Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Made for me

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Submitted: September 23, 2010



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…………………. We walked into the dress store as Mom and Grandma pulled up.
“Don’t mention about what happened this morning” Riley whispered to me “I feel…”
“I won’t don’t worry” I winked at her.
“Hi girls” Mom beamed at us
“Hey Mom” I kissed her cheek “Ready for seeing me all princessed out”
“You have no idea” Grandma chuckled. We started looking through the dresses as the assistant came over.
“Can I help you?” she smiled “I’m Bess”
“I’m getting married in about 4 month’s time” I explained
“For the second time” Riley laughed Bess looked a little confused. ‘He just deployed and they ran off to city hall to get married”
“Ahhh now that’s more common than you’d think” She nodded “Navy guy” I held up my wrist and shook my head “Marine my son’s a Marine as well”
“So’s mine” Grandma and Mom both laughed
“You’re a Marine family then?”
“You could say that” I nodded “Oooo I like this one I pulled out a dress”
“Well lets go try it on”I handed My purse to Riley and followed Bess back through the curtain and Mom and Grandma found another few dresses and hung them on the rack outside of the dressing room. My phone started to ring.
Riley * hey cowboy
J.J. * well I was kinda thinking I had called my wife
Riley * you called her phone she’s as we speak getting into a huge marshmallow of a gown
J.J. * she’s trying on wedding dresses
Riley * yup
J.J. * Riley you have to send me pictures
Riley * hell no
I stepped out of the dressing room
Riley * and hell no to that you look like you have hips wide enough to birth an aircraft carrier
J.J. * how can you get away with shit like that
Riley * because she loves me… hang on… Hey there’s a cowboy on the phone for you
She threw me the phone
Me * hey marine
J.J. * hi baby… I’m missing you
Me * miss you too.
J.J.* so did you cancel the doctors?
Me * yes I did… and I’m in the process of trying to find a wedding gown
J.J. * Riley said. So what else have you been doing?
ME * getting over a hangover from hell and I also discovered I can drink my Dad under the table
J.J. * er… okay, so are you guys talking again
Me * sort of we have an understanding let’s put it like that
J.J. * good… So are you going to try to get to Texas while I’m gone?
Me * I’m going there in a month and your Mom is coming to Lejeune this weekend to start the wedding plans
J.J. * nice I’m so glad I’m so far away
Me * oh really Marine you still have stuff to do for the wedding?
J.J. * you mean I don’t need to just turn up
J.J. * I was kidding baby I’m sorry
ME * I’m tired I’ve been working a lot in the past few days
J.J. * So what do you want me to do.
Me * find the honor guard, and you get to pick our first dance.
J.J. * and that’s it
Me 8 well I’m saying nothing about a honey moon after seeing Flynn and Riley have two failed attempts
J.J. * we can’t get sent anywhere for a while I have your Gramps word
Me * unfortunately he doesn’t make that choice and you’re going to make me cry in a minute
J.J. * I’m sorry I just want to be home holding you, or out by the pond under the stars
Me * I know, We will be soon
J.J. * yeah but not in the way I want because people will be there watching us get married.
ME * true I didn’t think of that… so what have you been doing?
J.J. * shooting shit and rescuing an English pilot that got his ass shot off
Me * was he okay?
J.J * as few broken bones and bruises but other than that he’s fine, I have to go there’s a crap load of guys wanting to call home
Me * I understand… Stay safe Marine and I love you
J.J. * yes Ma’am and I’m still amazed by you baby… I love you
The phone clicked with the disconnection as I sat down on the small chair outside of the dressing room and put my head in my hands.
“Is J.J okay?” Mom asked crouching down in front of me I looked up and nodded.
“It’s not fair they had to go back so soon” I sniffed trying not to break down
“I know it’s not but you have to remember it’s what we all sign up for when we marry Marines” she touched the side of my face “Like your Nana always says they break our hearts every time they leave and we hold it together waiting for them to come home and love us” she lowered my head and kissed my forehead. I nodded and took a deep breath and stood up and looked at Riley
“I still think the dress looks bad” she smiled supportively
“I’ll go try on the next one then” I nodded and turned back into the dressing room and proceeded to try on another 4 dress none of them quiet right but I didn’t know if it was just how down I was feeling after talking to J.J..
“One more and I’m done guys” I called out as I stepped into a dress and let Bess pull it up and tightened the corset. “Er… Guys” I looked in the mirror that was in the dressing room and felt sexy and like I was wearing a dress made just for me “I think I found my dress”………………….

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