Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 28 (v.1) - Proud Marine Brother

Submitted: September 20, 2010

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Submitted: September 20, 2010



..................... “Are you serious?” J.J. looked at me
“Totally” I nodded “I can’t go another deployment without marrying you” I touched the side of his face.
“But the dress, the rings the vows”
“I want all of that but I’ll give it up right now if it me and I get to say goodbye to my husband not my fiancée” I sighed “We can do a big wedding when you come home safe and sound… I can plan it while you’re gone but…” he didn’t give me a chance to say anymore before his kissed me passionately.
“Okay” he nodded. He pulled me to his bike and climbed on I got on with him and held on. I had a lot of explain to do but right now I didn’t care. We walked into the apartment and I went right to my closet where I had my bridesmaids dress hanging from Flynn and Riley’s wedding and slipped out of my clothes and pulled on the dress as the door knocked.
“I’ll get it” J.J. called out he opened the door and Riley and Flynn walked in
 “Right Marine” Riley started you get dressed in there” she pushed him into the spare room “Flynn you make sure he’s all good” she came in to me
“Well nice to see you get to use the dress again” she smiled resting her head against mine “This is crazy you do know that”
“I know” I looked at her through the mirror “But you know life for us is never easy”
“Amen to that” she smiled “What are you guys doing for wedding bands”
“I have some samples I had made” I sighed as I pulled the brush through my hair before pinning it up loosely
“So you have the old” she tugged on the dress “New with the rings” she smiled and reached for her purse and pulled out a Garter similar to the one she had used for her wedding with blue trim and a bulldog hanging from it. “There’s the blue”
Here’s the borrowed” I looked round as Flynn walked in taking off his dog tags and putting them in my hand I hugged them both “Riley you and Flynn get going I’ll bring B…we need some tradition and not let you see the groom before the wedding” Riley kissed my cheek and closed the door as she walked out. “You look beautiful Sis” he held my hands “I wish you could have had the same sort of day Riley and I had”
“At the end of the day Flynn I want to be Mrs. Tanner” I shrugged “I need that feeling of security while my Marines away” he leant down and kissed my fore head lightly
“You know I love you so much Sis… you’ve always had the heart and the spirit I wished I could have” I raised my eyebrows “What?”
“And I’ve always tried to be as good as you” I chuckled
“We have something that no one else can understand” I nodded “Between you and Riley you are my world you know that” I nodded again
“And the Corps”
“Well that doesn’t count because it’s in the blood” he smiled “I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m one hell of a proud Marine to be able to call you my twin sister” he pulled on his gloves and put on his hat and offered me his arm “Miss Richardson let me take you to your husband”……………

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