Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - return

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



..................... I heard a scream waking me up, J.J. was out of bed one of his gun in his hand.
“Stay where you are” he hissed at me as he wrenched open the door Flynn was in the hallway outside of Mom’s room. The clicking of the weapons cocking was the only noise now as Flynn pushed open the door to Mom’s room.
“Mom” Flynn handed his gun to J.J. and went over to where Mom was hugging her knees to her chest her body wracked with sobs.
“I relived it all over again something I haven’t done for years” He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her to him as J.J. checked round the room Riley and I came to the doorway. “I want your Dad home so much right now”
“He’ll be here soon” I walked over and sat on the other side of her “And till then we’re all here for you… because we love you and you’re the best Mom in the world” She put her hand on the side of my face “and anyone wants to get near you has to come through us first and we aren’t kids you want to mess with” Mom smiled a little.
“for everything that went wrong you two are the best thing Phillip and I ever did” she looked at Flynn. The phone started to ring I picked it up.
Me * hello
Dad * baby I’m glad it’s you, I was put on a fight with Logan we need picking up from the airport because it’s not a Military flight we cam in on.
Me * fine Luca…
I glanced across at the others
Me * we’ll be there in a while
Dad * honey… I want to see your Mom so bad right now
Me * well get off the damn phone and we’ll head down to you.
Dad * Love you.
I hung up,
“Er… that was Luca he has some papers for me to sign” I smiled nervously J.J. narrowed his eyes.
“You’re not going anywhere without one of the boys with you” Mom said panic edging into her voice.
“Mom this idiot doesn’t know me… he can’t do anything to me”
“Baby I don’t…” I put my hand out cutting J.J. off
“Let me have one of the guns I have a permit for a concealed weapon” I said shaking my head everyone except Flynn looked at me. “What you think Dad would teach me how to use a gun and not get me the right papers do you”
“I’ll go with her” Riley stepped forward.
“I don’t like…” Mom started
“Mom I’d rather know you had Flynn and J.J. here looking after you” I shrugged.
“They’ll be okay Mom” Flynn sighed handing me his gun again.
“I’ll walk you girls out” J.J. walked Riley and I down the stairs. “I hate you going to the damn boardwalk for Luca”
“We’re not that was Dad” I whispered “He’s at the airport looks like Gramps managed to get him and Logan home earlier”
“Oh thank god” he sighed “I still don’t like you going even with that” he patted the gun at my back.
“I love you and I’m not going to do anything stupid” I kissed him “Please make sure my Mom is okay”
“I will but you call me when you get off base if you see anything you don’t like” he begged
“Oh don’t worry we will” Riley added picking up the keys for J.J. truck and throwing them to me J.J. waited by the door while we got in and drove away in the early morning dawn. ‘You think you’re Mom will realize Luca will be tucked up in his bed at 5.15am”
“I hope not” I groaned “but it was the first name that came into my head because if I said Dad Mom would have wanted to come as well”
“Good thinking” Riley nodded.
We parked at the airport and walked inside I saw two Marines in BDU’s sitting on their kit bags. Looking exhausted I nudged Riley and nodded in the direction of them.
“Hey Marines front and center” I shouted down the concourse making the early morning travelers all look round Dad and Logan scrabbled to their feet half asleep for a split second before they realized it was me.
“Oh Damn Breana” Logan growled as Dad held out his arms as I jumped into them
“Oh my baby girl you look so good” Dad sighed hugging me tightly his arm catching he gun at my back he let me go and turned me round and lifted the back of my hoodie.
“What the hell?” Logan spluttered
“Do you guys know what’s happened to get you back this soon”
“No we just got told a family emergency” Dad said shaking his head as Logan Kissed my forehead and hugged me tightly.
“Cutting a long story short” Riley added as Dad hugged her. “Scott’s out of Jail and called the house” Dad and Logan looked in total disbelief at us then at each other.
“Did Morgan answer the phone?” Logan asked
“No I did” I shrugged “Dad she’s terrified Flynn and J.J. are sleeping with guns under their pillows in the house and the only way I got off base was by beringing this” I patted my back.
“I think we need to get home” Dad said the nervous anger all to obvious in his voice “That fucker’s not going to destroy my family again”………………..

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