Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 23 (v.1) - Let them talk

Submitted: September 17, 2010

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



……………………. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen of my Grandparents
“I need to stop taking those pills” I sighed “they knock me out”
“How’s your shoulder feeling?” Gramps said looking up from his newspaper
“It aches but” I sat down “What happened with Dad after I left?”
“I dumped him in a cold shower and then made him run 5 miles” Gramps shrugged “He’s now on a flight to Minnesota”
“He’s going to go there with Nana around” I choked
“Don’t worry Logan will keep her in check” Gramps laughed
“I still can’t get over what he’s done”
“None of us can” Grandma sat down “But I trust my husband and he put Phillip through it last night and I called my god son and he swears up and down that he never did anything with your Mom since they wer kids”
“So why would Dad say something like that”
“Embarassment, self lothing” Gramps folded the paper “He told me the Doctor came on to him and kissed him and he was seriously having a bad case of homesickness”
“So kissing some random woman would help that how exaclty and I’m still blown away that he’s in Kuwait on Depolyment and he cheats” I put my head on the table
“You really tore him a new one yesterday” Gramps got up and put his things in the dishwasher
“It would have ben worse if you hadn’t come and stopped me” I looked up.
“He’s still your Dad” Grandma said patting my hand.
“He’s a person I have no respect for right now” I shook my head “How am I supposed to start thinking about my wedding when I don’t want to walk down the aisle on my dad’s arm”
“Honey that’s a big thing to say” Grandma Looked shocked.
“It might be, but right now it’s going to be Flynn… I can’t… I was rasied by all of you to live true to friends and family and to always be Semper Fi” I closed my eyes “That seems like it was just a lie”
“He made a mistake Sweetheart”
“So J.J. made a mistake when he didn’t tell me about being married before and I’m sorry but at least he didn’t cheat on me, and Dad never let him forget that.”
“I know and J.J. is a good man” Gramps smiled warmly at me “But you have to calm down and figure out what you’re going to do if everything works out with your Mom and Dad”
“God I should have stayed in Texas”
“Why don’t you go back there?”
“I might” I got up from the table “I’m going to be broke at this rate with all the damn plane tickets”. I walked into the living room and dialed J.J.
J.J. * Hmmm
Me * did I wake you?
J.J. * it’s 6.30 in the morning and we hit the beer last night celebrating Jordan, How was it when you go home?
Me *  rough I slapped my Dad
J.J. * damn I knew I should have come back with you
Me * you want me to come back
J.J. * I’d kill for you be here right now
Me * I’ll make sure I can get a flight today and call you back
J.J. * B are you sure your Mom and Dad don’t’ need you there?
Me * Mom had already left for Minnesota and Gramps literally kicked Dad up there as well
J.J. * come here and let them sort things out. Your new neice misses you
Me * Really between you and Brody I didn’t get to hold her… are you going to be like that when we have a baby
J.J. * I don’t know but if you’re not here we can’t practice making one
Me * I love you Marine
J.J. * I love you to call me back and I can meet you at the airport
ME * I will
I hung up the phone as Gramps walked in.
“You’re booked on the 2 pm flight to Dallas” he smiled “You want to go for a walk with this old Col” I nodded
“Let me get dressed and sure”. I went and dressed Grandma adjusting the sling for me before I met Gramps on the front step we both started walking and talking about growing up Marine kids His dad had been a doctor at the base hospital. I linked my good arm with his as we walked by a group of Marines that were practicing drill on the parade ground.
“Can I ask you some thing?” Gramps said as we sat on a wall watchig the Marines.
“Do you think Marines don’t make mistakes?”
“No… I just… I just thought Dad was so in love with Mom like all of you guys you have respect for each other and damn we all know you’re in love with each other” Gramps smiled.
“I screwed up a few times you know with your Grandma” he saluted as to Mainres walked past him. “I got a good slap from her and some hard words” I smiled “She wrote on the tail gate of my truck with a shapie and told me I didn’t have the balls to be a Marine”
“Now look you’re the Base commander here” I giggled
“Yep but the only reason I got this far was because of her… because of my kids… because of my grandkids” he touched my cheek “We all make mistakes we regret”
“I wasn’t done” he clipped my chin lightly “I looked in your Dad’s eyes last night and he really didn’t plan it he didn’t mean to he was struggling because three 18 year old Marines under his command had been blown apart in front of him and he was visiting a fourth that had lost his legs” I looked at Gramps “I’ve been in the position that your Dad was in where I’ve had a kid die in my arms I rips you up inside… the stuff that J.J. has to do is the same I still get night mares and I still need comforting… as soon as your Dad realized what she was doing he backed away”
“So you say to give him a break?”
“Something like that he’s tearing himself up and  then the things that you dais to him about losing respect and hating him…”
“I don’t know. I felt what Mom felt about being scared with Scott, he knows she’ll never get over it, even though hes dead no one can take the memories”
“I know” he stood up “Your Mom and Dad need to sort it out as mad as we all are it’s up to them”………………

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