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Chapter 58 (v.1) - End of the road

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



…………… Orlando had turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting just keeping things simmering as dinner carried on everyone ignoring Diana. My phone started to ring I looked at Orlando and scrabbled for my purse the vibration turned off as I got to my feet.


“Excuse me” I looked round the table as I answered my phone and walked away still a little shaky on my feet as I walked outside.


“Well that shows the ignorance of the girl in your life getting up for…”


“It’s a call from her Brother in Afghanistan” Orlando snapped “I’m sorry but I think that is a little more important than anything else including my birthday”


“One of these days you will wake up and see she’s not good enough for a Loughlin” Diana hissed over the table.


“Neither are you?” Josiah snarled at her “I’m sorry about this son this should be a celebration for your birthday” Orlando held up his hand and shrugged “I want you to sign this” Josiah pulled an envelope from the inside pocket of his Jacket “I was going to wait to hand it to you but hell screw it” she raised a painted eye brow at Josiah as he tossed the envelope across the table in front of her.


“What is it?” she looked at it like he’d thrown a flaming bag of dog poop in front of her


“Divorce papers” her jaw went slack and her mouth fell open


“Finally” Orlando sighed Rowan looked at him and smiled


“I’m done; I should have been done a long time ago when you walked away when our son was laying dying in front of you, I should have walked away when you screwed the pool boy, the gardener and the stable manager, I should have hauled your ass over to coals for treating Blue the way you have, she is marrying our son and hell she’ll make one hell of a better wife than you’ve ever been” He paused


“You’re divorcing me” she gasped her eyes fluttering like she was about to pass out “I don’t’ deserve this”


“No you deserve to be tossed onto the street and the pouring rain” Rowan spat out “We we’re never hugged and loved like real kids growing up, I wanted to be close with my brother but I was told that the men in the family were the powerful ones that didn’t need to be interrupted and the women were there to look good. Well Mom fuck you I’ve found a real man I love my Brother with all my heart”


“Rowan” Diana choked on her words Rowan got up and bent kissing Orlando on the cheek


“Happy birthday, tell Blue to call me when you guys get back from the cabin I have to ask her something about the Marines” Orlando smiled at her and nodded she turned to Josiah “Daddy I love you and I’ll meet you for that tennis game at 10”


“I love you too Sweet pea” Josiah hugged his daughter


“Rowan” Diana eased out of her chair


“Sorry did someone hear something, hell the roaches here are getting vocal” Orlando and Josiah both snorted and watched as Rowan walked out of the club.


“You did this you turned my family from me” Diana screeched making the entire room fall silent and look at me as  I walked back in from the patio, I stood there blinking at her hell I’d gone out there to talk to River and now I’m in the cross fire.


“Okay what did I miss?’ I looked at Orlando


“You everything has changed since you whored your way into my sons bed” She jabbed her finger in my direction


“Really well strange how the first time he was the one that came to me not the other way round” I shrugged “I can’t help that we fell for each other sorry I was raised on a dairy farm and know the meaning of hard work I don’t sit on my damn ass all day eating lunch and fucking the help” I felt the vibration in me increase “Orlando No” I shook my head at him “This needs to be said with a clear mind not”


“Okay” he smiled


“Don’t you blame me for your failings because darling you were failing miserably as a mother a wife and a human being in general” I walked across the floor “You don’t get that you have two amazing kids that are both really grounded considering the fucked up, upbringing they both had, Hey they were riding thoroughbred horses round a manicured field swimming in pools in back yards, where as I was riding mustangs and swimming in rivers and lakes, but with people that I love and that love me not just for show… you can look down on me all you want Diana but you have to live with the fact you’re just not a good person… I can look in the mirror every day and know I have nothing to hide nothing to fear apart from the hurdles I have to get over and I know I can do that with having the people around me that I do… You have nothing worthwhile and when ever Orlando has children with me you can be assured you will never ever have any part in their lives”


“Dad I’ll call you as soon as we get back from our weekend” Orlando walked over to Josiah “I think Blue said everything that I wanted to say” he chuckled


“Hold on to that girl and marry her as soon as you can don’t make the same mistake I did and let the real love of your life walk out of the door” Josiah looked a little lost for a minute “I’ll walk the two of you out, I have somewhere I need be” Orlando handed me my purse and kissed my cheek as he slipped his arm round my waist and the three of us walked away leaving Diana standing in the middle of the restaurant with everyone looking at her……………..

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