Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - Texan Talk

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Submitted: September 21, 2010



................. I woke up snuggled into J.J feeling the steady beating of his heart and the slow rise and fall of his chest as he slept the glint of his wedding band caught my eye making me smile he was mine he was my forever. I moved and slid out of bed and put on a pot of coffee and started to pick up the pieces of his Uniform that were scattered round the room showing how we didn’t care the night before I stopped and looked at him sleeping now on his stomach, something I’d done a hundred times before but this morning it felt different.
“I can feel you watching me” he smiled opening his eyes and rolling onto his back.
“I can’t help it” I walked over to the chair and put his Blues over it smoothing my hand over it “this time tomorrow” I looked down J.J. got out of bed and crossed the floor wrapping me in his arms and holding me.
“It’s what we do” he sighed “Marine strong right”
“Right” I looked up at him and smiled,  “I was due to go into the doctors today to get my shot… I’m going to cancel” he smiled
“So does that mean when I get back we get to…” I stopped him by kissing him he lifted me up and carried me back to the bed. Every minute mattered until there were no minutes left and those buses took him away from me again……………………..
………………… I watched as J.J. packed his bag and put it at the end of the bed in the apartment. He looked at me
“You ready to make the call to Texas?”
“As I’ll ever be” I nodded ‘You know the day after you get married and the day you get married shouldn’t be this stressful should it”
“No it shouldn’t ad the next time we do it I promise it’ll be everything we want it to be” he kissed my forehead he sat on the couch and pulled me on to his lap as he dialed his parents.
Ari * J.J.
J.J. * hey you is Momma and Daddy around
Ari * yeah they were just fighting over who was going to feed Jordan
J.J. * tell them I need them and you’re on speaker and I have B here with me
Ari * Hey B
J.J. * hi Arin hows the love life
J.J. glared at me
Ari * it’s good but I’ll tell you more when big brother’s not listening in
Ana * Breana is that you
J.J. * me as well Momma
James * hey guys how come you’re calling so early?
Me * well we have a few things to tell you
Ana * okay… like what?
J.J. * I’m getting deployed tomorrow for a four month tour
James * but you just got back
Me * the Marine Corps doesn’t think like that
Ana * it’s not fair what about the wedding?
J.J. * well that’s the other thing it looks like it will have to be a winter wedding on the ranch… but
James * there’s a but… buts aren’t normally good
Me * we went to city hall yesterday and got married
There was a silence punctuated by a hell yeah from Rachel and a small cry from Jordan
J.J. * whoa Momma… it was one of those things we had to do before I went away… we’re sorry and we’re still going to have the big wedding because the only people with us were Riley and Flynn
James * your family weren’t there B?
Me * no I sort of got into a fight with my dad and well you can imagine what we went through last night
Ana * I think I’m going to call Morgan to make sure she’s okay
J.J. * look I love you guys but I have to go finish packing… be goods to my wife while I’m gone.
Ana * you really have to ask we love her and she’s always welcome here.
Me * thank you guys.
James * anytime
J.J. * kiss my niece for me
Rachel * I just did be safe Marine
J.J. * I will
Ana * we love you son write to us
J.J. * always do
He hung up the phone and looked at me and let out a huge sigh
“You know I’m exhausted now I think I need to go to bed”
“If we go to bed you ain’t sleeping Marine… or is it Cowboy” I leant down and kissed him, we didn’t make it to the bedroom before we were naked and knocking things from the table in the kitchen……………………….

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