Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Revalation

Submitted: September 14, 2010

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Submitted: September 14, 2010



................... J.J. put his hand on my good shoulder.
“I’m sorry” Dad Looked up and looked at J.J. “can I talk to you outside for a while”
“Yes Sir” J.J. nodded I sat down by mom as Grandma pushed open the door to the back deck.
“Do I need to referee” she chuckled.
“No I’ll be good Tess I promise” Dad smiled.
“Should we frisk them for weapons” Logan laughed earning a Gibbs slap from Nana, Grandma and Mom.
“And I thought I was going to get the ass chewing” I sighed.
“Oh you are young lady” Grandma sat on the table in front of me. “What the hell were you thinking? You know what the women in our family goes through… Did you think you’d gotten away with it?”
“No I thought I had my share with all crap I went through with my Fiancées ex wife and then the punch I took from him” I frowned at her I’d much rather face 100 Mairnes then my Grandmothers and Mom.
“So did we honey” Nana smiled at me “But when this started again you should have realized that we don’t need to take risks with the dumb fuckers that screw with us” Flynn snorted soda down his nose.
“I was raised to fight and to shoot the only thing that doesn’t make me a Marine is the Uniform”
“We know that and the fact you stood up to the guys that did this is testament to the Marine history in you” Grandma said softly “But B… you have a really good Marine that loves you and wants you to be his Pink in the world of Camo… Let him have that a little stop toughing it out so much…”
“I understand” I nodded “I’m sorry for thinking I was untouchable”
“I love you honey” Mom Stood behind the couch and kissed my head “Thank you… for being stupid and putting this all to an end”
“I think we need to get out the Whiskey” Logan laughed walking into the Kitchen Gramps and Grandpa were already laughing and a little bit drunk with ¾ of the bottle gone……………………
……………. You’re not on the parade ground now Marine” Dad smiled “At ease” J.J. shifted his stance But kept his hands behind his back. “We need to get along if you’re going to be my son-in-law… and I respect you for everything you’ve done and I will always thank you for saving my baby girls life but you’ll realize when you have children how hard it is to see them hurting and you almost destroyed Breana”
“With all due respect Sir” J.J. said through his teeth “You’re the only one that keeps going on about it, about the fact I had a wife… Maybe you should remember that you have one as well” Dad narrowed his eyes at J.J.
“I know I have a wife I love”
“So what was with the Blonde Doctor in Kuwait?” J.J. looked Dad in the eye “I had a 72 hour pass and I went o see one of the guys I knew that was injured… the last think I expected to see was my future Father-in-law with his tongue down the throat of a Army Doctor” Dad took a step back. “I had to go back to base and face Flynn… I had to talk to B on the phone when all I wanted to do was tell them how much of a jerk you are”
“It was a mistake… she kissed me… I was going to tell Morgan” Dad swallowed hard “I saw her once… I swear”
“Don’t you ever look down at me and Breana because I know there is one thing I would never do and that cheat on her and after what almost 20 years of marriage” J.J. shook his head “I have more respect for Morgan to go in there and tell her her husband manged to cheat while she waited for him… but don’t you ever try to come between Breana and me because I will get moved overseas faster than you can think… Sir” he turned and walked to the door.
“J.J. I love my wife and I love my family…”
“Man up then Marine and admit you screwed up and piece everything back together like you made me do” J.J. opened the door to the house and walked back inside…………………….

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