Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 34 (v.1) - Whisey and Dad

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



.................. “You want to go get a drink” Dad sighed turning me to look at him “I know a place where a Marine wife can get a whiskey to help stop the shaking” I looked at Mom who smiled at me. As Patty and Kaden pulled Riley away.
“I guess” I nodded.
“Do you have…” he paused and took a deep breath “Your husbands’ truck?”
“Yeah” I pulled the keys from my back pocket where J.J. had pushed them ‘Riley I’ll come round in a while” she nodded and me as her Dad hugged her tightly. I put my hands in my pockets as I walked toward the parking lot Dad walking next to me in silence. “So where are we going?” I asked trailing my fingers across the front grill as I walked to the driver’s side.
“Why you feel safe on your own territory?” I snapped a little I wasn’t in the mood for messing around.
“Something like that” he nodded pulling open the door and getting in. I drove to my parents house the awkward silence perforated by the country station the J.J. had left the radio tuned to it made me hurt all over again and the tears began to fall wetting my cheeks. “They’ll be home soon sweetheart” he soothed.
“There’s always that what if” I roughly wiped my eyes on my hand
“Same every time you walk out of the door you could get killed crossing the street” I pulled into the driveway “Come on you look like you need something to warm you up” he got out and walked to the front door and opened it turning to wait for me I took a deep breath this was going to end up with the M.P,’s being called I could feel it. Dad poured two glasses of the rot gut whiskey that the guys all drank and handed one to me. I took it and toyed with the glass
“So what did you want?” I looked at him
“To talk about the way things have gotten”
“I wasn’t the one that started it” I sat on the couch and took a drink; I’d had it enough times I didn’t flinch as it burned its way to my stomach. “You were the one that let some whore kiss you” he recoiled a little
“I know” he sat down and rubbed his hand over his head “and I was disgusted in myself for doing it” I sat back and cradled the glass in my hands “I’d never ever do anything to jeopardize my life as a husband and a father” I looked at him “I didn’t even know J.J. had seen me”
“I’m glad he did because you’d have just not said anything and Mom would have gone on looking like an idiot because she has a cheat for a husband.
“Breana I explained a hundred times that I didn’t do anything, she kissed me because she saw I was vulnerable and upset” He reached for my hand I moved it away “I love your Mm more than I’ve ever loved anyone and what happened was a mistake I shouldn’t have let myself be put in to that situation… in fact it’s something you never expect when you’re deployed your mind is on the job you’re sent to do”
“I know that I’ve been round enough Marines to know what it’s like” I sank the rest of the whiskey “I know not all Marines can keep it in their pants but our family are better than that” I got up and walked to the kitchen pouring another shot. Dad followed me as I rested my hands on the counter “Why still be rough on J.J. he’s done nothing but try”
“I had to listen to you cry when you found out he hadn’t told you he was married then I had to see the swollen face  from the time he punched you knocking you out for hours” Dad groaned “You’re my little devil pup ever since the first time I held you and you were less than 2lbs” his face looked pained “I swore no man would ever hurt you the way I saw your Mom hurt”
“No man ever did hurt me like that because believe me I’d rip off their balls and they’d choke on them” I ran my hand through my hair “Yes he screwed up by not coming clean about Catherine but we got past it and I laid the bitch on her ass for coming near my Marine” Dad opened his mouth to say something and I ignored it “And as for him punching me it was an accident, and I ran into his fist when I was trying stop him from hitting Trey as you damn well know and have been told” I sank the next shot and slammed the glass down and reached for the bottle “He’s an awesome guy that loves me and he’s one hell of a Marine” I turned with the bottle in one hand and the glass in the other “What does he have to do to get in your good books because as far as I’m concerned he shouldn’t have to do anything after he pulled that damn trigger taking out Scott”  Dad’s head dropped slightly
“I’m jealous that I didn’t get to do it”
“So that makes J.J. the bad guy how?”
“It doesn’t I’m angry that’s all and then when I found out he saw what happened in Kuwait” he took the bottle and poured us both another drink “I just saw red and you know what I get like when I’m pissed”
“Yeah a total ass hole like Flynn” I sank the drink and held the glass out
“True” Dad smiled pouring another “But he’s now taken you away and married you without asking me or any of us being there”
“Okay I was the one that decided to go to City hall, two he dosen’t need to ask your permission and three Flynn was there and I really didn’t want any one else after everything that’s happened…”
“You’re my only girl and I’ve waited to walk you down the aisle and have that dance with you”
“And you should have thought about that when you knew I was marrying J.J. and before you let the doctor kiss you” I knocked the whiskey back.
“We’re going round in circles here” Dad groaned as I took the bottle and poured another “How many times do I need to apologize?”
“I don’t want a damn apology I want you to see that I’m with J.J., I love J.J. and I will give you up before I give him up because I trust his Semper Fi” I sighed
“If I back off from giving J.J. a hard time will you at least try to put the Kiss thing behind you” he took the glass from my hands and hels my wrists “It’s so hard trying to make it right with your Mom but I can’t handle you being mad at me”………………………..

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