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Chapter 52 (v.1) - Everything

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



……………. “I’d never have walked away from you because of your past” I shook my head “how the hell could I ever be in a place to judge you for something that happened that almost destroyed you” I wanted to throw my arms round him but I stopped myself  “You think I want to leave even now then you’re a fucking idiot” I got up and paced as he’d done “All we can do is try to get passed this and you need to learn to trust people”


“Like you did?” He bit, the look on his face showing his immediate regret that the words had fallen from his mouth


“Yeah like I did, because some of the people that loved me had already shown their disapproval of me stripping. I wasn’t about to tell them the rest so I kept it to myself no one other than Nate and the men that rapped me knew” I turned on him “Not like it being in the press” He looked down I groaned and walked over to him “We can go around all night like this about who kept what from who and it’ll get us nowhere fast… I was embarrassed that even when I pushed you, you still didn’t say anything I had to Google you and then call you damn Dad to find out the rest” He sucked in a breath and looked at me “Why would I think the way your mother does and your Father did that what you did and went through was a sign of weakness… You tell me you love me because of who I am and that I’m normal and not fake” I touched the side of his face air rushed from his lungs in a shaking breath and he closed his eyes as he leant into my palm his hand warm over mine as if he thought it would vanish. “I’m struggling here… I’m …”


“I’m sorry and we’re both still learning’ he butted in “I managed to try to put it behind me I threw everything into study and work and working out” he rubbed the back of his neck “Till you… you know you turned my life upside down inside out, you came to me and you made me want to take time off of work and be with you” I looked down “I was jealous that you had friends like Dallas and you have parents that actually give a damn and talk to you like you’re a human… and you’re brothers… I know that I have Rowan but we used to be the same way you and Riley were then she met her Marine… see people think growing up with money makes things all good and easy”


“I helps to make living easy but life’s life and it’s going to suck and hand crap out no matter the size of the bank balance… hell I have more money in my account than I’ve ever had, I don’t need to think before I go into a store but I’d give it all away if I hadn’t had to go through tonight” I stepped away from him and sat on the arm of the chair


“So what happens now?” He put down the beer


“Well one thing I do know” I looked at him “You ever talk to me or drag me like  you just did I’ll kick your damn ass” I rubbed my arms slight bruises already showing


“I’m sorry” he shuddered reaching over and stroking my arm lightly “I’m so sorry but I snapped”


“Yeah well I pushed you to do that and this is the only time you’ll ever talk to me like that… you sounded like your Mother” he took a deep breath and stepped back


“Wow… that was”


“I’m not interested in talking about her tonight she doesn’t deserve to even breathe the same damn air as we do right now and She’ll get what’s coming to her that I’m damn sure of” I ground my teeth at the thought of her “I’m bothered about you and I’m bothered about us even trying to get through this trying to come out on the other side still as we were”


“Do you still love me?” he asked his hands covering mine “If you don’t love me then there’s not point in even trying to go on…” His voice had a hard edge to it


“Is that what you still think… you still think because of everything I don’t love you” I cocked my head “Damn it you’re making my head hurt Orlando… I can’t stop loving you it’s not a damn switch that can be flipped, I’m pissed with you for not trusting me, we’ve shared so much since I met you and this is something that’s so big that it could ruin what we have hell what happened to me most people would have run a damn mile and you didn’t, so there is no reason why I shouldn’t as long as there isn’t any more secrets and skeletons in closets… I don’t have the energy to deal with more crap” I moaned


“There is nothing I swear to you there is nothing” He flopped down on to the couch and looked at me “I need you Blue you are my world right now” He slipped off the couch and wrapped his arms round my waist his head pressed into my lap “You’re my everything”………………..

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