Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

****8th in the Marine series****

7 months after all the Marines she cares about deployed all of them are coming home tired and battle weary. Her Career is taking off and shes in love with a MArine that still has yet to win round her Dad one more screw up and J.J. will be fighting a losing battle. B and J.J. are going to have a hard ride ahead but the Marine spirit that B has means she will never give up.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Semper Fi till we die

Submitted: September 07, 2010

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



…………………. “Hey Mom” I pushed open the front door “Mom”
“In the kitchen honey” I walked back into the kitchen Mom was drying her hands. ‘I thought you we’re still in Dallas?”
“I got back in this morning” I walked over to the coffee pot “I’m supposed to be meeting Riley after she’s done with class so I had a few hours to kill”
“So how did the meeting go?”
“It was amazing” I smiled sitting on the counter “Take a look in the front pocket of my portfolio” I nodded to where the black leather case was sitting on the kitchen table she picked it up and pulled out some papers and started to read.
“It’s a contract” she smiled as she flipped through it “Wow for all these pieces?”
“They’ve paid me for 15 designs for now and commissioned me for another 15 due in 4 months time” I slid off the counter and unzipped my portfolio and pulled out an envelope and handed it to her. “I don’t think Dad’s going to have much complaint about me not going to nursing school. She pulled out a check for $15,000.
‘Holy crap Breana that’s a lot of money” mom got up and hugged me “I’m so proud of you”
“Thank you and yes it is” I laughed “I can’t wait for J.J. to get home and we can get married” mom cupped my face in her hands.
“You know you have to wait for all the boys to be home don’t you?” her voice had dropped low I rested my forehead against hers
“Mom I’m not walking down any aisle if I haven’t got all my marines” I sighed “we have 3 days till J.J. and Flynn get in and Dad’s due back within the next  week so…”
‘Morgan you ready to go shopping?” the sound of Patty’s voice sounds as the front door slammed closed “They have a huge sale on down town… Breana you’re home” my godmother crushed me to her “So did you kill the Texans with your talent”
“Yes Ma’am” I chuckled. Mom held up the check making Patty whistle
“Damn we’d better get our Breana Richardson jewelry insured, they’re collector’s pieces” Patty smiled putting her hand on the enamel dog tags round her neck with all of Kadens details on.
“Okay I’m going to go to the bank to deposit this and to meet your crazy daughter from lunch” I kissed Mom’s cheek “I’ll call you tomorrow”
“Okay honey” I walked away and got in J.J.’s truck that I had been using to make me feel closer to him while he was so far away. I turned on my phone as I drove off the base and hit speaker.
Riley * I’m getting ready to leave now
Me * running late as usual
Riley * yes but I just got a call from my husband
Me * okay I’ll let you off then… he doing okay?
Riley * oh like you don’t know he’s fine… you really meant to ask if J.J. was okay
Me * alright yes I know Flynn’s fine and yes I want to know if J.J.’s okay I haven’t talked to him in two weeks because of the attack that happened.
Riley * you got an e-mail though?
Me * yeah but you know it’s nothing like hearing their voice
Riley * I know and yes J.J.’s fine he tried to call you earlier but your phone was off so I told Flynn to let him know you were on a flight home from Texas.
Me * thanks
My phone beeped twice
Me * look I’m going I’m getting another call I’ll see you in fifteen minutes
Riley * sounds good
I hung you on her and answered the incoming call
Me * Breana Richardson
J.J. * wow what a way to answer the phone… I can’t wait till that’s Breana Tanner
Me * we’re your ears burning because Riley and I were just talking about you
J.J. * no but I have twenty minutes before we get out of this hell hole and Flynn just passed on the message.
Me * about Texas
J.J. * yeah so did you ride your Marine?
Me 8 Nope I was in Dallas for 18 hours that was all and as for marine riding… only on my dreams
J.J. * nice… so why the Dallas trip
Me * remember the guy we met on the plane who owned a store in the posh part of Dallas
J.J. * vaguely
Me * well, he called me a few days ago and set up a meeting
J.J. * so I hope he loved your stuff
Me * he did… but I’ll tell you more in bed
J.J. * oh that’s mean Miss Richardson
Me * I know but it’s only 3 days
J.J. * I can’t wait these have been some long assed 7 months
Me * you don’t need to tell me. You, Flynn, Dad, Kaden, L.J. all gone at the same time
J.J. * yeah I’ve had to look at them day in day out
Me * I love you
J.J. * I love you too… I have to go your Dad’s yelling at the guys outside to move out
Me * Stay Safe Marine
J.J. * I will Baby… I will.
I hung up the phone the warm fuzzy feeling reaching right down to my toes all my guys will be home in the next week I wonder how much drama that will bring Dad trusted J.J. with his Life as a Marine but he was still up in the air with entrusting his daughter to him………………………….

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