Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 35 (v.1) - Hangover and dreams

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



......................... I woke up and looked round I was in my old bed at my parent’s house; I lifted my head off the pillow and felt like I was being slammed with a baseball bat round the head. I put my feet on the floor to stop the room from spinning I walked down the stairs to Find Dad snoring in the recliner and Gramps and Logan in the kitchen.
“Wow my Niece looks like shit” Logan chuckled
“Stop shouting” I groaned walking over to the cupboard and grabbing the Advil as Gramps made me a cup of coffee
“I swear you’re more like the men in this family than anyone else” Gramps smiled pulling out a chair for me to sit down When we got here you were still drinking and Phillip was passed out on the dining room table. I pulled Logan’s shades from the top of his head and put them on
“He started it” I pointed to Dad “Where’s Mom?”
“She had to go to work and she wanted someone sober here to make sure you didn’t die of alcohol poisoning” Gramp’s patted my hand. “And your Marine called”
“Why didn’t you wake me?” I snapped
“He called my office to ask for something” Gramps grinned “He said to tell you he loves you and don’t forget to cancel the doctor’s appointment” he looked slightly puzzled as I started to smile “I take it that’s good”
“I hope so”
“Cryptic” Logan looked at me “So running away and getting married that’ not fair you do know that when there are so few girls in this family”
“I know and we’re still having the Texas wedding when he gets home” I took the Advil and a long drink of coffee “I’ll still be in a big dress, I’ll still be having the honor guard I’ll just be already Mrs. Tanner”
“So we get to do to J.J. what we did to Flynn on his Bachelor party”
“What take him to a strip club” I raised the glasses and looked at him. “Remember who was on the pole there and oh I think J.J. left early with her”
“Damn I forgot about that” Logan groaned ‘Ew that was… Ew I never want to see my Niece pole dancing again”
“How do you think I fell she’s my granddaughter” Gramps pulled a face.
“Well you shouldn’t have made my big brother go to somewhere he didn’t want to go” I got up and poured another coffee and leant against the sink and looked at the small gold band nestled under my engagement ring “I need to get to work on something a little more special” I chewed the inside of my lip as I thought out loud.
“Well you’re not driving till tonight you’re still over the limit the amount you and Phillip drank last night”
“Maybe you should take me on the bachelor party instead of my husband”
“I like that idea” Logan nodded.
“I don’t think so” we looked round as Grandma walked in “A bridal shower is what’s happening 3 weeks from now” she put her purse down on the table and kissed gramps. “Then we can think about a wedding date I have got J.J.’s Mom flying in this weekend” I looked at her open mouthed “Don’t even think of protesting young lady you left us no other choice” I closed my mouth……………………
………………. I was sitting at the desk in the spare room of the apartment trying to work on designing our wedding bands when the door knocked. I got up and answered it.
“I need to pee… I need to pee” Riley bustled past me and into the bathroom.
“Good afternoon to you as well” I called out walking back into the spare room and sitting at the desk.
“Hi” she smiled as she walked out and into the room “I got a call from Flynn a couple of hours ago” I put down my pencil and sat back.
“He’s okay” I smiled at her
“Okay smart ass I know you know he’s okay” she groaned “It was nice hearing him after only a week… Oh and J.J. sends his love and he’ll try to call you later he was going out on patrol” She picked up the sketches. “My Marine my Life” she read “Your wedding band?”
“Yep” I nodded “I’m about to work on J.J.’s” I smiled “Hey you want to go look at wedding dresses?”
“Sure… but I thought you were going to take you Mom as well”
“I’ll call here shes off work this afternoon”
“You talking to your Dad?”
“A little I’m still struggling with all of it but now I’m at least holding my tongue” I sighed picking up me phone and purse
“I need to go pee before we go”
“You just went” I held out my hands
“I know but” she disappeared.
“Riley what’s going on” I knocked on the bathroom door. she opened it her face looked like she was about to cry
“I thought I might have been pregnant”
“A baby” I looked at her “And” she shook her head
“I just… I hoped that… Oh this sucks” she groaned
“how late are you?”
“A day”
“Riley come on we were on the same schedule and getting the shots together as in we’re both due to go get one as of now”
“I know I was kinda hoping your brother had super sperm”
“Okay EW never ever use the words Brother and Sperm in the same sentence again” I shuddered “And don’t worry about it you have heaps of time to get pregnant when they get home”
“I know I just though it would be really cool if Flynn came home to me with a little bump” she sighed
“J.J.’s after the same thing” I chuckled as I sent Mom a text message “He apparently can’t wait to see what I look like with a belly” I looked at her
“You not so sure?”
“No I am I was just hoping that I still look as good after having a baby as my Mom and grandma’s did?”…………………….

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