Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Tiny tags

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



...................... “Hey Baby” I felt butterfly kisses on my sore shoulder.
“J.J. I need at least an hour after the things you just did” I groaned
“Well thank you for the compliment I think” he chuckled “and you’ve been out cold of 8 hours” I looked at the clock.
“Wow the sex was really good then” I sat up and groaned at the pain in my shoulder.
“No I also made you take on of your pain meds if you remember” he kissed me “So you up for a ride to the airport in a couple of hours.
“Sure” I nodded “Why?”
“Rachel went into labor last night so I booked us the first available flights to Dallas” he beamed
“I need to pack and we have a pile of gifts for the baby and we have to…” I got out of bed and started to grab things
“Okay B… you need to calm down I already packed all the stuff and clothes for us” he smiled taking my hand and pulling me to the bathroom “You though need a shower”
“I took one last night” I said with a smile
“Okay I need to take a shower with you”………………………….
………………… Brody was waiting at the arrival gate for us as we got off the plane.
“Did we Miss anything?” J.J. asked hugging his big brother his accent thickening as soon as we hit Texan airspace making me smile
“Nope she’s still hanging in there she wanted to wait for her big brother to get her apparently” Brody laughed looking at me “Okay I want to hug you but I don’t want to hurt you” he pulled a face
“I’ll be okay if you hug me” I laughed
“I also want to kick your butt for doing a dumb assed move like that”
“I know you told me” I hugged him with one arm.
“She got chewed out by everyone” J.J. laughed as we got the bags “I think she lernt her lesson”
“Hey I’m right here” I protested
“So you can’t ride your Marine then” Brody said as we headed to hs truck
“Oh she can she’d do awesome in a rodeo” J.J. grinned
“Okay way to much information right there” Brody opened the door for me and offered me hi hand in.
“No I can’t ride my horse” I sighed “it sucks coming here and I can’t do that”
“Stick to me baby” J.J. winked
“Jeez does the Marine Corps make you a bucket of testosterone”
“No seven months in a warzone getting shot at does though” J.J. sighed “Are we going right to the hospital”
“Hell yeah Rache’ls mean as all hell right now” Brody tipped his hat back on his head.
“Well shes going to try to get a damn bowling ball out of a drinking straw” I pulled a face “I think I’d be a little narky”
“I think Flynn will be worse” J.J. interjected “You think when you go into labor they could give him an epidural”
“You’re having a baby” Brody swerved on the road
“Dude No” I said quickly
“We’re talking about Flynn feeling everything B feels imagine what he’d be like WHEN she has a baby” J.J. winked at me
“Oh right… I was going to say I don’t think Mom could cope having two grandbabies and one of them being so far away” Brody pulled up int o the parking garage at the hospital.
“Well that’s going to happen when I have kids” J.J. got out and reached for my hand
“You’d still get deployed?” Brody was wide eyed “You’d still be a Marine?”
“Yeah a lot of Marines have a family” J.J. shrugged “Your future sister-in-law’s a Marines Kid” I noticed how J.J. gritted his teeth as he mentioned Dad.
“I just thought you’d”
“Brody I’m a marine for Life I love my job so much I can’t put it into words” J.J. explained
“Okay” Brody nodded “You okay with that?”
“Like he said you’re looking at a kid that’s lived and breathed the Corps since coming into the world I wouldn’t change a thing” I snuggled into the side of My Marine.
We walked out of the elevator and to Rachel’s room J.J.  knocked and opened the door
“Hey Sis”
“About Damn time Marine I thought you were supposed to be the first in to battle” She hissed through her teeth
“Ignore the wicked bitch of the west she’s having a contraction” Ari laughed rolling her eyes as Trey winced at her squeezing his hand.
“Where’s Mom and Dad?”
‘Chewing out the nurse for not kicking the guys ass to hurry him up to give Rachel and Epidural” Trey maoned as Rachel slumped against the pillow. Ari hugged me
“We missed you?”
“I missed you guys as well”
‘Yeah well you were here a few weeks ago” Rachel pouted.
‘And I explained I was here less than a day” I walked over to her and pushed a small box into her hand “And shut up and look in the box” She opened it up and promptly burst into tears
“Oh Jeez B” Trey groaned Rachel shook her head and handed him the box “Oh wow B” everyone started to laugh as he pulled out a small set of dog tags with ‘Jordan Briana’ engraved on one. The name I knew that Trey and Rachel had chosen and they’d asked me not to say anything to J.J. and ‘A U.S. Marine loves me’ on the other. “These are amazing”
“Yeah well every little girl needs her Marine to love” I smiled as J.J. took the tags as his own were swinging round his neck.
“The name” he swallowed
“Yep Jordan after you and Briana after her Aunt who I must say rocks” Trey nodded “But B really going out without…”
“Okay I think I know I screwed up” I groaned I glanced at J.J. as he rubbed the small tags under his thumb he looked more happy than I’d seen him in days……………………..

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