Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Marinara so good

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Submitted: September 07, 2010



........................ I walked into the restauarant.
“Bellezza” Luca bounded over as fast as his round frame would allow “Are you forgetting about Luca?”
“Luca I was in here with my Grandparents 5 days ago” I laughed “Is Riley here yet?”
“Si, she in the back talking to Antonio” he nodded. I took of my coat and walked into the kitchen where Riley was leaning in the counter talking to the old Italian chef in there.
“Hey… do I have to tell Flynn he has competition” I teased.
“Hell yeah! Try this Marinara sauce and tell me you wouldn’t dump your cowboy for Antonio” she held out a spoon I took a mouthful of the delicious sauce.
“Wow that’s so good… J.J. who?” Antonio spluttered a few words in Italian and turned away his cheeks flushed bright red I grabbed Riley’s arm and tugged her out of the warm kitchen and into the restaurant Luca was standing by or table waiting for the order. We both gave him it and watched as he greeted someone by the door. “It was J.J. on the phone before” I smiled
“Did Flynn pass on the message?”
“Oh yeah.. you know these days are going to go so slowly” I moaned resting my head in my hands “I want him home now” She high fived me across the table.
“I just want to get your brother butt assed naked on a hot sunny beach”
“Ew… I think I just threw up in my mouth” I laughed as she bounced a bread roll off my head.
“Okay and you don’t want to do that with J.J.”
“Oh I do and I’m going to and especially as you and Flynn now have married housing on base I get to have him naked in everyroom in my apartment” Riley started to laugh “And I put a lock on the door of the closet so he can’t get any clothes”
“Nice move”
“Bellezza…” I looked up as Luca came over and put our food down on the table in front of me “Do you know the man over there?” Luca nodded his head to the corner of the restaurant.
“Nope never seen him before… Why?”
“He was asking about you” Luca shrugged
“Oooo an admirer” Riley teased
“Oh Shush he looks older than my Dad” I shook my head
“Some creppy old guy looking you over” Riley snorted
“So help me I will hit you with something in a minute” I groaned turning back to my lunch “And I won’t take you shopping for a bridesmaids dress”
“Oh you so will because you love me” I forgot about the guy in the restaurant as  Riley and I sat talking and laughing about a crazy Texan wedding. My phone rang as we walked down the boardwalk it wasn’t warm enough yet to bring back to the tourist so it was a lot of Marines and navy guy with there girls and families.
Me * hello.
Rachel * hey I just heard you were in Dallas and you never stopped over
Me * damn how did you know that I was there less then 18 hours from landing to taking off
Rachel * don’t yell but I got a text from Catherine
Me * Rachel what the hell?
Rachel * I haven’t heard anything from her but she said you were in Dallas with some rich guy
Me *I was but I was there for business and yes J.J. knows about it. I can’t believe she had to say something.
Rachel * I was just giving you the heads up
Me * thanks I appreciate it… so how’s my little niece coming along.
Rachel * well she’s already 8 days late and her Daddy is getting nervous and really impatient.
Me * tell Trey to suck it up and have the bag in the truck ready to get going to the hospital
Rachel * I did tell him I was going to get you to come down here and go Marine Brat on his ass and he did sulk for a while.
Me * you do know J.J. will be home in 3 days
Rachel * I know and I think shes trying to hold on till her Uncle gets back to the States.
Me * look if Catherine gets in touch with you again please ignore her you have a baby to think about.
Rachel * that’s what Trey said
Me * see we’re looking after you and just think what J.J. will say about it
Rachel * I know… look tell J.J. I love him and he needs to get his ass down the aisle with you because you rock as a sister
Me * I think Flynn might disagree with you
Rachel * yeah right
Me * okay get Trey or your Mom to call if anything happens my phone is always on the nightstand when I’m in bed
I hung up and looked at Riley as she ordered a coffee for each of us.
“J.J.’s ex wife saw me in Dallas for god sake and no is saying I was with a rich guy”
“I think when we go to Texas for you to marry your Marine we go kick her ass” She laughed “Hey you mind if I crash with you at the apartment… I don’t want to sleep in the house yet till Flynn’s with me.
“Of Course not I say we watch chick flicks and pig out on ice cream”
“Oh I so love having you for my sister-in-law” she giggled linking my arm I was glad of the distraction as I knew Riley was the next 72 hours were going to be longer feeling than the last 7 months………………………..

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