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Chapter 59 (v.1) - Car fun

Submitted: November 15, 2011

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Submitted: November 15, 2011



…………… The Valet brought the car round Josiah opened the door for me


“I’m sorry tonight wasn’t all…” I put my hand over his on the door


“Forget it we can make it up to Orlando next week” I smiled he nodded


“I’m okay I think I just got one hell of a birthday gift” Orlando laughed as he walked over and put his hand on Josiah’s shoulder “You okay?”


“I’m fine, in fact I’m feeling like a weight’s been lifted” Josiah beamed


“If you need a place to stay this weekend then you can go to the apartment”


“That’s okay I have somewhere to go and we’ll talk next week” He stepped away from the two of us “And Orlando what you’ve been doing to Blue through dinner is beyond mean” he chuckled and got into his waiting car I swatted Orlando


“Great so much for discreet”


“Hey” he looked at me “Were going to forget about dinner and my Mother and my Dad and my sister” he pushed me against the side of the car and pressed his hips to mine “and we’re going right back to where we were” he bent his head and nipped at my neck I closed my eyes and smiled before the vibration started all over again bringing me back to the gasping horny girl I was an hour ago. “Get in the car Baby” he stepped back and waited for me to get into the car and closed the door after me


Okay time to step it up and make it as hard for him as he’d made it for me we had time to think about what happened after this weekend. Orlando pulled out of the drive from the country club onto the dark highway, the faint red glow from the displays on the dash the only light in the car, casting enough of a light to show off what I was doing.


I popped my finger into my mouth and sucked it making him hear the sound I caught him take a quick look at me as I slid the finger out of my mouth and trailed it down my throat, I took a deep breath making my breast strain against the fabric of the dress as my finger kept on it’s downward journey. I watched him shift a little behind the wheel and loosen his tie I smirked as he cleared his throat… Ha payback was… Oh damn, he’d flicked on the air conditioning to high I was hit with a freezing cold blasts of air as he increased the vibration inside of me I arched a little in the seat clenching my muscles round the bullet as my nipples hardened enough to cut glass, damn him it’s like one step forward and two back every time I try to get the upper hand.


“That’s for trying to get me going” he sighed as the vibrations lessened again


“You’re driving me insane” I gasped


“You’re still not coming till I get you to the cabin” he shot me a look and licked his lips


“Orlando you have to” I flinched as the throbbing beat that had started in the bathroom started in me again “Oh Damn You have to let me come soon” I moaned biting my lip. I was ready to blow as in combust; I could imagine the headline on the news ‘girl explodes from too much sexually stimulation’


I squirmed in the seat wanting to be free of my clothes and on my man, thank god for leather seat being able to be wiped clean because I was damn sure it was going to look like a shit ton of snails had been all over the seat, the throbbing increased more my head went back and a moan ripped from me.


“Baby you okay” he asked flippantly “You seem slightly arrous…” his phone ringing cut him off, he slipped the blue tooth in his ear as the display on the dash from where the car and his phone were synced showed it was the clients from Japan. He shot me the sorry baby look; I nodded knowing he had to take this call. He answered it.


 The vibrations eased from the beating pulse that they were. I smirked to myself. He kept glancing at me as he spoke and drove. I started to stroke my breast through my dress teasing the nipples that were holding the fabric taught. Rolling them between my finger tips the way he did tugging them a little, I held in the moan that wanted to come out but my facial expressions were as if I’d made the sound he loved to hear.


I heard him stumble and stutter over a few words as he spoke and he fixed his eyes ahead in a hard stare, I let my eye roam his tight body if the top half of him was trying hard to not pay attention to me the bottom half I could already see was ready for Party time, I sighed he looked at me out of habit as I did it I smiled and winked as I slid my hand up my thigh and under my skirt


“Oh dear god” he gasped reaching for my hand and pulling it from where it was heading “No Mr. Takada I thought a deer was going to leap out from the side of the road” he smacked my hand like a naughty school girl which only made me want to be over his knee his hand on my ass… at the thought I did moan a little.


He gripped the wheel tighter, his erection pressing hard against his pants. Well if he wasn’t going to let me  have fun with myself them I needed to have fun with him, he must have sensed I was ready to do something as the vibrations hit me full force I arched on the chair rubbing my legs tightly together craving for release only to be pulled back again from the edge Orlando smirking and shaking his head… Son of a bitch.


I reached over and put my hand in his lap, I drew my nails over the fabric of his pants on the inside of his thigh and felt him tense. I shifted in my seat both hands making quick work on the zipper freeing him I wrapped a hand round him stroking him up and down adding pressure every other stroke, I could feel him push his hips forward wanting more. He stumbled over his words again on the phone. I moved over closer to him my hand carrying on doing it’s rhythmical stroking I bent my head ad took him in my mouth just the tip of him flicking my tongue over him and circling the head of him.


“No I’m… sorry what was… Oh No…” He gasped “No another Deer Mr. Takada… Highways here can be dangerous” the vibration hit an all time high that made me pull off of him and grip the dash. I looked at him  as he eased me back into my seat “Of course first thinking on Monday sir… you too” he hung up as I eased him back into his pants and pulled up the zipper well struggled was more like it. I looked out of the window we were already hitting the edge of my home town hell that had been one hell of a ride so far… what was the next 10 miles going to hold……………..

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