Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Semper Infidelus

Submitted: September 16, 2010

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Submitted: September 16, 2010



.................... “PHILLIP STOP NOW” Gramps voice boomed off of the walls.
“What?” I stammered
“You’re Mom isn’t perfect” Dad sat back down “I’ve had to fit against Troy since I met her” I looked at Gramps.
“Phillip enough”
“Whatever Col” Dad picked uyp the bottle “I know he came here when I was gone”
“He’s never been here” I moaned. I knew he was talking about Riley’s Uncle Troy.
“You been with your Mom 24/7”
“She wouldn’t do that?” I looked at Gramps
“She did it easily enough once I know she could do it again”
“She never would Marine. She for some stupid reason loves your sorry ass and after everything she went through with Scott and the rape and losing the baby then almost losing the twins you are her everything” Gramps pushed me behind him “I had to watch her go through hell and I almost lost her when she had the accident… what is it her Tattoo says something about her Marine rocking her world”
“he came here 3 years agfo when I was in Brazil”
“He came here to see Riley she’d had surgery” I snapped I felt like a might mare was unfolding around me.
“He came and saw your Mom”
“They were friends from being born like Riley, Flynn and Breana” Gramps sighed “You klnow all this he was one of yor Damn drill instructors for godsake”
“He got her in bed he sweet talked her into bed”
“Stop Dad” I begged she wouldn’t she loves you too much “Silent ranks remember”
“I bet he got her moaning”
“You son of a bitch I lunged to slap him again Gramps pulled me back.
“Go to your Grandma” he ordered
“I hate you she wouldn’t do that” I was near hysterical
“I said go Breana NOW” Gramps literally pushed me out of the front door and slammed it closed behind me locking it. I can’t remember how I got the 4 blocks from my parents to my Grandparents because of the tears that blurred my vision……
………….. “I think you need to sober up Marine” Gramps literally Lifted Dad up and hauled him up the stairs and into the bathroom, dumping his ass in the tub and turning the shower on cold. Dad struggled as Gramps held him under the icy stream.
“Ben quit it” Dads whined. Gramps turned off the water and handed Dad a towel.
“Get dry and dressed we’re going for a run Marine”
“But Nothing it’s an order unless you want a dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps” Gramps walked out slamming the door behind him he pulled his phone from his pocket.
Grandma * Hey Marine
Gramps * Tess did…
Grandma * she’s here she’s talking to J.J. right now while getting a hug from her Uncle
Gramps * He’s bring crap up about Troy
Grandma * I guessed he would… Morgan thought he’d try to say something after she said that she should have stuck with Troy because she knew he’d never have cheated.
Gramps * Jeez Tess your daughter has a mouth like you do?
Grandma * I know she does and I don’t blame her. Personally if it had been you that had kissed someone else I’d have ripped off you balls and shoved them so far down your throat they’d be coming out your ass
Gramps * and that’s why I’d never do something so stupid baby…
Grandma * so what’s happening?
Gramps * I just sobered his ass up in a cold shower now it’s a 10 mile run he’s going to regret even looking at another girl
Grandma * I spoke to Terri before and she’s pissed beyond pissed at him
Gramps * oh maybe I should leave him to you two
Grandma * we’d kill him… he needs to work out what he wants and you need to make sure he’s not lying.
Gramps * yes Ma’am… you know when I get home tonight
Grandma * I  have a can of cream and strawberry sauce
Gramps * I love you Tess
Grandma * I love you too Ben and make that run just a couple of miles……………….
……… “What did J.J. have to say?” Grandma asked walking over and handing em a drink. I was snuggled into the large chest of my Uncle
“He’s in shock… he saw them kissing”
“He actually saw Phillip and the doctor?” Logan’s mouth fell open as I nodded
He was on a 72 hour pass” I sighed
“I’m sure your Mom and Dad will sort things out” Grandma sat on the arm of the couch next to me as the door opened na dBeth walked in.
“Here you go” she handed me my pain pills that I’d left in the apartment.
“Why does everything suck so bad right now?” I pouted feeling the tears threatening to spill over again. “I was supposed to be enjoying Texas right now with J.J., starting planning the wedding” Beth sat on the other side of me “But what’s the damn point I might as well run to Vegas”
“You don’t do that” Grandma snapped. “Toby was the last one to do a runaway wedding and my grandma almost killed him… I will smack your asss young lady because you and your Marine are going to have a real wedding”
“Yes Ma’am” I looked down. Right now all I wanted was My Marine. My phone started to ring “Oh god it’s Flynn” I groaned.
“Don’t tell him” Logan urged I got up and walked intot he kitchen
Me * hey Bro
Flynn * so what’s happened?
Me * nothing why
Flynn * bull B you’ve been crying because my chest hurts like a bitch and I feel really sick
Me * Flynn it can wait till you get home
Flynn * no it can’t
Me * put Riley on
Flynn * no
Me * put Riley on the damn phone
Flynn * nope
Flynn * okay Jeez I didn’t think you were getting your period for another 2 weeks but damn I got that wrong… hey Baby my grump assed sister wants you
Riley * hey B… You and J.J. need to come here it so romantic
Me * My dad cheated on my Mom
There was a clattering as she dropped the phone
Riley * now way
Me * he was seen in Kuwait kissing a Doctor
Riley * oh Jeez.
Me * Look I don’t care if you tell Flynn but I don’t want you guys to run home because of this
Riley * But B
Me 8 Look I couldn’t tell Flynn I’m struggling telling you right now… Riley it’s really screwed up
I slid downt he wall sobbing
Riley * I’ll call you later okay I’m going to talk to Flynn
Me * don’t come home it’s a mess
Riley * you shush it’s my godparents come in-laws we’re talking about
Me * tell my brother I love him
Riley * I will
I hung up and put my head on my knees as Logan and Beth walked in the kitchen. Logan picked me up and took me to the guest room while Beth made me take a pill Grandma sat with me while I sobbed myself to sleep my world of Semper Fi seemed to be crumbling…………….

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