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Chapter 50 (v.1) - Take charge

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



……………. “I shouldn’t have gone” Orlando hung his head “I should have made an excuse why I couldn’t go”


“What and kept it hidden longer… don’t you think at some point either your damn mother or your then girlfriend would use it to hurt me to hurt us” I was so riled up I wanted to scream right now.




“Right now I don’t care that you and her dated and you’ve always said you didn’t… I care that you don’t have the respect for me to open up and tell me big things that have happened in your life”


“I do baby… I…” He took a deep breath “I have no excuse for not telling you apart from how much shame I have for what I did, I didn’t want you to think I was  just some rough fighter that had killed some one with these” he held up his fists


“Why didn’t you give me that choice” I shook my head as thunder rolled in the distance and the rain drops began to get larger and more frequent


“I killed a man” He grabbed my arms and shook me “don’t you get it I stepped into the gage and hit a guy till he was dead… I got hooked on anti-depressants for six months and I tried twice to kill myself” I felt my heart jump to my throat “would you have even wanted to go to bed with a basket case like that… would you have even trusted me to be near you as your boss” He let go of me with a slight push and turned his back “Fuck” he pushed his hand through his soaked hair. I was stunned into silence Orlando bent over his hands on his knees like someone had punched him in the stomach.


A car pulled up as another came up the driveway.


“You kids okay?” Josiah got out of the gleaming black Bentley


“Hey Blue” the sound of Dallas’s voice came from the other side of the drive. Orlando’s head snapped up and looked round.


“I need the car Dad” He said sharply “Dallas give my Father a ride home” it was more of a demand than a question. He gripped my arm “Get in the damn car” he hissed


“Excuse me” I tried to tug my arm free and failed


“I said get in the damn car” He pulled em toward his Father’s Car


“Orlando Stop” Josiah yelled


“I’m done with you running from me” Orlando wrenched open the passenger door “Get in the damn Car Blue”


“Orlando let go of her” Dallas ran over from the other side “So help me”


“Or what Dallas” Orlando growled “Or fucking what” Dallas looked at me I just shook my head at him Dallas Took half a step back


“Be sensible son” Josiah’s eyes went from me to Orlando


“Dad Leave it” he pushed me into the car and slammed the door closed


“Calm down a minute” Dallas Pleaded “you’ll terrify her”


“I’m not going to hurt I’m going to talk to her” He walked round to the driver’s door “Stay away from us and tell her brothers the same deal” He got in the car Dallas and Josiah literally jumping out of the way as the tires spun on the wet asphalt his eyes fixed on the road in front as his foot pressed on the gas as if it was made of lead.


 I closed my eyes, I knew he’d never hurt me physically my heart was already cracking but that was something I was used to, I felt small in the large soft leather seats of the car my hands gripped the edge of the seat more to stop them shaking than because of the reckless way Orlando was throwing the car around on the wet back roads. All the things he’d yelled at me swirled round in my head, we were a hot mess both of us both our lives had been crowded with hurt and pain.


I heard a ring and opened my eyes Orlando had his phone to his ear


“It’s me any chance I can use your place for a while… Long story you can head to mine or to a friend… Okay thanks” he hung up dropping his phone into his lap. He rested on hand on the wheel his left elbow on the window edge his thumb and fore finger rubbing his head.  I wanted to ask where we were going but I couldn’t bring myself to talk right now. The lights of the city grew more and more frequent as we  headed for the down town district He pulled into a parking garage and into a bay he shut off the deep purring engine and got out slamming the door behind him shaking the entire car………

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