Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Face to face

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Submitted: September 27, 2010



................. I went back to Lejeune with Gramps the rain had slowed to and icy drizzle as he pulled into the parking spot by his office.
“You’re Dad’s coming to meet me here in about 20 minutes” Gramps explained as he offered me his arm as he held an umbrella over us and we hurried into the warm dry air of the offices. “You guys need to talk on neutral ground”
“Gramps the whole Base is a Marine Base I’m surrounded by Marines is that what you call neutral?”
“Hell yeah… you take him to the restaurant and Luca will go to bat for his Bellezza” I started to laugh “and it’s too cold to go to the beach and after all this is my office no one else’s”
“Fine Gramps” I kissed his cheek as I looked round at the pictures scattered around the office some from when Gramps was still a boots on the ground kick you insurgent ass Marine with the rest of his platoon to pictures of him with all of us there was a empty frame on the side. “Hey what’s that for” I pointed to it.
“You’re wedding picture” he smiled walking round to the other side of his desk and sitting down. “I have Flynn’s over there” he pointed to the other bookshelf where Flynn and Riley’s picture stood along with a picture of me and Flynn on the day he graduated from boot camp I walked over and picked it up.
“I have this one in the apartment” I ran my fingers over Flynn’s face now I was missing my Brother as well as J.J.
“His okay isn’t he?” Gramps asked nerves edging into his voice.
“Yeah he’s fine he’s been tired a lot and he’s been on edge but his not in pain or anything like that” I shrugged and turned to look at Gramps he was watching me taping his chin with his pen “What?”
“That crazy bond you and your brother have amazes me” He leant forward on his arms “So you really know when something’s wrong with him”
“Always” I nodded the door knocked and opened and Dad walked in.
“Col” Dad was still supposed to be on Duty so he never called Gramps Ben in front of anyone he saw me and smiled “Hi sweetheart” I smiled back at him.
“Relax Phillip you’re now off the clock till you get back from California” Gramps got up “I think I’ll go make sure my base is running right” he kissed my forehead “I think you need to tell your daughter of the plans you have and I think she might have something to say to you”. He walked out and closed the door.
“So I take it Ben told you all about my interview” Dad took off his hat and looked at me as I sat in the chair behind Gramps desk.
“Yeah he said you could get the chance to be the CO if the Training base in San Diego”
“Yep one hell of a big promotion” Dad sighed sitting down “I didn’t want to mention it until… well until we knew one way or the other as to what was happening”
“It’ll be awesome away from the icy winters” I smiled
“Down side is away from my family” he touched my hand over the desk. “Away from my mini Marine in Flynn and my little girl”
“Wow I forgot the mini Marine thing” I chuckled remembering for 5 year straight Dad missed Halloween so each year Flynn Dressed in a small set of Dress Blues the Dawn and Rylan had gotten made for him. “He used to love doing that every year”
“You were let me think the first of those years you dressed as a Lady bug and you were 4 years old” Dad smiled letting go of my hand and sitting back. The following year you were sick and in hospital with Pneumonia. I called you from South America to say Happy Halloween and you and Flynn were sitting in the bed at the hospital, after he’d gone round trick or treating eating all the candy” he shook his head “the third year you were an angel and you told me that you wanted to be that because every Marine needed to have his little angel watching over him” I felt the lump in my throat rise as a tear slid down my Dad’s cheek. He swallowed hard “the fourth year you were a drill instructor” he started to laugh “you made Flynn cry because for two hours you did nothing but yell DROP AND GIVE ME 20 MARINE” I started to laugh remembering the firhgt Flynn and I had gotten in to where the M.P.’s patrolling round actually had to split us up and handcuffed us together as per Mom’s orders. “And then the last year he was a Marine and really looking back it shouldn’t surprise me that you ended up with a guy like J.J. because you were a Cow girl and you drove your Mom and Aunt Beth insane because all you’d say was Y’all”
“You remembered all of that from that far back”
“I remember a lot more honey” he smiled “I’m sorry for wanting to leave but I think your Mom and I need this fresh Marine start” he got up and walked to look out of the window “Hell you and Flynn have the beginning of your own families… I know I’ve not made it easy for you and J.J. but that guy’s taken your heart and I can see he makes you so happy even after everything and hell if he keeps coming back after the crap I’ve given him then he must Love you” I smiled at him “I want to make sure you have everything you need to be a success and a successful Marine wife”
“Dad I love my job and I love my Marine and as for handling both look at the women that come before me”
‘I know… Scary as hell aren’t they” he walked over to me and pulled me up from my chair “I guess what I’m trying to say is be happy with J.J. and don’t take crap”
“Do I ever”
“No I guess not” he nodded “I love you Breana”
“I love you too Dad” I hugged him tightly
“So what was it you wanted to tell me?” he asked I reached into my pockets and pulled out the keys for the house that Gramps had brought round to me before……………….

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