Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 20 (v.1) - Family

Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



.................. We were sent out to the family room to wait as it got to the point for Rachel to start pushing Ari was listening to her I-pod while J.J. and Brody sat playing cards.
“So where’s Trey’s family?” I sighed looking up from the sketch pad I had in front of me
“He doesn’t have any he was brought up in state homes” Brody looked at me “I guess were’ it”
“Fine by me as long as he’s good to Rach and Jordan” I watched the smile light J.J.’s face as he said her name
“He’s a good guy and he’s hard working and he’s well on his way to becoming ranch manager” Brody put his cards down and rubbed the back of his neck.
“We need to find you a woman” I nudged him with my foot
“I’m good right now” He blushed
“You’re seeing someone?’ I sat forward at the same time as J.J.
“Lair” J.J. laughed “So who is she”
“A girl I met at the cattle auction”
“Romantic” I giggled
“Hey you met him playing Lejeune ball on the beach” he pointed out
“Oh damn those little shorts” J.J., bit down on his lower lip
“Go take a cold shower” Brody laughed “Her names Lucy and her Dad has just bought a ranch about 5 miles from mine”
“Okay how old is she, is she pretty and have you took her in the barn” J.J asked bluntly
“She’s 21 she’s so cute and yes she’s seen the horses and she’s ridden your Marine” he looked at me I spat out a mouth full of water
“Hey I’ve been out of the country for Months” J.J. protested “and I don’t even know a Lucy” Brody groaned
“I meant of course I’ve taken her in the barn she’s ridden B’s horse Dumb ass”
“Oh well that’s not the sort of take…” J.J. was cut off by his Mom walking into the room
“I think you guys need to come meet the newest member of the family” She sniffed
‘She did it” Brody swallowed hard Ana nodded
“She was born 10 minutes ago and the doctor just finished sorting Rachel out… She’s 7lbs 4oz and 20 inches long and so perfect” Brody put his arm round his Mom as Ari ran down the hall to Rachel’s room. We followed them down there Trey was sitting giving his daughter a bottle.
“Wow she’s tiny” J.J whistled I walked over to Rachel and hugged her and handed her a box
“What’s this?”
“A gift for you from me” I smiled watching the guys fawning over Jordan. She opened the box and lifted out a necklace with the letters T, Rand J all intertwined.
“This is sweet” Rachel smiled at me “I love the fact you do what you do with the jewelry stuff”
“Thank you and Congratualtions Mommy” her whole face lit up as Trey came over after handing Jordan off to Brody much to the annoyance of J.J. one for you as well cowboy” I handed his a small leather pouch. He tipped it out. It was the same as Rachels apart it was carved from wood and on a leather necklace. “I know the gold stuff would get damaged easily while you work and I thought this was a little more… you”
“Thank you it’s awesome” he hugged me
“You’re welcome Daddy” I teased “oh and I hope to god you don’t mind what he does for a job” I nodde dint he direction of a still hovering J.J. “because that little girl has so much Marine Corps stuff it’s insane”
“Hell No she’s going to always know how proud we are of our Marine” Rachel sighed as Brody finally relinquished Jordan to a eager J.J.
I watch as she became lost in his arms a tiny pink dot against one hell of a Marine……………………..

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