Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 30 (v.1) - Castration is and option

Submitted: September 21, 2010

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Submitted: September 21, 2010



................ “Okay as much as I want to see those Blues on the floor in a heap I also think we need to go celebrate with Riley and Flynn and we need to go to the base” I moaned as J.J. pushed himself against me and kissed my neck “Oh God J.J. are you trying to get us arrested” I felt my eyes roll back in my head as his fingers started to tug on the zipper.
“I want you right now” he growled “Damn it B” he moved back as the sounds of laughing filled the parking garage.
“Come on Marine” I smiled He opened the door for me I slid in. He braced his hands on the hood and took a few deep breaths before walking round to the drivers side and getting in.
“Are you sure we can’t go home” he sighed
“Look you drive we have a 10 minute ride and let me see what I can do” I reached over and winked at him………………..
………………. “Bellezza” Luca called as J.J. and I walked in together. “J.J. what did you just do?” J.J. Looked at me wide eyed and then checked his zipper.
“He meant getting married dumbass” Flynn called out “but EW dude really in between City hall and getting here”
“Hey Married Man now you can’t say anything” J.J. laughed reaching for my hand
“Congratulations” Luca kissed both of us “You Mamma and Papa will be angry though”
“I know Luca that’s why we’re going there right after we’ve eaten” I sighed sitting down.
“You guys want some back up” Riley asked as we all started to eat that Luca brought out to us.
“No hell no” I shook my head “It’s probably best if they have less people to yell at”
“I’ll probably get shipped to outer Mongolia” J.J. sighed “Between trying to tell my parents over the phone and your parents and be deployed hell we might as well take off running and not look back”
“Hey are you regretting It” I swatted him
“No baby, not in a million years and I did get to marry you dressed in this” he pointed to his uniform.
“If you get out of the house alive after telling them you do know you’re still going to have to have the whole crazy family wedding don’t you?” Flynn looked from me to J.J.
“Oh we know and we’re still going to go ahead with the wedding in Texas as we’d planned” J.J. draped his arm over the back of my chair “we’ll just change it up a little”
“Well Congratulations to both of you and thank you for letting us be part of it” Flynn raised his glass
“Thank you and thank you for being there”
“Anytime guys you know that” Riley put her hand over mine on the table……………………..
……………. We pulled into the driveway of my Parents house after picking up the paper work we needed to too apply for housing on the base. J.J. turned off the engine.
“You think they’ll know something’s happened?” he smiled looking at me
“Well considering it’s 3 in the afternoon and I’m dressed like this and you’re in your Blues I think they might just know something’s up I put my hand on the door handle “Lets go Hubby” J.J. started to laugh and followed me to the door I knocked and walked in.
“Grandma what you doing here” I stuttered “Oh crap now I was in big big big trouble as J.J. walked in behind me.
“Oh crap” He muttered seeing her. She narrowed her eyes at the two of us.
“Morgan I think you and Phillip are wanted” She called over her shoulder “There’s a Marine here with his girl… Ben you too”
“The Col’s here” J.J.’s voice raised and octave of two he bent to my ear “Well there goes the chance of having babies… they’re going to castrate me”
“They won’t” I smiled feeling his hands rest on my hips. My parents and Gramps walked out of the kitchen “We need to talk to you”
“About what?” Dad said a snap in his tone.
“Being forced to do things because of the corner we’ve been put in” I moved away from J.J. who was literally at attention with both Da dad Gramps out ranking him.
“Why do you have your bridesmaids dress on” Mom cocked her head to the side ‘and why are you in your blues Marine” her voice was increasing.
“Because I vowed when I got married again I’d do it as a Marine” He answered firmly.
“Whoa back up” Dad shook his head “Married over my dead body”
“Right now I could arrange that” I bit back “After the last little bitch fest you had at me DAD I decided that enough was enough. We just went to City hall and got married I slammed down the marriage certificate on the table in front of him “I’m not Breana Richardson any more I’m Breana Tanner”…………………..

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