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Chapter 49 (v.1) - TRUST

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Submitted: November 08, 2011



………….. It felt like time had stopped as Orlando and I looked at each other. The fingers of his right hand were twisting and spinning the ring on his finger.


“How did you know I was here?” I asked a little sharply


“My Dad called to tell me you were meeting him” Orlando slid in to the vacant seat once occupied by Josiah “Why didn’t you stay?”


“Because I couldn’t I’ll apologize to the guys tomorrow I owe them and explanation at least” I dug at him “It’s the thing you do when you have something you need to say to the ones that you love” I couldn’t help the harsh tone, I was stinging like I’d been swimming with a ton of Jelly fish


“I guess I deserved that” He gave a weak smile as a waitress came over


“Can I get you a drink?” She beamed


“No we’re leaving” Orlando shook his head


“I’ll take a Beer with a teqila chaser Please” I smiled at her


“Blue” Orlando cocked his head as the waitress walked away


“Hey Leave if you want”


“We need to talk” He protested


“No we needed to talk when we were getting out all the skeletons out of the damn closet Orlando” I literally hissed at him “When I was telling you about being fucked for money, when you found out I used to take my damn clothes off for men” He recoiled at, my bluntness “But you didn’t trust I wouldn’t bail on you, you didn’t trust I could handle it” I stopped as the waitress brought over my drinks “How can we even think of getting married if you can’t trust me with something I had to find out on the damn internet” I tossed back the Tequila and picked up the beer “Are we just worlds apart” I fought back the tears as I said it “Am I too much of a down to earth girl to go along with the whole up town life… I’m starting to question it” I was tearing me apart to even think it “I can’t change myself anymore Orlando… I can put on the work face and work 20 hours a day, but I can’t force you to trust me… and at the end of the day Orlando” I sank the beer “you can’t really love me if you can’t trust me… think about it”.


 I got up and walked away from the table leaving my heart in pieces on the seat behind me. Trying to hold my head up was like trying to hold a ten ton weight up, right now I longed for flats and comfy jeans and a tank rather than the skin tight dress and Sky scrapper heels. The rain was falling lightly now and the humidity was climbing rapidly.


“Can I call you a cab Miss. Stevens?” the Valet smiled at me as he lifted the phone receiver


“No it’s okay I’m going to call a friend” I shook my head and started to walk away from the Country club Reaching into my purse for my phone


Dallas * Hey sweet cheeks

Me * can you come get me please?

Dallas * from where and where are the boys?

Me * the country club and I’ll explain when I see you

Dallas * you’re worrying me honey

Me * Dallas please

Dallas * I’m out the door as we talk

Me * thank you


I hung up the phone and put it in my purse kicking off the heels and bending to pick them up and carrying them in my hand. I heard the sound of running footsteps behind me


“Stop… for god sake Blue Stop” Orlando ran in front of me and stopped dead “Hell you can move in heels”


“Well nothing much to hang round for till you’ve had time to think” I looked down


“What are you going to do walk back to the city?”


“Dallas is coming to get me” I walked round him and carried on down the mile long drive way


“Damn it Blue Stop” He caught me and held my arms “Let me talk to you I know you’re hurting”


“I damn well Googled it in the bathroom Orlando, I feel like a total frickin idiot… I’m supposed to be your girlfriend, right now it’s more like I’m the girl on your arm that’s good enough to help you earn the money and get the contracts and warm your bed” he paled at the comment “I know I didn’t tell you all of my stuff but I didn’t tell anyone not even Dallas or River… yours was something out in full view something that couldn’t be kept hidden”


“You want me to come out and tell you that I killed someone… you think it’s easy to know that I have a mans death on my hands… and like you said you managed to goggle what had happened you could have done that at any point you knew I used to fight” he dropped his hands


“Oh so you think you should Google the person you date because you can’t be bothered to fill them in on details” I started to laugh “It’s not like it was something small and I would never have walked away, It was an accident the dumb ass shouldn’t have even been in there with you and I’m sorry if three different doctors told me not to do something my ego wouldn’t have  over ridden common sense and harsh as it sounds it’s his own fucking fault he’s pushing up daisies” I took a rattling breath “the issue is down to trust Orlando you not believing in me”……….

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