Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - All hell

Submitted: September 13, 2010

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Submitted: September 13, 2010



........... Flynn was banging on the door of the apartment J.J. opened it with his jacket in his hand
“Your Damn sister” J.J. started
“She’s angry and scared what the hell’s going on?” Flynn demanded as J.J. took off past him and down the stairs.
“I fell asleep on the couch…”
“She went to her meeting didn’t see and didn’t wake you” Flynn ran after him.
“Oh yeah… she left me a god damn note” J.J. snapped and then this” he threw his phone to Flynn as he unlocked his truck. “Get in” Flynn jumped in as J.J. left marks on the floor with the tires “read the last message and just so you know I’m going to kill her after we’ve killed this damn Scott” Flynn looked at the message on the screen
****Scott has me going to Mom need you****
“You’re kidding”
“Nope I think your Dad is going to shoot me” J.J. groaned “Sometimes your sister thinks she’s a Marine”
“She was raised that way” Flynn said pulling out his own phone “And you know we ain’t that tough” J.J. smiled a little as he stopped at the gates of the base……………….
………………….We got to the gates of the base with Scott under a pile of covers in the back seat Bryce wound down his window as the Marine walked up.
“Sorry sir base is closed to civilians”
“I’m taking this lady to her parents her truck broke down” Bryce said innocently the Marine bent down and looked at me as I handed him my I.D.
“Hey B” Logan looked at me I could see in his eyes that he wanted to take his weapon right now and shoot the guy next to me “So when does your Dad get home?” I felt the dig in my back from the gun Scott had taken from me
“Er… Friday” I smiled nervously that fact I was face to face with my Uncle and that J.J. had been in touch with everyone.
“Well you tell him he needs to get the whiskey in I think J.J. would love to take a shot” he gave me a wink
“I’ll tell him” he handed me back my I.D he whistled and the gate opened.
“Good Girl” Scott mumbled sitting up “Wow nothing like the boredom of same old same old at Lejeune” he chuckled looking out of the window we drove past the high school “What a night in the locker room with your Mom”
“Yeah she said you were crap and had a tiny dick” I didn’t see the hand as Bryce slapped my face hard.
“Now now” Scott chastised him ‘You don’t want to hurt her before you get to show her what a real man does in bed”
“He wouldn’t know even if you gave him a popup book” I wiped the blood from my mouth “I have a real Man”
“And I’m going to have you screaming my name when I get in there” he pushed his hand up my legs sharply.
“You have to be a Marine to go there and pussies like you wouldn’t make the Corps” I grabbed his finger and bent it back
“You bitch” Scott stopped Bryce from hitting me again by grabbing my throat from behind.
“You know I almost want to do you in front of your Mother” he snarled in my ear “Because it might make you a little less bitchy”
“And I might scratch your damn eyes out” I croaked as we pulled up outside of the house Bryce got out of the car and looked up and down the empty street.
“You’re all talk Sweetheart” Scott said quietly “I lost 18 years of my life because of your Mother”
“She lost a Baby” I bit back as his hand tightened on my throat
“And I’m going to take her other one… well I’m going to let Bryce do it for me…” he whispered “I hope you like it rough because he’ll make sure you can’t walk after he’s done with you” The door opened and Bryce yanked me sharply from the car by my arm I felt my shoulder dislocate  I bit on my already sore lip there was no way I was going to show them any kind of weakness. Pain is weakness leaving the body right at least that’s what I’d heard.
“Get her off the street and to the house” Scott snapped looking round. “Morgan my darling guess whose back” he called out making me look up and see Mom standing on the door step.
“Mom no get out of here” I yelled fighting against the vice like grip Bryce had on me.
“Get away from my little girl” Mom’s voice was shaking
“Oh now Morgan you know I can’t do that” Scott reached to the side and grabbed a handful of my hair. “Imagine watching her taking the same as what I gave you… I must admit it’s hard to resist her” he kissed me I heard my mom yelp before the screech rang out as I bit as hard as I could on the tongue of Scott a gun was pressed to my temple making me let go of Scott.
“Oh I’m going to make you sorry you did that to my Dad” Bryce yanked me away from Scott as the revelation of who he was shocked me his arm was round my neck cutting off my air. Scott pointed the gun at me and looked back at Mom
“Watch your little girl getting screwed by the son of the man that screwed you before I kill her and take her away from you” Scott laughed stepping closer to Mom but keeping the gun pointing at me
“Stop it” Mom screamed “Leave her alone” something was stopping Mom from stepping off the front step my vision started to become blurred as two shots rang through the air……………………………

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