her the other day”


“Really… why didn’t you get in there first?” Josiah beamed “and congratulations by the way you’d better treat that girl right not many girls like her come along Hell I wished I’d choosen better”


“So do it” Orlando shrugged “and thank you by the way”


“No one’s going to want dome old guy like me unless Blues mother has a sister” Josiah laughed


“I need to gt back to work” Orlando laughed “we’re going to the fight this weekend with Blues brothers” Josiah looked at him “No don’t’ worry” Orlando too a deep breath “I’m not getting back in the cage… I’m there as a spectator that’s all I’m done with all that”


“Good… that was an odd time in life Son”


“I know I don’t really want to go but her brother’s are taking us and well I like hanging out with those guys”


“Well you know where I am if you want to talk to” He hugged his son “and nice office space”

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