Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Skanky Doctors

Submitted: September 16, 2010

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Submitted: September 16, 2010



…………. Brody drove us to the ranch.
“I need to go check on the Cattle that were delivered this afternoon you guys know where everything is” he smiled as he walked away from the truck. J.J. got the bags from the bed of the truck.
“It’s late you want to go to bed?” he asked pushing open the front door.
“Sure” I nodded my phone started to ring. ‘It’s Mom”
ME * hey mom
Mom *hi sweetheart
Me * Mom are you okay?
Mom * yeah… no… I shouldn’t have called you… How’s Rachel?
Me * she had a little girl a couple of hours ago… but Mom what’s wrong?
Mom * when you get home I won’t be here
Me * what?
Mom * I’m going to go away for a little while.
Me * are you sick?
J.J. walked over and put his hand on my back
Mom * no… I just can’t be round your Dad right now honey
Me * Mom what’s going on?
Mom * honey I’ll call you when I get to Minnesota… I can’t explain right now
She hung up… I looked at the phone and hit re-dail it went right to voice mail, frantically I tried to call the house and it just rang out.
“Baby what’s wrong?” J.J. turned me to face him.
“Something’s going on with Mom and Dad” I stammered “she’s leaving the base”
“We need to talk” he led me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. “I think I know why she’s leaving”
“How would you…” he put his hand on my leg
“I wnet to Kuwait on a 72 hour pass and I went to the hospital to visit a friend” he looked down “Your Dad was there he was kissing a doctor”
I felt like I’d been slapped “I confronted him yesterday when he took me outside to talk and he said it was all her kissing him”
“You knew” I swallowed hard “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Oh how the hell am I supposed to tell you something like that when I’m only 4 months into my tour and people know I don’t see eye to eye with Phillip” He rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. “It could be seen as me being a bitch”
“I need to leave I need to find out what’s going on” I got up my head was reeling
“Hey what can you do?” he stopped behind me his hands on my waist “Running back to Lejeune in the middle of the night…” I spun round
“You don’t understand it makes a mockery of this” I held up my wrist “There hasn’t been a break up in our family and my dad has to be the one to screw it up I’m going back to kick his damn ass… he has the nerve to look down at you for what happened with Katherine” I slammed my good hand down flat on the dresser as tears ran down my cheeks. “I’m 19 and my parents are on the verge of splitting up after everything they’ve been through… I’m going home”
“B” he moved to the front of me “Let me go make the plane aqrrangements”
“You can stay you have a new baby niece that wants to get to know you” I touched the side of his face you’re not going to get to see Jordan everyday like the rest of your family and I know you’re already in loive with her” he smiled a little “Flynn and Riley leaft after we did to go on honey moon and I’m damned if anyones going to interrupt that after the last attempt they had at one… I have to go and try to” J.J. pulled me to him and pushed his lips against mine in a sweet lingering kiss
“I love you” he murmured “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”
“One day coming here is going to go smoothly” I sighed
“We’ve had one of those times” he touched my engagement ring “You still want to marry this Marine?”
“Hell yeah more than anything” I nodded
“I was kinda hoping we could have started talking about our wedding” he smiled at me
“I know and I suck I know I do but…”
‘It’s okay You go out to the truck and let’s see what we can do” …………
…………… I walked into Mom and Dad’s house Dad was sitting at the dining room table an empty bottle of whiskey on the floor and a half empty on in front of him I slammed the door.
“Morgan” he slurred jumping at the sound
“No Dad it’s me” I snapped I was so mad with him right now.
“I thought you were in Texas” he poured another glass of whiskey.
“I was but some dumb assed cheating pig of a Marine screwed over my MOM’ I snatched away the glass and threw it at the wall “You have the nerve to tell me J.J.’s not good enough when you’re cheating on Mom I hate you right now I hate you” I slapped his face “Semper Fi my ass”
“Don’t speak to me like that I’m still your Dad” he tried to get up and stumbled drunkenly.
“I lost respect for you the minute J.J. told me what he saw”
“Oh J.J. told you he couldn’t wait to make me suffer”
“Leave J.J. out of this” I yelled as the door opened and Gramps walked in “AT LEAST HE WASN’T STILL MARRIED WHEN HE STARTED SCREWING ME”
“ENOUGH” Gramps snapped “Breana back off”
“He’s cheated on your daughter and you want me to back off” I turned on his “What is it the Damn Marine boys club”
“No Baby you’re going to burst a blood vessel” Gramps hugged me to him “Phillip you have 72 hours to get this sorted or I’m sending your ass to South America”
“She hates me” he moaned
“You should have thought about that before you stuck your tongue down some skanky doctors throat” I growled Gramps held on to my sling holding me back.
“Maybe your Mom should have thought about that before sleeping with TROY”…………………….

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