Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 33 (v.1) - Dreaded Day

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



……………….. I sat on the end of the bed and watched as J.J. put on his uniform and checked in the mirror he looked right. He caught me looking at him and smiled.
“Hey Wifey” he chuckled I stood up and took his cap from his head and reached for his cowboy hat and put it in it’s place.
“Best of both worlds” I stroked the side of his face “My Marine cowboy”
“Always yours baby” he put his hands on my hips “promise to be there when I get back”
“You really have to ask me that?”
“No but I like to hear it”
“I promise I’ll be waiting for you the minute you get back” I nodded “Waiting to re marry you”
“You know does it mean we’ll have two wedding anniversaries”
“No for us the time in City hall was our wedding day”
“But if we have two I get to spoil you more” he kissed my neck.
“All I want is you home safe with me” his thumbs stroked my ribs “Why us J.J. why is it you and your platoon going?”
“It’s just the way it is but you have to remember its four months not 7”
“I know I just hate the day you leave”
“It’s bad I know but we’ve been over this and neither of us could do ranch life 24/7” he chuckled “And we need to leave” I nodded and let him go so he could pick up his bag and he took off his cowboy hat and put it on my head before reaching for my hand ‘Just think you’re a Marine wife now”
“That makes me smile” I laced my fingers with his. We left the apartment and drove to the base his arm round my shoulders the whole time he pulled into the parking lot I spotted Flynn holding Riley against him the lump in my throat was literally choking me.
“It’s going to be okay” J.J. pressed his lips to my temple
“four months we can do it” I took a deep breath as he led me over to Flynn and Riley I saw Mom and dad and Gramps and Grandma standing talking.
“You okay Sis” Flynn touched my arm “I hope to good he hasn’t knocked you up because I don’t want morning sickness while I’m working” he tried to lighten the mood and failed. J.J. let go of me for Flynn to hug me silent tears fell from my cheeks.
“Come home safe because you have to give me away again” I sniffed
“you know I’ll do that” he kissed my cheek “Now go see your husband” I smiled as he said it “and I love you”
“I love you too” I turned back to J.J. as he hugged Riley.
 He held his arms out to me and wrapped me in a hug, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes freeze framing the minute. The feel of him, the smell of him the sounds round us. His breath was hot on my ear. He started humming making the tears stream as the humming turned into a whispered song and the words of amazed filled my ears broken by J.J.’s tears. I clung to him pressing my lips to his dog tags as they were called.
“Stay Safe Marine… I love you”
“I’ll be home to marry you all over again Mrs. Tanner I love you so much” he hugged me and kissed me one last time before he walked away with my brother. My fingers sought out Riley’s hand we didn’t need to look at each other hands were on my shoulders I looked round to See Dad looking at me tears making his eyes bloodshot” I turned back as the buses pulled away taking half of my heart with them. Time to be the Marine wife I was raised to be…………..

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