Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Same old same old

Submitted: September 13, 2010

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Submitted: September 13, 2010



……………L.J. walked into the kitchen and put his arms round Nana from behind.
“Welcome home Sweetheart” A smile appeared on her face
“Hey did you bring…”
“The cookies are over there” she sighed “Did you get the ones I mailed to you?” I looked at J.J. and nodded toward the door. we both walked out of the kitchen.
‘You want to go back to bed?” he asked sitting on the couch.
“I want a shower” I leant againt the back of the couch and looked across at Riley and Flynn who were arguing about Riley going to school to pick up work that she could do at home.
“B tell your over protective dumbass brother I have to go get my work”
“Flynn she’ll be fine…” I smiled
“I’m not prepared to take the risk when there’s some mental rapist out there” he snapped.
“Jeez Flynn” Dad snapped “You think you can yell any louder” we all looked as he and Mom walked down the stairs.
“I’m sorry” Flynn looked down.
“Go with her” Mom suggested “I don’t need you all here”
“But …” Flynn began to protest.
“Logan and I are here” Dad put his hand on Flynn’s shoulder “You guys were here for your Mom since it happened” he looked across at J.J.  “Both of you” he sighed hugging Mom “Both of Riley and Breana need to get on with what they need to do but I want both of you never to leave their sides” the Marine tone all to obvious.
“Dad we’ll be fine”
“I’m not going to argue young lady” he chastised
“I’m going in the shower” I hung my head a little as Flynn and Riley walked out of the house to go to get Riley’s stuff.
“Okay I’ll start getting our things together” J.J. smiled
“You can’t live off base” Mom said quickly.
“Mom we’re 10 minutes away” I looked at Dad who was looking tired and drawn “You and Dad need some time together… Scott can’t get on the base . Nana and Grandpa are here you need the space for them to stay” I hugged her. “I have J.J. to watch my back” I walked up the stairs to go in the shower.
“J.J. you promise me you’ll look after her” Mom asked tear welling in her eyes.
“I promise Ma’am” he nodded
 “See if you can finally get something right Marine” he bit a little at J.J. “This time it’s more than you screwing up and hurting Breana”
“Phillip stop it”
“Yeah well… he might have the rest of the family fooled in to thinking he’s all good and sorry…

“DAD” Dad turned round and looked at me “How dare you”
“I don’t want to see you go through what I watched your Mom go through”
“Phillip… You need to get off the m iught Marine trip you’re on J.J. is a good man and a good marine” Grandpa stepped in “You need to realize Breanna is a woman not a child”
“She’s just nineteen” Dad through out his arms “He hasn’t done a lot to prevent her getting hurt before has he”
“I’ve apologized for that time and time again… I’d rather die myself than see Breana hurt”
“Okay just stop” I butted in “right now this isn’t the time to discuss this… Mom I love you and if you need me call me” I kissed her cheek. Dad held out his arms to hug me I shook my head and stepped back taking J.J.’s hand “Dad I love you but right now I don’t like you Marine… What happened to my favorite hero” I could feel my tears burning my eyes “Right now I’m letting go of everything I want to say right now because I have respect for people but when this is done and over you’re going to have a decision to make” I hugged my Great Grandparents and walked out of the house with J.J. he opened the door of the truck for me. He walked round to the drivers side. “I’m sorry about that” I murmured glancing over at J.J. as we headed back to the apartment.
“It’s okay he’s worried about you and your Mom” J.J. shrugged.
“Stop making excuses for him” I rubbed my neck “If I can get past things that have happened between us then he needs to stop acting like an idiot and get used to the fact I’m with you”
“He’s your Dad Baby”
“And I’m not planning on spending the rest of my life with my Dad… I don’t want kids with my Dad” J.J. pulled a face making me smile.
“You want kids?” he asked as we walked into the apartment he threw his keys onto the counter.
“Why don’t you?” I pulled off my jacket and looked at him.
“Oh I’d love a little girl as feisty as her mother” he chuckled walking over to me and hugging me.
‘Now you see I’d like a little boy to be just like his dad, Loving kind and sweet” I punctuated the words with kisses on his neck.
“So twins like you and Flynn”
“Hell know have you seen how we turned out” I laughed at the phone rang.
“That’s true” I reached for the phone
“Leave it lets try to practice how kids are made” he winked at me
“I thought we were discussing the way my Dad was with you”
“I’m done discussing your Dad when I know he’d really disapprove of the things I want to do to his daughter” he scooped me up in his arms and walked to the couch in the living room…………………….

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