Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Shy girl

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Submitted: September 17, 2010



……………….. I walked off the plane and into the airport I spotted J.J. leaning against a pillar waiting he looked so good in his favorite grey favorite Marine t-shirt jeans and his Cowboy hat tipped forward on his head.
“Damn Marine” I whistled making people look round “I forgot how hot my Cowboy marine is” he started to laugh as he pulled me to him kissing my like when he’d just got back from deployment.
“I hate not having you with me when I’m not on a tour” he sighed brushing some hair from my face. “Come on lets get going” he put his arm round me as we walked “I had Flynn calling me this morning” I looked at him “He was asking me about what happened”
“What did you tell him?”
“the truth… I’m close to your brother after living with him for 7 months and I was done with not telling him”
“Fair enough. They aren’t flying home are they?”
“No I told him there’s nothing he could do” he started Brody’s truck “You know when we get to have our honey moon I was thinking Bora Bora… no phones just us naked”
“Sounds perfect” I sighed. “I told my grandparents I didn’t want Dad walking me down the aisle” J.J. looked across at me. “Afdter I told them I wanted to run away to Vegas and get married”
“Hey been there done that ain’t doing it again Miss Richardson” he put his hand on my leg “I want to be in my Dress blues waiting for you”
“Oh if we did elope my family would kill both of us”
“You know we could go to the court house and get married and not tell anyone” He pushed a crooked smile on to his lips.
“Oh I thought about that but you have to report a spouse and people know who I am so I think my Gramps would find out and then kill us” I slid across the seat and snuggled against him He moved his arm and put it round me.
“You sure you don’t want to move to Texas” he looked at the rolling land.
“I could for a little while but I think I need the Marine life not the civilian life” I pulled away from him a little “You’re not thinking about leaving the Corps are you”
“I thought about it last night” I felt the color blanch from my face “I thought about what I had to do with Scott and you not being safe and being away from you for months on end” I swallowed as he reeled off reasons to leave the Marines. He pulled up in the yard of the ranch and turned off the engine and looked at me “But then I see this” he touched his ribs where his Marine corps emblem was tattooed “ I see this” he turned my wrist over and trailed his fingers lightly over my tattoo. “In a while I’ll be seeing this one” he ran his hand up the inside of my thigh “and I look at my Marine Brat and I know it’s  the life I want, the life I love the life I want for our kids… I can’t leave the core I don’t love the cows enough” he nodded to the corral.
“You had me worried” I moaned “We’d manage but I think we both need to be stuck on a Marine base” I leant to him and kissed him “and I’d miss the smell of you when you get back from work… your Camo has its own smell” I shuddered a little
“OH OM GOD you just got turned on by the smell of dusty, sweaty Camo” He roared with laughter
“It’s almost as sexy as dress Blues” I bit on my bottom lip and opened the door of the truck.
“You need your own damn plane girl” Brody laughed walking from the barn wiping his hands on the rag slung over his shoulder.
“Tell me about it” I kissed his cheek as a Girl walked from the barn her dark hair falling mid way down her back she was shorter than I was but had the cutest figure. I looked at J.J. who shrugged. “I don’t even want to know why you were wiping your hands dude” I giggled nodding in her direction. Brody turned red as J.J. began to laugh. “hi I’m B” I said stepping round the side of Brody.
“Lucy” she said timidly “You’re the Marine girl right”
“I said Brat not girl” Brody smirked
“I know but I wouldn’t like to be called a brat by anyone” she blushed a little
“Oh no this isn’t like spoilt brat” I grinned “I love being called a Marine Brat” J.J> coughed and nudged his brother
“Sorry The Marine part of the family” Brody sighed “Lucy this is my little brother J.J.”
“Nice to meet you” she nodded “You have a very proud brother right here” she put her hand on Brody’s arm
“You’re not supposed to tell him” Brody laughed “I need to go take the 4 wheeler to the creek to get a log out you” he pointed to J.J. “Need to come help me”
“Sure” J.J. pulled off his shirt his dog tags falling against his chest making me smile “Calm down Miss Richardson”
“Tatoo’s and dog tags you know what it does to me” I winked as he kissed me
“Excuse my future wife it’s something in here genes”
“Yeah normally you” Brody laughed as he kissed Lucy
“Genetics dumbass not denim” J.J. climbed on to the second four wheeler
“Now now boys play nice” I laughed before they rode away. I looked at Lucy who was wide eyed at the sight of the huge tattoo on J.J.’s back.  “I’m sorry they’re always like this” I smiled at her “So you and Brody?”
“Yeah I’d seen him so many times at the auctions and I always thought he was married because of how cute he is… so when I was waiting for my Dad and he came over and asked me for my number I almost fainted” she gabbled “But Wow they’re good looking brothers” I linked her arm
“Yes they are… now I hear you’ve been riding my Marine”…………………..

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