Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - Warzone

Submitted: September 21, 2010

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Submitted: September 21, 2010



……………… The silence that fell in the house was literally deafening. Gramps picked up the certificate and studied it.
“What happened to the big wedding in Texas?” mom choked out finally breaking the silence.
“Deployment got in the way of that” I sighed “I’m sick of getting no breaks with my relationship with J.J.” I looked at him “We were getting married anyway we just brought it forward a little”
“Who gave you away?’ Dad struggled to control his temper
“Flynn… the guy that was going to be walking me down the aisle anyway” I saw Dad look down
“You did this without your Family” Mom’s eyes brimmed with tears ‘Do you know how much that hurts”
‘And do you realize he could go away in less than two days and not come home and then where do I stand… we were pushed into this because of him” I poked my finger at Dad “I made my choice and it’s J.J. I can’t stay your little girl forever especially when you ruin Semper Fi” I screamed J.J. pulled me back into him “You can’[t tell me what to do anymore”
“Breana” Mom stepped forward. “He made a mistake honey and he’s sorry” I looked at her and shook my head.
“You were my hero the best dad anyone could have and then you almost throw it all away” I said my voice sounding exhausted “You have never thought anyone was good enough for me and as soon as you found out one thing bad about J.J. you latched on and refused to let go even after he stepped up” I leant back against J.J. “What would you have done if Gramps hadn’t wanted you with Mom?”
“It’s different”
“It’s not I found my Marine who I fell in love with like every other woman in this family we need a Marine to control us because we’re to tough for a civilian”
“Ooh Rah Sweet heart” Grandma chuckled I felt a sigh of relief from J.J. at Grandma’s reply “Phillip she has a point” Dad looked at her. “Hell if I was planning my wedding and Ben had gotten his orders I would have done the same thing, but we were all lucky to be able to plan our perfect weddings and not have the Marine corps throw a wrench in the works” She linked her fingers with mine. “Just remember which Marine took out the threat against your wife and daughter” she turned to look at me and J.J. “Welcome to the family Honey” I stepped forward as she hugged him to her I thought J.J. was going to pass out with shock She moved back and tipped her head to the side and Gibbs slapped him
“Grandma” I groaned
“Well that’s for not marrying you in Paris” she winked at me
“But” Dad stammered
“Phillip you screwed up royally” She sighed as Gramps opened his mouth “Ben” she shook her head making him fall into silence “You cannot hold a grudge against J.J. he’s in love with B and he’s proved he’s more of a man than the rest of the marines in this family” Gramps raised his eye brows “Ben have you looked down the scope on a rifle ready to shoot and looked at me?” she asked giving him the Grandma stare
“No Ma’am” Gramps shook his head
“Phillip have you ever had to make the choice to walk away hurting the one person in this whole world you love more than anything to try to make them have a better life?”
“No Ma’am” he looked at Mom and put his arm round her.
“J.J. has done both of those things to protect B as well as he could, he Killed Scott and his son to protect her… He left when he thought he wasn’t good enough for her” I looked at J.J. he pressed his lips to my temple “No one should ever question this Marines loyalty to her he’s earned it more than anyone possible could have… Phillip you want to keep going at him then you’re going to have to go at it with me as well”
“Mom” Mom sighed
“Morgan I love you honey but realize that Breana’s a woman with her Marine and you and Phillip need to make sure you’re there for your kids and your grandkids when they come along” she looked at me “Breana get over it your Dad made a mistake. Yes I know it hurts but your Mom and he are working things out so you giving him crap isn’t helping… you need to work on getting your trust back in him”
“I don’t…”
“Was I talking young lady”
“Yes Ma’am” I sighed
“The way a Dad looks at his little girl is different to the way he looks at his son… he wasn’t aiming to hurt you and he doesn’t like seeing any one else hurting his princess” I glanced at Dad who was looking at me his eyes full of tears.  “Right I think we’re done I’m hungry and…” she looked at Gramps “Well I don’t think you need to know what I want when I get mad” Gramps eyes lit up he walked over to J.J. and saluted him and then shook his hand.
“Welcome to the family son” he added hurriedly glancing at Grandma who was smiling wickedly I shuddered.
“You young lady we’re going to have a Gramps and B talk when he leaves” he nodded in J.J.’s direction “I love you and congratulations”
‘Thank you and I love you too” I watched as he grabbed Grandma’s hand and pulled her to the door like they were teenagers still.
“What just happened?” J.J. whispered
“You really don’t want to know” I sighed
“My parents get Horny when they fight” Mom moaned “Welcome to my world” I looked at her.
“Can we talk tomorrow?” I asked
“Sure” she nodded as Dad sat at the table in the dining room I took J.J.’s hand and led him back out to the truck the sky was darkening with the oncoming night.
“Sgt Tanner”
“Yes Ma’am” he smiled opening the door for me “We have a hotel room waiting”
“Yes Ma’am” he chuckled closing the door and hurrying round to the drivers side “I love you Mrs. Tanner”………………………

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