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Chapter 45 (v.1) - Loose lips

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



…………… “Hey baby can you get the door” I called from the kitchen

“I’m naked”

“Screw the door then”

“Naked and spent baby naked and spent” the door knocked again I wiped my hands on a towel and walked to the door and pulled it open

“Okay please tell us that you took so long because you were cleaning or something” David Grinned

“If you’d been twenty minutes earlier” I hugged him as he and the rest of my brothers walked into the apartment “You guys get sorted in the hotel?”

“Yup And thank you” Riley put his arm round my shoulder, I smiled at him I was still shocked he wasn’t still the one I locked horms with just by looking at him anymore, and with his being Rivers twin seeing the same face as my closest brother made me somewhat calmer. “So what’s been going on with you guys?”

“Sixteen to eighteen hours days since getting back from Japan” I sighed eating “dinner in the office, waiting breakfast while getting dressed for work in the morning” I walked back into the kitchen and cracked open the bottles of beer

“So you’re ready for a night out then?” Derek came over

“I think so” I nodded

“So where’s our future brother-in-law” Luke smile at Jason handed him a beer

“What…? Have you spoken to River?” I looked at him they all looked at me

“Mom’s spoken to River not any of us why?”

“Oh Er… I’ll go make sure Orlando’s not fallen down the shower drain” I felt color flood my cheeks

“Oh Hell no you’re the same color as a beet girl” David blocked my way “what’s going on?”

“Nothing” I chewed the left side of my cheek

“Bullshit, you’re doing the cheek chew thing you do when you’re lying like the time you and Billy Simmons we’re caught naked in the pond and you said you weren’t doing anything”

“Oh My God are you kidding me”

“Billy Simmons as in the nerd…”

“He was not a nerd” I protested

“He so was a nerd” Riley laughed have you seen him recently he’s all suits and a flash car he was all study and no play till he met you” We all looked at Riley “What?”

“You just described Orlando” Luke laughed “Only he’s not a nerd he’s just awesome”

“I’m going to see where he…”

“I’m here and what are we talking about”

“Your girlfriend naked with some…” I put my hand over Derek’s mouth

“They’re trying to drive me to drink” I smiled at him Damn he looked hot the dark jeans with the black shirt I loved him in. “Damn you look good”

“Well I have this hot girl I’m trying to impress” he played with the ring on his finger

“Don’t let your Fiancée know that” I teased

“He hasn’t got one” Jason frowned “Oh are you pulling that dumb shit that made her pissed as all hell with that Victoria” Jason’s stance changed to a defensive one

“Oh Jeez hell no your sister asked me to marry her last weekend” They all turned and looked at me

“Ermmm… I’ll go get ready to go out” I ducked passed Orlando slapping his ass on the way by “Damn you’ve got loose lips”

“Well you said you wanted to tell them tonight?” He held out his hands

“Yeah but when they were liquored up” I laughed closing the bedroom door behind me.

“She asked you” Riley cocked his head

“Yep she asked me” Orlando nodded “Blew me away when she did I wasn’t expecting it especially after what happened in the mix up with the ring you guys got for her birthday and by the way she wears that ring constantly”

“Okay getting off the subject” Luke pointed out “You’re supposed to ask her?”

“I know everyone keeps telling me” Orlando walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer and opened it “And believe me I was planning on it at some point… I know I’m going to be with her for the rest of my life”

“Okay Dude getting mushy drink the beer so we can get to the fight” Orlando’s grip tightened on the bottle as David patted him on the back “and Personally I think it’s awesome you and Blue are getting married”

“We’re not going to do anything till River’s home that’s one thing we’re sure of” Orlando sank half the beer

“Nice someone to keep her in line” Riley smirked

“Okay for a start I don’t think there is anyone that can keep her in line” Derek sat on the couch “Just dude don’t hurt her she’s had enough of that bull”

“I won’t” the guys all say talking and watching some Ball game on the TV while I got ready. I stepped out of the bedroom.

“Okay why does it look like a bomb went off in here you don’t’ trash Mom’s like this” I put my hands on my hips.

“Holy Shit what the hell happened to you” Jason Spluttered

“What do I have lipstick on my teeth” I walked across to the mirror in the hallway

“Damn I should have waited for a shower” Orlando gulped

“Okay when did we get a sister that looked like that” Riley rubbed his hand over his jaw

“What” I looked round at all of them

“It’s Icky” Luke held out his hands “I have a hot sister” Orlando walked over to me

“I thought I looked okay”

“Baby you look better than okay Damn I think we’d better get going before I do something illegal” his tongue skimmed over his lips. “Wow” his hand ran over my hip I tried to control the shiver at the feeling of the heat and the sheer hunger in his eyes right now Okay I owed Dallas yet again for picking out this dress for tonight……………….

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