Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Nana

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



……………….. We walked over to the truck in the parking lot Dad stopped me and held out his hand.
“The Gun I’m here now and I’ll take it” he smirked
“Because I’m the marine”
“And I shoot better than you do” I shrugged getting in the truck and starting the engine.
“So much like your damn Grandmother” Dad groaned getting in the passenger side while Logan and Riley got in the back. I filled them in on everything that had happened since Scott had been released Dad was getting angrier and angrier, I pulled into the drive and Dad was out before I had stopped the truck almost kicking down the front door in his hast to get to Mom. I looked at Logan ad Riley walked into the house.
“Was it really bad when it happened?” I asked quietly “I mean I know it’s a horrid thing but the way people are getting…”
“Honey I’ve seen some bad stuff in my 15 years as a Marine but to see what my sister had to deal with is nothing at all compared to that” he put his arm round me “The Morgan from before was tough and kick ass she beat me up once or twice” he smiled “But after losing the baby and the rape then all the crap with Troy” I looked down “then as she was getting straight finally she almost lost you and Flynn it changed her… she’s still one of the best people I know, but parts of her were stomped on and her spirit broken in ways that none of us even your Dad couldn’t repair”
“Am I like the old Morgan” I stopped walking and looked at him. he smiled
“You know sweetheart you are” he nodded “but you also have the qualities of Amber and you kick ass like Mom does… even being armed” he patted the gun “You sum up all the women in the family and J.J. is a luicky Marine to have someone with as much passion for life and the Corps as you”
“Logan” Dad’s voice boomed from inside the house Logan rolled his eyes and we both walked in Flynn was sitting on the couch with Riley on hs lap while J.J. leant on the fireplace.
‘Hey Marine” I walked over and slid my arms round him resting my head in between his shoulder blades.
“You never called” he snapped “I was worried sick and you never called” he stepped away from me and turned round I put the gun on the table.
“I forgot we got there and they were waiting” I bit back “I’m sorry if it slipped my mind to call because two more of the men I love just came home” I walked past him “Jack ass” I muttered as I walked into the kitchen. I leant on the sink and looked out across the yard.
“I’m sorry” I felt hands on my shoulders “”I shouldn’t have snapped” I turned round to look at him
“And I should have called you” I put my arms round his waist.
“You called em a jack ass” he chuckled
“I was being polite” I kissed his dog tags through his shirt
“Can we run to city hall and get married” he sighed as I hummed Amazed
“No you damn well can’t Marine” we both jumped apart as Nana walked in “My brother did it and got his ass chewed for it and there aren’t enough girls in the family not to have a perfect wedding” she walked over and kissed my cheek at the same time as Gibbs slapping J.J. “How you doing sweetie”
“Okay Nana” I nodded “I wish I could say the same for my Mom”
“Oh don’t you worry” she smiled putting a bag on the table and pulling out boxes of Snicker doodle cookies “We have the force of the best men in the world behind this family”. She looked at J.J. “Good to have you home safe Marine” she hugged him.
‘Thank you Ma’am” he smiled
“Where’s Grandpa?”
“He’s upstairs with all the others talking to your Mom and then they’re off to go see Ben” I nodded “I’m just sorry this all seems to have started from my problems all those years ago” she sat down
“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger Nana” I leaned back into J.J. feeling his arms wrap round me “We need to get rid of this douche bag for once and for all”
“I know and this base is now on virtual lock down to civilians” she nodded “Are you both staying here?”
“Yeah but I have two meeting I have to be at” I moaned suddenly remembering them.
“Can’t you do them over the phone” J.J. complained.
“No I can’t show designs over the phone and I need to talk face to face about payment” I shook my head “It’s a lot of money and I don’t want to give Dad something else to find wrong with me not going to school and marrying a cowboy”…………….

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