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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Nothing

Submitted: October 11, 2011

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Submitted: October 11, 2011



………… I pulled in to the parking lot of the Lake through the trees to the right I could see the flickering glow from a bunch of campfires, fire flies danced in the air that was thick with summer heat, I kicked off my shoes and left them in the car and walked down to the beach, now empty of families and high school kids messing around in the cool water. I walked down the dock and closed my eyes letting the warm light breeze waft the scent of wild jasmine and wood smoke over me.


I sat down and dangled my feet into the water. Life was simple at some point, I couldn’t quite remember when but before guys were in my life things were more fun and easier all I had to deal with was cows, chores and my brothers.  I rubbed the back of my neck with my hand, Orlando was on my mind and I couldn’t get him out of it, I’d messed up the best thing to ever happen to me, I should never have gone to the city and tried to be something I wasn’t. I was a hick girl that had no right to think of ever having a man like Orlando in her life. I’d stripped to get through college because Nate had used me and taken my money that my parents had scrapped and saved to help pay for school. Fuck I was a letdown all around. I got to my feet and pulled my tank over my head and pushed my Cargo pants down over my hips and neatly dove in to the water, wishing it was still the icy chill it was the last time I was here, Orlando again flashed into my mind because he had been in here with me he’d jumped in the cold water because I’d asked him too. I lay in my back and looked at the inky sky dotted with large stars, felt more lost now than I think I’d ever been...



……..  “You think we should pull her out before she drowns herself?”  Derek looked at River


“You know she’s always come here and swam when she needs time out… unless it’s mid winter and then she sits in the yard by the fire pit” River chewed his cheek “You worry about her as much as I do?”


“Yup” Derek nodded “I was kinda hoping that since finding Orlando that…”


“He’s at a loss as to why she walked out” River looked at him “One minute they were fine and the next she freaked and walked out”


“Is he coming down?”


“Yeah he’s coming down tomorrow he got the ring from the jewelers as well” Derek nodded and smiled


“She’s going to be floored” Derek walked round to the back of Rivers car and popped the trunk pulling out a towel “you think they’ll get back together?”


“I don’t know I mean… hell he loves her to death and she loves him… she’s struggling with something and she’s bottled it up”


“She hasn’t spoken to you about it” Derek raised his eye brow as the two of them walked down toward the water




“Damn and she tells you pretty much everything”


“I know and that’s scary” River took a deep breath. “Hey” he called out catching my attention “No fair coming swimming without inviting the rest of us” I swam over to the dock he and Derek reached down and grabbed a hand each and pulled me out of the water


“And seriously girl wear a bathing suit not page 24 from the Victoria’s secret catalogue” I looked down at my underwear as Derek held out the towel to me I wrapped it round myself.


“So you cooled off?” River folded his arms across his broad chest


“I’m fine” I shrugged


“Okay Nate gives you shit you walk out on Orlando and you’re fine somehow I don’t think so!” River shook his head


“I’m due to fly to Japan next week with Orlando to finalize the deal there, We have a deal with a damn rock star things should be amazing” I sat down Derek and River sat either side of me 


“So what changed?”


“There was a meeting this afternoon and the Client gave us the contract but tired to… he tried to get Orlando hooked up with his niece… and when he told him he had a girlfriend the guy automatically went to thinking he was still with Victoria… hell we’ve been together for four months and living together for 3 and a half of those months” I pushed my wet hair back “People don’t know we’re together people see us together all the time and we’re not accepted or at least I’m not… I’m the nothing the gum on the bottom of the shoe and then I take a phone call from a Jeweler in the city and a diamond ring was ready” I groaned


“And?” River laughed


“And how could I even think of marrying him when I’m nothing…”


“WHAT MARRY YOU!” Derek spluttered


“He asked you?” River was wide eyed “Orlando asked you to marry him and you bailed no wonder he’s pissed”


“No he didn’t ask me but why would he buy a diamond ring” I lay back and looked back at the stars leaving Derek and River looking at each other shaking their heads and smiling………………….

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