Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - oh hell

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Submitted: September 13, 2010



................ My phone started to ring as J.J. slept on the couch I slid from under his arms and pulled my phone from my purse.
Flynn * okay why is it you manage to wind up a guy that just got back from a tour of duty.
Me * he started it and…
Flynn * look you need to come stay with me and Riley I don’t like having my little sister off base, even if you have J.J.
Me * I’ll talk to J.J.
Flynn * mom yelled at Dad about you
Me * oh as soon as we know this douche bag is locked away or dead then I’ll be doing some yelling of my own
Flynn * don’t be too hard on his he’s worried about you and Mom
Me * by trying to rip J.J. a new one
Flynn * he’s an easy target
Me * yeah well I’m going to go down with him
Flynn * hey I’m all good with J.J. after 7 months sleeping eating and fighting with him I know him pretty well
Me * you need to get that through Dad’s thick… Oh crap what time is it?
Flynn * a little after 3 why?
Me * I have a meeting to get to and I’m naked
Flynn * EW too much information
Me * look I’ll call you later
Flynn * take J.J. with you
Me * Flynn he’s exhausted
Flynn * stop forcing your Marine to have Sex 900 time a day
Me * okay you stop having sex with Riley
Flynn * not going to happen
Me 8 exactly… why do you think we’re with Marines they know how to use their weapon
Flynn * oh I just threw up in my mouth… I’ve seen how accurate your Marine is
Me * I love you and I’ll talk to you later
I hung up and pulled the blanket over J.J. and hurried to get dressed I scribbled J.J. a note and picked up my keys and portfolio and left the apartment. I was going to the bar at one of the hotels in town to meet the couple I’d been working with on their wedding jewelry. It was almost 6 by the time we’d finished tweaking the designs and the they were happy with it I walked across the parking lot and pulled my phone out of my pocket.4 missed calls I was going to be in trouble I just knew it.
“Mrs. Tanner” I jumped as there was a guy standing against the front of my truck that looked about the same age as me.
“Who’s asking?”
“You make the jewelry right?” I narrowed my eyes and looked at him before nodding. “And you’re a marine kid aren’t you?” he gestured to my wrist and the Semper Fi tattoo
“Look I’ll give you a business card if you need one” I smiled trying to weigh him up “But right now I’m running late for a meeting” I reached for my keys.
“Another meeting and your husband just got home… well boyfriend” I spun round at the sound of the voice behind me “You see I know Morgan’s daughter isn’t married… her son Finn… Quinn” he waved his hand
“It’s Flynn” I snapped. It always annoyed the hell out of me when they got his name wrong
“Ahhh yes that’s it the sweet twins” he stepped closer the sound of his voice triggering in me the memory of the voice on the phone at Mom’s earlier “I have to say you’re as beautiful as your Mom” he reached his hand out I slapped it away.
“You sick bastard… you think you can get out of jail and scare my Mom again” my fist connected with his nose the way I’d always been taught “Damn” he groaned as I reached behind me for the gun.
“I don’t think so” the guy from by my truck grabbed my hands in one of his and pulled the gun from my back. “Wow” he looked at the gun ‘Not a thing for a cute piece of ass like you to be carrying around”
“Give it me back and I’ll show you how I can use it” I struggled against him, Survival mode was kicking in and I couldn’t think of anyone right now.
“I think we need to go somewhere where I can show you how I use mine he pushed his groin into my butt
“Yeah right you’d have to grow one first” I snapped managing to free one of my hands from his grip and I slammed my elbow into his face making him scream and drop to the floor I reached for the dropped gun as the too familiar sound of a bullet entering a chamber made me freeze, as cold steel was pressed to my temple.
“Wow do you realize how turned on I am right now” Scott hissed in my ear “You won’t beg for me to stop like your Mom did will you”
“No because I’ll rip it off before I let you get near me you made my Mom’s life hell”
“Aw poor Morgan… she should have just left the country instead of marrying a Marine and coming back here” he grabbed my arm and moved the gun from my temple to my back ‘Now move to the car over there” he pushed me in the direction of an old beat up car with heavy tint on the windows. “You’re going to get us onto the base and reacquaint me with your Mom” he kissed my cheek making me want to through up right there.
“No way you can pull the damn trigger first” I growled
“Oh such devotion… you know after I was sent to jail my parents disowned me” he fired back
“Damn is that all I would have aborted you as a fetus “ he slammed me in to the side of the car
“You mean like I did with what should have been your brother or sister” he mocked I looked at him I wasn’t going to let this son of a bitch win. “Now be a good girl and get in the fucking car he moved a hand under my shirt I slapped it away.
“Go screw yourself” I spat in his face.
“Oh let me have her Scott” the other guy was behind me holding a rag to his nose “I’ll shut the bitch up”
“Maybe when I’m getting to know her mom” Scott tapped my cheek with the gun as he wiped the spit from his face. “I know you’re Dad’s not home till the end of the week” He didn’t know that I’d picked Dad up that morning “and your Marine let you out on your own”
“He’ll kill you”
“Yeah sure… your Dad said that once before honey and guess who’s back” he pushed me into the passenger seat of the car and slammed the door he said a few things to the guy next to him I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started to text as fast as I could……………………

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