Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Still mad and so like Tess

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



…………… Lucy and I were in the kitchen of the house as J.J. and Brody came back covered in Dust and sweat.
“Get rid of the log” I asked reaching into the fridge for two beers.
“Oh yeah” Brody smiled taking the beer from me and sinking half of it. “We’re heading to Mom’s for dinner as Trey and Rachel brought Jordan home”
“They staying with your parents?” I asked eyeing up my Dirty Marine cowboy.
“Only for a few weeks till they get the hang of having a baby… I think Mom just wants to have her first grandbaby around” he chuckled “I’m going to go shower and change” He walked down the hall to his room as Lucy went and sat on the couch.
“I need a shower as well… but I think I need some help scrubbing my back” J.J. reached for my hand “Excuse us Lucy” he tipped his hat before pulling me to the bedroom. “Damn my brothers slow” he chuckled quietly “All I could think of was getting you naked and wet” I raised my eye brows.
“Maybe he’s a gentleman” I teased in clipping my sling
“And what’s that supposed to mean” he stopped mid way in unzipping his jeans “You can go and wait in the living room if you want to” put his hands on his hips “I mean if you don’t want this Marine…”
“I didn’t say that” I walked over to him “I was pointing out that maybe they’re not like you and me” I slid my hands into the waist band of his jeans and slid them down his hips “She see’s him every day so they get to take their time” I kissed his chest the salty taste of sweat was on my lips “Where as, as a future Marine wife I have to make the most of every chance I get to get you naked…” I pushed him back so he fell on the bed “To make sure my Marine knows I love him and always will” I planted a kiss on his ribs making the muscles in his stomach clench I flicked my tongue over his abs, making him groan.
“B I need a shower”
“Shut up Marine” I growled “that’s an order”
“Yes Ma’am”……………..
…………………. We pulled into the drive at Ana and James house that was decorated with pink Balloons.
“This is going to be a spoilt little girl” I laughed as J.J. offered me his hand to help me out of the truck.
“Hell yeah” Brody laughed “She’s one loved little girl already”
“Remind you of anyone” J.J. smiled looking at me “I had to break down every barrier to go out with you and your Dad still doesn’t like me” I looked at him “What he doesn’t and I had to keep a Col happy that could have my ass shipped anywhere”
“Okay but she’ll have an Aunt that can teach her the best way to keep the over protective Uncles at bay” I sighed
“Wait till we have a daughter” he murmured
“There you go again with the baby talk”
“I can’t help it seeing my little sister have Jordan makes me see what…” I moved in front of him.
“You’re one hundred percent serious aren’t you?”
“Yep, B I love you. You know that and we’re getting married, and I’m going to be deployed again at some point in the future we both know that” he pulled me aside while Lucy and Brody went into the house. “I see what you Dad has when he gets home and other guys that have a beautiful wife and kids and I know that’s where I am with my life right now” he touched the side of my face.
“What happened to you to make you this de3termined and romantic” I kissed the inside of his wrist.
“I had to shoot two guys that wanted to take you away from me” he shrugged “I came so damn close to having nothing with you so many times and then that topped it all off”
“How about tomorrow we start thinking about our wedding” I smiled up at him “The sooner the better and then…” I paused and nodded “I’ll stop with the Birth control shot” A huge wide grin spread across J.J.’s face his arms wrapped round my waist and he spun me around “Because Marine you’re going to make one hell of a Daddy” I kissed him. I was more than ready to start our family to make a change for the better in both our lives.
We walked into the house as my phone rang. I pulled it from my pocket as J.J. bent over Rachel’s shoulder and kissed a sleeping Jordan on the cheek smiling at the onesie she was wearing.
Me * hi Mom
Mom * hi sweetheart, how’s Texas?
Me * good so far… what’s happening with you?
Mom * we’re talking your Dad told me what you said to him
Me * I meant every word Mom. I love him but right now I don’t like him at all and he needs to back the hell off J.J.
Mom * okay Breana calm down I already told him that and he’s explained what happened.
Me * so where does that leave you?
Mom * right now still very hurt, but I can’t throw away 20 years of marriage for one mistake.
Me * I’ll support you no matter what you know that right
Mom * I know honey… so how’s your shoulder
Me * getting better I just want to get rid of the sling so I can go try on wedding dresses
Mom * I want to be there when you try them on
Me * I know and so will Riley and Grandma... but we want the wedding sooner rather than later and I’m still not sure I want Dad walking me down the aisle.
Mom * I think you’d regret it in the long run if you don’t.
Me * I’m too much like Grandma and I hold a grudge
Mom * I know you do and I think it’s funny you and she are so alike
Me * We’re going to be here another few days but then we’ll be coming home so how about next weekend we go looking for wedding gowns
 I saw Ana’s head snap round and a smile light up her face
Mom * sounds perfect… say him to J.J.’s family for me and send me pictures of Jordan
Me * I will Mom. I love you and huig and Kiss Nana and Grandpa for me.
Mom * nothing for your Dad.
Me * nope not right now
Mom * okay I love you too baby
I hung up and took a deep breath my eyes meet J.J>’s who was looking at me to make sure I was doing okay……………………

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