Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Chewed out

Submitted: September 14, 2010

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Submitted: September 14, 2010



................... J.J. walked into the hospital with Gramps. Flynn was standing talking to a doctor.
“You okay?” Flynn asked.
“I’ve been better” Flynn rubbed his neck “Where’s B?”
“Giving a junior doctor a hard time” the other Doctor smiled.
“Oh great… how is she?”
“Oh she’ll be fine she has to wear the sling for at least a week. No lifting or driving” the doctor explained walking down the hall with J.J. and Gramps “She refuses to open up about what happened to night but she is adamant that nothing sexual happened” J.J. stopped and closed his eyes.
“are you sure?”
“Yes there’s no signs of anything other than the cut lip and the shoulder dislocation”
“Can I see her?’ J.J. looked at the door “I need to see her”
“Sure” the doctor nodded J.J. looked at Gramps.
“You go ahead Marine” Gramps smiled. “Thank you”
“Col you need to stop thanking me” J.J. flushed pink.
“Never and as soon as my son-in-law realizes that you’re in love with B it the better” J.J. turned the handle on the door and puished it open.
“Do you not get the concept of OW” I snapped at the Junior doctor tightened the sling “Maybe you should be a Coroner”
“Now, Now Breana” I looked up as J.J. closed the door “He’s doing his job”
“What as a torturer”
“All done Ma’am”
“Good now out” I pointed at the door. The doctor picked up the chart and walked out of the room.
“Hey Baby” J.J. sat next to me on the bed.
“Hey you… are you still mad with me”
“Beyond mad” he sighed stroking my face with his thumb “Breana I love you so much but you’re a stubborn…”
“I know” I interrupted “And I’m sorry I thought I was fine”
“Lets go home” he got up and held out his hand out to me “What I had to do tonight is blowing my mind” we walked into the hall Gramps and Flynn were standing talking.
“Hey sweetheart” Gramps hugged me gently “You okay?”
“I’m tired I think the adrenalin has drained out and the pain shot they gave me is making me sleepy” I sighed resting my head on his broad chest.
“Okay Home to a nice warm bed with a nice warm Marine” Gramps chuckled “But you’re either going to have to your Mom and Dad’s or Flynn and Riley’s we have Amber and Logan staying with us””
“We’re heading back to Mom and Dad’s” Flynn said quietly “Riley want’s to make sure they’re okay”
“We’ll come there as well” J.J. nodded
“Do I not have a say”
“Hell no not right now” He smiled as the four of us walked outside “remember how many people are mad at you right now”
“I know” I groaned…………………
……………….. I woke with a start and groaned in pain tweaking my aching shoulder. J.J. stirred next to me I trailed my fingers across his Tattoo on his back.
“You know what that does to me” he mumbled not opening his eyes “and you’re not getting out of trouble with sex”
“Even if it’s mind blowingly good sex”
“It always is and no not even then” he opened his eyes and rolled onto his back “You were out of it when we got back here last night” he carefully pulled me down in to his arms “I carried you to bed and you never even stirred”
“How come I have no clothes on from the waist down but I still have my shirt on?”
“Well I didn’t want to hurt your shoulder trying to take off the t-shirt” he kissed the top of my head. “You ready to get up and go face your parents”
“No” I pouted
“Hey I still haven’t said everything I want to say either”
“Fine” I groaned getting up and out of bed and fighting one handed to get my P.J. pants on.
“Let me help” he chuckled sliding out of bed “Oh and My Mom’s pissed with you”
“oh I’m so looking forward to Texas then” I sighed as he slid his hands up my legs while pulling up my pants
“Property of a U.S. Marine” he read running his fingers over the tattoo on the inside of m y thigh
“Forever” I ran my hand over the short buzzed hair on his head “My Marine” he smiled up at me as my door knocked he stood up slowly not taking his eyes from me
“It’s open” he called out
“Mom sent me up with this” Flynn held out a coffee mug.
“We’re coming down so I can get yelled at” I sighed taking the cup and taking a sip of the coffee.
“Yay I’ll go make the popcorn” Flynn chuckled. J.J. tightened the strap on my sling causing me to mutter what I wanted to do with a pool cue and the place where the sun doesn’t shine from. We walked down into the living room.
“Good morning” Mom smiled warmly
“Hi” I nodded “Okay lets have it”
“Have what” Mom looked confused
“The chewing out I’m about to get” I sighed.
“Well what do you expect?” Dad walked out of the kitchen and put his coffee on the table “We asked you not to go out without J.J. or Flynn but no you have to go out anyway… and Marine you not waking up when she left is no excuse” he looked at Flynn
“Hey… I’ve spent 7 months doing the same shit you do I come home and spend my first full night more on edge that I was during the whole tour I don’t come home and expect to sleep with a gun under my pillow” J.J. bit back. He’d reached his breaking point with being civil to Dad. “I was here protecting your Wife along with Flynn till you got home”
“Leave J.J. out of this Dad I didn’t want to wake him because he needed to sleep” I snapped “I’m the one that had a meeting to get to I had that meeting and how was I to know that son of a bitch would be waiting for me”
“You shouldn’t have been put in to that…”
“Enough I’m a big girl I don’t need a body guard I’m not going to live like Mom has for years scared to go out alone” I truied to shrug and got a butt load of pain for my trouble. “I had to listen to him saying things about Mom that no one has the right to say” Dad opened his mouth to say something “I haven’t finished… I had a gun held to my head while he told me what his son was going to do to me… I was told I was going to be raped and then killed the bullet was in the chamber of the gun… and all I could think about was not crying not showing weakness and not giving up… you need to thank J.J. and Flynn for acting on his gut” I thrust a finger at Flynn “and him trusting the text I sent or you’d have been burying me and picking up the pieces of our family”
“I know” Dad said shaking his head “I do but I almost lost the people I love the most”
“Stop being an ass Marine and Man up to the fact Breana’s found her Marine and a Marine that’s gone above and beyond to keep her safe” Nana chimed in.
“I know but it was my…”
“Phillip for once shut up and face the fact your little girl isn’t so little and she’s marrying one hell of a man” She raised her voice slightly “Do you want to drive her away” Dad shook his head “Then realize that Marine there had to look down the scope on his rifle and see the girl he’s in love with” Dad Looked at J.J. who was loking down “Way different to what he normally has to see… when he’s belly down in the dirt”……………………

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