Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - He's the only one

Submitted: September 14, 2010

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Submitted: September 14, 2010



……………….. The air rushed into my lungs as the grip suddenly released from my throat. As Bryce slumped to the floor I fell to my knees gasping in the cool salty air.
“Breana” Mom’s voice said as her clammy hands closed on my cheeks pulling me to look at her “Oh my little girl… I’m sorry” she hugged me to her as shouting and cars pulling up with doors slamming filled the air I winched in pain as she held me my shoulder screaming another set of arms wrapped round both of us and lips pressed to my forehead.
“It’s okay Baby girl I got you” Dad soothed to both of us. I looked round as EMT ran round the crumpled bodies of Bryce and Scott a single bullet hole in each of their foreheads.
“One shot one Kill” I muttered.
“Benefits to having a sniper in the family” Mom ran her thumb over my lip where Bryce had hit me as tears started to run down my face.
“Its okay” Dad Soothed again “They can’t hurt you”
“I know it’s my shoulder” the adrenalin was giving way to wave after wave of pain as the familiar sound of a truck I knew overtook the rest of the noise.
“B” I felt weak at the sheer agony in just the one letter that came from J.J.’s lips. I turned and saw J.J. and Flynn running from the truck J.J. held his rifle out to a Marine standing watch. “Oh my god” he stopped in front of me “What the hell do you think you were doing… You left the apartment without me”
“You were sleeping” I sniffed “You just got done with deployment you were tired”
“He could have killed you” he yelled “He could have raped you”
“He didn’t they didn’t” I pulled away from Mom and Dad and got up “I’m fine apart from a split lip and a damn painful dislocated shoulder” he looked at me like he was going to break down.
“I think we should get you seen to by the EMT’s” Flynn kissed the top of my head “You’re an idiot sometimes B”
“Sgt Tanner” Gramps called him over to where he was with the M.P’s
“I got her son” Dad said quietly putting his hand on J.J.’s arm “I got her” J.J. nodded before he pressed his lips against my forehead.
“I love you” he murmured. I smiled weakly at him as Flynn hugged Mom and Dad lead me over to one of the ambulances. I watched as the two bodies were put into body bags and placed inside the medical examiners van. Dad was holding my hand while the EMT checked my shoulder.
“Breana… B…” Dad squeezed my hand making me blink and look at him “they need to take you to the hospital to get the shoulder popped back in right”
“Okay” I nodded “Dad it’s over right… I mean Mom’s safe now?”
“Scott can’t do anything to hurt her anymore” he smiled “but young lady I think we need to sit down and have a little chat”
“Not right now Dad I hurt like hell” I groaned looking over at J.J. he was stood his hands clasped behind his back talking to Gramps.
“Dad I’ll go with B to the hospital I think Mom needs you right now” Flynn said coming round the side of the ambulance “Nana’s with her but she needs you” I looked at Dad
“GO I’m sure Flynn will be a pain in the ass” I tried to smile but the pain in my shoulder was making me feel nauseous. Dad sighed and nodded he looked tired and like he’d aged 20 years since I picked him up from the airport. The doors were closed on the ambulance and the EMT laid me down gently. Flynn linked his fingers with mine.
“Hurts like a bitch doesn’t it?”
“Oh yeah” I gritted my teeth “You feeling it?”
“Don’t I always” he smiled the EMT looked from Flynn to me.
“We’re twins he feels everything I feel and the same for me with him”
“Wow that must suck”
“Sometimes” Flynn chuckled “but helps a lot as well”
“Was it J.J.?’ I looked at him as the EMT hooked me up to oxygen, “That…”
“Yep he wasn’t going to let anyone else do it…” Flynn became serious “He yelled at Dad” I raised my head and eyebrows “Oh Dad wanted the shot and to go with him to line it up”
“J.J. told Dad he was going to be the only sniper because he could guarantee your safety” Flynn took a deep breath “And that Dad needed to learn to get over it and trust him because he wasn’t about to let anyone come between the two of you not even Dad” the ambulance pulled up at the E.R, of the base hospital “He’s one mean bastard when he wants to be”
“I know I’m scared for when he gets here” They opened the doors and took my inside the hospital…………………

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