Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 27 (v.1) - If you love me

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



................... We pulled up at my parents and I climbed off and looked at J.J.
“I’ll be as fast as I can baby” he leant over and kissed me “I love you and please don’t have a mental fit at your parents”
“I love you too and I’m not giving you a promise I can’t keep” I kissed him and stepped back as he swung the bike round and headed for the other side of the base. I took a breath and walked up the drive way and opened the door. “Mom it’s me” I called out kicking off my shoes and walking into the living room.
“Hi sweetheart” Dad came from the kitchen.
“Where’s Mom?” I pulled off my hoodie
“She went in the shower” he smiled at me “I’m sorry”
“It’s not me that needs the apologies” I shrugged
“I hurt you like I hurt your Mom Breana”
“I’ll get over it…” I walked over to the fireplace and picked up a picture of me and Flynn on the day he got married and felt a pang of jealousy
“Yes Tess” he chided
“I’ve been compared to a lot worse than Grandma” I put down the picture “I take it you’re not getting sent away”
“No” he shook his head
“Hmmm… mind you it might be a good thing considering you can’t keep your tongue in your own mouth” I snapped “It’s not fair” I turned away from him as the sound of Mom coming down the stairs drifted to my ears.
“I thought I heard voices” she smiled at me “You’ve got the sling off” I looked at her and burst into tears. “Phillip hat did you say” she snapped
“Sorry that’s all” he held up his hands and came over to me to try to hug me I pulled away from him.
“Why do you after screwing up get to stay around” I yelled “I have to face the fact J.J. is leaving again in less than 48 hours” Mom’s face fell “It’s not fair”  She wrapped her arms round me “What the hell have I done to keep getting this shit”
“I’m sorry honey” she stroked my hair.
“He got orders?” dad said quietly “Honey I’m sorry”
“Yeah well it’s okay for you. You get to stay here with your Wife… I get to put my damn wedding on hold for the Marine Corps” I paced the floor “I want my Marine to be my husband… I want my Marine to be here for when we have a baby” Mom and Dad both looked at me
“He’s knocked you up” Dad Choked
“Oh go to hell” I snapped walking to the front door and it opened I walked right into Flynn.
“Hey you”
‘You’re back”
“Oh yeah Gramps called me” Riley went to her Mom’s “What’s happened?
“That damn cowboy’s gotten your sister pregnant” dad snapped I watched the muscle tighten in Flynn’s jaw as he looked at Dad
“Mom I think some cheating Marine’s in your living room” I pushed against Flynn and shook my head
“Flynn enough” Mom snapped “We’re not going to do this when you and J.J. are going away again”
“She’s not pregnant” Flynn shrugged putting his arm round me.
“How do you know?” Dad paced the floor
“Really you have to ask” I snapped “you jumped to the conclusion I was pregnant because you twisted the words and didn’t listen… instead you’re too eager to go off on J.J.” the sound of J.J.’s motorcycle made me look round he turned it off and walked up the drive Flynn turned and hugged him.
“This sucks dude” Flynn sighed
“I know but it’s a 4 month tour not 7” He looked at me and touched my cheek “Winter wedding baby” I shook my head. And grabbed his ahnd and Flynn’s and pulled them outside shutting the door.
“I need you to go home and change” I sniffed
“Why this is clean” Flynn scrunched up his nose.
“You’d do anything for me right” Flynn cocked his head to the side
“You have to ask?”
“Please go get Riley and get into your Blues and meet us at City hall” J.J. and Flynn both looked at me “I’ll be damned if the Marine Corps is going to take you away from me without you being my husband”
‘Sis you can’t they’d kill you” Flynn stammered
“I don’t care they’ll get over it” I begged “please Flynn” he looked at J.J.
“You want to marry my crazy sister”
“More than anything”
“Oh I’m glad we’re leaving because I’m going to be in so much trouble” Flynn groaned opening the door to his truck……………………..

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