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Chapter 48 (v.1) - someone to talk to

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



…………… My Phone beeped making me jump I picked it up


*new message*Orlando*Everything okay Baby* 8.16pm*


I took a look in the mirror thank god for water proof damn make up I pushed my phone int my purse and walked out of the bathroom to the noise of the arena, Orlando still watching the fight but more on edge then before. I walked back to my seat and sat down He looked at me.


“Everything okay?”


“Peachy” I tried not to sound bitchy but failed


“Has someone said something to you?’ he turned in his seat and faced me


“And what could anyone possibly have to say to me here?” I cocked my head


“I don’t’ know you just seem… Distracted”


“Yeah well when double standards become an issue then” I looked away from him




“Not here” I snapped The color drained from his face. I looked at the fight that was going on and it literally turned my stomach to think of what he’d gone through and what had happened.


“You look ill” David nudged me


“I feel it?” I sighed I got up again “Excuse me” I walked outfrom the fight I couldn’t handle seeing what was happening. I needed air I walked across the tile floor my heels clicking and odd comment from guys that were milling around buying beer. I pushed open the fire doors and hailed a cab on the sidewalk, I got in without looking round. I had to get answers from someone as Orlando wasn’t forth coming I took a deep breath and pulled my phone back out of my purse, scrolled through the numbers and hit dial.


* Josiah Loughlin

Me * Josiah it’s Blue

Josiah * Well I was just talking about you… what can I do for you My dear

Me * I need to talk to you

Josiah * are you going to ask me if you can marry my son


He was laughing


Me * no… but thisw is huge this is scaring me

Josiah * Okay do you want to meet me somewhere?

Me * Please

Josiah * well I’m just playing Poker at the club right now but…

Me * that’s fine I’ll come there because hell I need a drink

Josiah * okay Honey I’ll meet you in the bar

Me * Thank you


I hung up and turned off my phone


“Westwood Country club please” I instructed the driver as the rain started to fall perfect a crappy night alround. I handed over the money and got out of the cab the Valets held and umbrella over me and mead me to the door I nodded and smiled at him pressing a $20 into his hand I walked into the club and got the usual stares and looks as I walked through.


“Can I help you?” the old Crow stepped out in front of me “We don’t allow girls of your trade in here” she sniped seeing I was alone


“Really you know what I’m getting sick and tired of your damn snide assed comments… I’m working and helping run and multi-million dollar company with my future husband not just a glorified waitress that probably hasn’t gotten laid since the end of World War two, quit being an old hag or hell I’ll put you in your damn place” I pushed passed her and stalked to the bar


“Well you really are gunning for it my dear aren’t you” Josiah Chuckled as he got up from the bar stool he was sitting on and kissed my cheeks.


“I’m sorry” I took a deep breath “and I’m sorry for disturbing your evening but there wasn’t anyone else I could think of that I could talk to” He signaled to the barman who brought over two glasses of brandy


“Lets’ go over to the table there” Josiah looked worried as he lead me to the table away from the noisy prying rich people. “I thought you were going out with your family and Orlando tonight?”


“We were” I swirled the deep brown liquid in the glass “We were at a cage fight” I heard the intake of breath from Josiah. “Why didn’t he tell me?” I looked at the same piercing eyes that Orlando had “Why didn’t he trust me to tell me?”


“I don’t know Blue I really don’t but that time in his life he was messed up for a while” he toyed with the edge of his glass and until you came along the only thing he gave a damn about was his work, he missed holidays and events and closed himself off even from his sister for a while”


“But I had to find out by fucking goggling it… he shut down a guy interviewing him and he still wouldn’t tell me he changed the damn subject” I picked up the drink and knocked it back


“He’s probably scared to tell you… think about it  he literally killed a man by fighting him” Josiah’s eyes filled with pain “It almost broke Orlando, the one thing he loved was the martial art stuff and it allowed him to take a life” I rubbed my temples


“But He should have trusted me enough to tell me… made me tell him all of my…” I put my head in my hands “I feel like people see me as a joke sometimes someone weak and not someone that can handle things”


“He’s hurt you in not telling you?” I nodded


“I did the same to him a while ago and I thought now we had nothing between us” I sniffed back the tears “I still love that damn man I love him with everything I have, I trust him with everything and I’d not turn away from him for what could have only been and accident”


“Blue Orlando blames himself for what happened even after it was found that there was a problem with blood clots on Isson’s brain, he was a ticking time bomb and he was going against the advice of three different doctors when he stepped into the ring” Josiah put his hand over mine “I’m not even going to try to imagine how my son started to cope with what happened, but he kicked the pills and he got himself back on track… and he found a woman that is amazing” He squeezed my hands “A woman that I will be proud to call my daughter-im-law” I looked at him “But you and Orlando need to talk” He let go of my hands “And the sooner the better” He bent and kissed my forehead like a protective father before straightening up “You both need each other” he wasn’t looking at me as he said it I looked up and Orlando was standing next to us He looked at me pain in  his eyes as Josiah walked away leaving the two of us alone…………………



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