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Chapter 56 (v.1) - Dinner

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



………………  I closed my eyes and gripped on to the dresser as I felt slight vibrations the warmth of Orlando’s body was gone.


“You need to get dressed Baby” I opened my eyes and saw him pulling on his suit jacket as if nothing had happened “We’re going to be late” he looked over his shoulder at me “We don’t need to give my mother something else to bitch about” The vibration stopped, allowing me to pull on the silk black panties and the dress that clung to me like a second skin not helping with how hypersensitive I was feeling right now.


I sat on the edge of the bed to tighten my shoe moaning as I felt the bullet shift a little in me I leant back a little


“You need some help there?” Orlando stood in front of me and without waiting for an answer squatted down and lifted my foot into his hand I smiled at him, he winked.


“Oh damn” I groaned as suddenly the vibration was back stronger then before Orlando’s fingers pulled the zipper up on the back of the shoe before his hand trailed slowly up my calf and he bent his head and planted a feather like kiss just above my knee on the inside of my thigh “Screw dinner” I moaned as my back arched.


“Uh-uh” he chuckled getting back to his feet “My birthday remember” the vibration stopped “You coming blue?” I looked at him and raised my eye brow


“Given half a chance er… yeah” the sarcasm dripped from my voice


“Hey my rules tonight” he chuckled as he picked up the keys to the Camaro “I’m in charge… you have to sit at dinner knowing what I want and what I’m doing to you… you’re not going to get the chance to come until I tell you to” I shuddered at the tone in his voice “I’ll get the elevator” he walked out of the bedroom, I squeezed my legs together adding to the pressure already in me it was going to be a long night, I could only hope that I wouldn’t have a screaming bringing down the walls orgasm in the Club…


……. The drive to the club was quiet the music playing low, the tires humming on the highway, Orlando chatting to me like it was a normal night while I was tighter than a steel cable. Every bump in the road was sending the bullet vibrating on its own in me, Orlando had to know I wasn’t listening to a word he was saying, my skin felt like it was on fire… think boring thing mucking out the cows think anything but the fact I had a vibrator in me and my boyfriend was in utter control, mind you I was about to have dinner with a woman I wanted to take outside and beat the living crap out of so I might forget altogether what was happening between my legs.


We pulled up and Orlando was out of the car and round to my side before the Valet was even off the curb.


“Need some help Miss. Stevens?” Orlando smirked as he opened the door and I tried to unlock my legs that were wrapped round each other. I looked at him damn he looked so good tonight, He offered me his hand and helped me get onto my feet.


“I’m not sure this was such a good idea” I moaned as he slipped his arm round my waist pulling me close to his hard body “my knees aren’t doing too well right now and in these heels”


“You’ll be fine baby I know you will” he murmured kissing my cheek as the door was opened for us “and this was a good idea you have no idea how turned on I feel knowing what we’re doing”


“Okay so not helping with the urge to turn on you and take you on the bar” I groaned as I saw His Dad and Sister waving from the Restaurant.


“Good keep it in mind” he chuckled


“Oh you are evil” I pulled a face at him as he led me over to his family Diana Sitting looking like she was in a nightmare.


“Damn I love the dress” Rowan hugged me “I’ll need to get one of those for when Cory gets home”


“Are you trying to kill a Marine” Orlando Kissed her cheek “Hell if it does to him what It’s doing to me”


“Orlando that’s not dinner conversation for decent people” she looked at me “But then the company…”


“You need to…” I gripped on  to The chair in front of me as an assault level of vibration rolled through me like a tank “Whew…” I tried to control my breathing


“Lets sit down this is Orlando’s night” Josiah sucked in a breath “We’re going to be civil”


“Hmmph” Diana huffed the diamonds round her neck flashing as angrily as her eyes. The vibration eased slightly Orlando keeping his eyes on me as he held out the chair for me


“Don’t let her get to you” he murmured before he walked to his seat and sat down. The conversation was tense with her sitting there Orlando kept messing with the levels of vibration making me drop my fork and grip the table more than once.


The vibration stopped and I was given a chance to calm down I took a deep breath and looked at table at Orlando who was talking to Josiah. Rowan was asking me something about River and Cory I jumped as a literally drum beat rhythm started this was new I wiggled in the seat trying to search for some relief. I shot Orlando a look he cocked his head to the side. He moved his hand to my thigh


“Oh no you keep still or it’s going to make it feel worse” he muttered under his breath at me, I pouted a little I was so close right now my breathing was ragged “And the pout won’t work” he laughed, the beat seemed to increase and I closed my eyes and  gripped the table as his fingers toyed with the soft flesh on my thigh, I let out a moan.


“Blue are you okay?” Josiah was looking at me with concern on his face “You’re flushed…”


“You shouod go home we don’t want to get…” Diana butted in” Rowan put her hand on my arm making me jump


“Are you hot”


“You have no idea” I tired to control my breathing amd my actions as I shuddered grabbing the ice cold water in front of me and taking a  drink, I wanted to pour it all over me but  I didn’t’. “Orlando has had me on the brink for a while now” I smiled thankful the vibrations had lessened “We were busy and it just leaves me tense… I’ll thrive on the hard stuff” Orlando started to choke on something he was eating, ha paybacks a bitch sunshine. I patted his back for him. Oh crap not a good move as I saw his hand got to his pocket the vibration was full on shake the fillings from your head I literally yelped and moaned. Orlando’s eyes grew darker and more intense


“Did you say something?” He asked with a wry smile. I shook my head


“If you’ll excuse me” I gasped “I have to go to the bathroom” Orlando stood as I did the vibration stopping thankfully or I’d never have made it to the bathroom’


“Don’t be long” he trailed his fingers over my arm “and don’t’ remove anything” he added as I passed by him, I focused on the door to the ladies room and walked as fast as I could…………..

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