Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 26 (v.1) - Never catching a break

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



………………… We walked out of the airport and over to J.J.’s truck and climbed inside.
“You think your’ arms up to a trip out on the bike this afternoon?” J.J. asked as we pulled away
“Sure I have to start using it properly again” I nodded “So we have 6 weeks to plan a wedding from here that’s going to happen in Texas… nothing like a butt load of logistical nightmares”
“Hey you’re the one that wants to get married there” he smiled
“I know” I giggled “I sent Riley and Flynn a text telling them”
“When do they get home?”
“Two more days” I looked at him “I need to ask Flynn if he minds giving away his little sister” I chewed the insdie fo my cheek
“You still determined not to ask yor Dad?”
“Right now yes” I sighed “If I feel differently on the day then I’ll ask him then, I just can’t get passed the whole kissing someone else”
“You’re Mom came home with him”
“I know and if that’s what she wants then fine but…” I felt sick the amount of times I’d thought about this since I’d gone back to Texas
“I’m sorry I need to stop don’t I” he reached for my hand.
“For a while” I nodded we pulled up at home. “I’ll get the mail if you go get the coffee on” I smiled getting out of the truck
“Deal I don’t want to see any bills” he laughed.
“Yeah like we need to worry about that with the checks I deposited and we’re getting away cheap with the wedding because it’s on your brothers ranch” I walked toward the mail boxes and pulled out the key to open them as J.J. walked up the stairs. I pulled out the mail and ditched the junk as I flicked through. I loved how someone had put a trash can next to the mail boxes it saved taking up the unwanted crap.
I  felt the world feel like it was about to collapse under me as I saw the all too familiar  USMC envelope I gripped onto the wall and took a few deep breaths to stop myself throwing up. I walked up stairs and pushed open the door. J.J. had turned on the stereo and was dancing around to some country song on the radio.
“Coffee’s almost ready how much mail was there?” he turned and looked at me as I put my keys down and the mail “Baby you okay?” I held out the envelope. “You have to be kidding” he murmured reaching for the envelope I let it go as he took it and I walked into the kitchen fighting back the urge to break down I poured a cup of coffee and held onto it to try to stop my hand from shaking I heard him move into the kitchen behind me.
“So how long do we have”
“As of today 48 hours” he said softly, I felt my stomach churn “This letter arrived two days ago” he came over and put his hands on my arms “I’ve never known a turn round of less than two weeks before”
“I have my Nana had Grand pa home for 10 days at one time before he was gone again” I felt warm lips against the side of my neck “You know I don’t think we’ll ever get a break” my voice began to crack “Looks like it’s going to have to be a spring wedding” I lost it and turned in to J.J. putting my head against his chest as the tears streamed from me he stroked my hair and pressed his lips to my head.
“I’m sorry baby” he repeated over and over before taking my face in his hands and kissing the tears from my cheeks “See this is the down side to my job” his eyes were brimming as well.
“Don’t you ever apologize for being a Marine… I’m sorry I reacted like this, I just thought I’d have you here long enough for us to at least get married” I wiped my eyes.
“I need to go try to find out what’s happening. You think your Gramps would give me a heads up?”
“You know you wanted to go out on your bike” he nodded “let’s go to the base” he kissed my forehead “You can drop me off at Mom and Dad’s”
“We should have run to the courthouse” he sighed reaching for his keys as I pulled on my hoodie from over the chair.
“I was just thinking the same thing” I nodded as we walked out and down to the garage where his bike was sitting. I looped my fingers into his belt loops as he sped through the streets before heading to the base. He pulled up at the gate as Logan stepped out.
“Hey guys” he smiled leaning in and kissing my cheek
“Did you get one?” I asked as he took J.J.’s Id.
“One what?”
“Deployment letter” J.J. sighed.
“Nope there’s talk about some guys going back out there but I haven…” he trailed off “You got one” J.J. nodded “Damn Guys’ I’m sorry”
“He’s going to see what he can find out” I swallowed back the tears. Logan looked at me and smiled a warm smile that I’d missed seeing.
“I’m done here in an hour or so I’ll come and check up on you guys” I nodded as the gate opened my arms sliding back into place round J.J. as he took the corners low the ache in my chest for what I knew was about to happen was becoming unbearable……….

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