Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Bad news

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



................... I walked into the kitchen of my apartment as Riley came from the spare room that used to be her’s and Flynn’s.
“I hope you’re putting on some coffee?” she yawned.
“Already done” I handed her a cup. “Two more sleeps and…”
“I know I hardly slept last night” she laughed cutting me off “I don’t have class till 4 so I think we should go hit Victoria’s Secret”
“You know that’s just a waste after seeing what our parents used to be like” we both shuddered and wrinkled our noses “And I don’t know and I don’t actually want to know about Flynn but J.J. doesn’t stop to look at how good the underwear is when he’s been away”
“Okay you have a point” she sat down in the counter. “So what are we going to do?”
“Well I have some work to get done and I have to e-mail some people” I shrugged “but I can do that later”
“So why don’t we head to Lejeune and go unpack boxes in my new house”
“I’ll call Mom to come and help us” I reached for my phone. “Anything to keep us busy”……………………
……………… We did everything to keep busy to pass the time. I woke up in my old bed in Mom and Dad’s house on the morning that Flynn and J.J. were getting home I looked at the clock 5.45am they were due in at noon. I sat up and rubbed my neck, I could here talking downstairs. I got out of bed and pulled on one for J.J.’s hoodies and walked down to the living room Mom was sitting at the table with her head in her hands Gramps was sitting next to her rubbing her back.
“What’s going on?”
“Morning Baby girl” Gramps smiled warmly at me.
“Hi… is everything okay with them coming home?” I felt the panic rising in me as I saw Mom trembling.
“They’re on schedule” Gramps smiled “I just wanted to talk to your Mom about something”
“You’ve made her cry” I pointed out.
“It wasn’t your Gramps that made me upset honey” Mom wiped her eyes and looked at me. “It was this morning’s newspaper” Gramps got up and walked over to me with the paper in his hand and offered it to me. I looked at the headline.
Man found Guilty of rape released after 18 years in jail.
I felt a wave of horror wash over me, I looked at Mom. They guy that had been released had raped my Mom when she was a Senior at Lejeune High School, in the locker room after she’d played soccer one night left her on the floor for her best friend and Uncle to find her as Dad was still at Parris Island training to become a Marine.
“He can’t get on Base can he?” I asked walking over to Mom and wrapping my arms round her.
“No Baby he can’t” Gramps reassured me as he sat back by Mom “And With Flynn coming back with J.J. today and your Dad and L.J. coming home within the week we have guys around again” Mom pushed away from the table.
“I had guys around before Dad when he raped me” Mom almost yelled at him. “He can find me whenever he wants to if he knows I’m still here”
“She’s right Gramps”
“Look I promise I can assign you a marine guard until Phillip gets home” Gramps walked over to Mom and held her hands “Morgan I will take a sniper and take the son of a bitch out if he thinks of coming close to you”
“You’re future son-in-law’s a sniper” I tried to lighten the moment
“See” Gramps smiled “We couldn’t protect you before but now we’re going to go above and beyond”
“I want an overseas post for Phillip” she groaned resting her head against Gramps chest.
“That you have to talk to your Marine about that” Gramps stroked her hair “You’re babies are grown” he winked at me “and they’re finding they’re perfect others you and Phillip have to do what’s right for the two of you”. I leant on the table watching them, it was the first time I’d ever seen my Mom close to being a wreck……………….
………….. Mom had called and spoken to Patty about what was written in the newspaper and Patty and Riley had both turned up at the house within 10 minutes Mom and Patty going off to talk on the back deck.
“You think he will try to come after your Mom?” Riley asked as I got ready.
‘I hope not” I sighed “She’s a mess”
“Well it had to have a huge impact on her life”
“I guess so” I looked at Riley “I mean Flynn and I know what happened but it’s not the subject you bring up to discuss in depth over dinner”
“True… if your Mom and Dad do move over seas will you go with them?”
“No… I have my Life with J.J. and my business is starting to take off” I turned back to the mirror and put on the waterproof mascara. “Why does it seem there’s always something to throw a wrench in to the works when things start to go well?”
“I don’t know… but it’s 11.30 we need to move our asses if we went to find our Marines” she looked down at her wedding band and smiled. “We have to be on a flight in the morning at 7am”
“Hot sun and sand” I smiled taking o ne last look ing the mirror
“And even hotter sex”
“Ew… Riley that’s my twin brother” I swatted her Mom and Patty were waiting in the kitchen.
“I’ll take your Mom and I take it you two girls are going to take your own cars” Patty smiled trying to mask her concern for my Mom.
“Yes Mom” Riley groaned grabbing my truck keys and throwing them at me “We’ll meet you there” she pulled me out of the door. I followed her to the parade ground the wind whipping my hair across my face as we huddled with all the other waiting families I felt an arm slid round me and looked up as Gramps smiled down at me.
“I couldn’t not let you guys wait alone” he chuckled.
“Yeah but you’re supposed to be up there waiting for your Marines” Riley laughed.
“I know but I have My Granddaughter and Granddaughter-in-law to support when their Marines get off the buses” he dropped a kiss on each of our heads as the sight of a fleet of White Buses appeared……………………

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