Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - My Snipers heart

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



………………….. I looked up at J.J. I held out my Phone
“I just got chewed out by your Mom, Dad Brother and Ari” I smiled
“Good… wait till they see you” he leant down and kissed me
“Hey Marine” the heads of all the men in the room turned and looked at Grandpa “Sorry J.J” he chuckled handing him a glass of Whiskey. “To the Marine that managed to do what we all wanted to do” J.J. smiled and shook his head.
“I did what I needed to, to protect B… and just so you all are pre warned if she ever pulls a stupid assed move like that again I will be putting her over my knee and spanking her ass”
“Oh Son I think there will be a line for that” Grandpa laughed kissing my cheek “She’s to feisty like the other women in the family” Nan walked behind him and squeezed his butt.
“And you wouldn’t have us any other way”
“Naked on a beach is good” Grandpa smirked.
“Ew… I’m going to throw up” Flynn groaned
“I think Riley you need to go change the tickets so you and Flynn can have your Honey moon” Mom said getting up from the chair “And J.J. isn’t Rache;s baby due any day”
“Yes Ma’am” he smiled
“Well I think Texas needs you there for a while”
“Are you trying to get rid of us?” I looked at her.
“No never” she touched the side of my face “but after everything we’ve just been through we all need some time”
“And don’t you guys have to sort out a date for your wedding?” Grandma said with a huge smile
“Yes we do” J.J. nodded looking at Dad as he walked in. “Do you guys mind if I take Breana home?”
“Not at all” Mom smiled hugging the two of us “I love you both and thank you”
“You’re welcome” J.J, murmured. We said our good byes and walked outside to the truck.
“So what happened with you and Dad?” I asked as I watched the world go by out of the window.
“I think he’ll always have a problem with me” J.J. sighed putting his hand on my leg as he drove “But I’m not going to give up on wanting to be the best husband and the best Marine and at some point the best Dad”
“You keep bringing that up” I looked at him and tipped my head to the side.
“about being a Dad”
“Well I think you’d be an awesome Mom and I think you’d look so sexy pregnant”
“Okay did you have a huge recoil from your gun last night that hit your head” I giggled.
“No… I just think… knowing that you were having our baby would make you” He took a deep breath and bit down on his bottom lip
“Oh this is turning you on isn’t it” I smiled
“Yeah” he nodded “And it’s blowing my mind that you make me feel so comfortable… all I want is you B… I’ll always be faithful”
“I know” I touched the side of his face “Semper Fi remember” he kissed the tattoo on the inside of my wrist. We walked into the apartment.
“How’s the shoulder feeling?” J.J. put on a pot off coffee.
“Sore… it’s been like a strange dream… a really screwed up crazy nightmare rollercoaster”.
“Tell me about it” I took his hand and pulled him to the couch
“You haven’t told me what you were feeling when you did what you do” I murmured. He sat down and twisted so he was facing me.
“You know what I do and you know I’m trained to take people out”
“One shot one kill right” he nodded
“Doing my Job is doing my job I don’t think twice about it” herubbed his jaw with his hand “When I saw the message saying he’d got you I felt my world was caving in Flynn came round worried about you and we both headed for the base and we went right to the Col” he got up and walked in to the kitchen and poured us both a coffee before carrying one and sitting back with me “He asked me two things… if I wanted to take the shots myself and if I could guarantee you woldn’t get hurt by my shots”
“How could you guarantee that?” I put my cup down and put my hand on his leg.
“Because I’m a Marine Sniper, I’m the best there is” he said confidently “I was trained by the best and I was angry with Scott for trying to take my world” he linked his fingers with mine. “The Col called your Dad to warn him and posted Logan at the gate so we knew when you got here. Flynn came with me to the armory and I signed out my rifle…” he ran his finger over my tattoo again “I’ve lost count of the times I’ve shot that gun and I’ve only ever missed my target once… I have a steady hand but looking down the scope and seeing you in it made me nervous… I look down it normally and know the person I’m looking at would kill me in a heartbeat so it’s kill or be killed, but like your Nana said seeing the person you love the most in it…” tears welled in his eyes. “I’m a killer B… I kill for my country, but this was about me and you. I didn’t wait for a signal like I’d been told. I took out Scott and the other one because I wanted you safe and no one is going to hurt you as long as I’m here to love you” he rested his head against mine “No one will come between us” he rubbed his thumb against my jaw. The raw emotion in his voice made my heart ache thinking that I’d made him be in that position because of my stupid stubborn Marine Brat ass……………………………….

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