Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - Lost laptop and phone sex

Submitted: September 27, 2010

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Submitted: September 27, 2010



.................... I was sitting on the floor in the middle of a pile of boxes trying to find my laptop and my design book the front door opened and Riley walked in with a bag of Thai food.
“You still looking for it” she chuckled closing the door against the icy November wind
“No I’m sitting on the fool routing through boxes because it’s fun” I snapped
“Okay Grumpy” she walked in to the kitchen the only room other than the bathroom that was ready and finished it got up and walked into her
“I’m sorry… I didn’t sleep well last night I think your damn husband is sick” I ran my hand through my hair as she spooned the food out on to plates. Riley stopped and looked at me
“Yeah I felt nauseous all night and had a really bad headache” I picked up my plate. ‘Knowing my brother something he scarfed down his throat”
“So he’s not injured or…” Riley was starting to panic a little
“Riley stop it” I shook my head and hugged her “Jeez I’m going to stop telling you when he’s not well”
‘You’d better not” she groaned “When we don’t hear off them you’re the only one that keeps me sane”
“Put out the food and stop getting wound up” I walked into the living room as my phone started to ring
Me * stressed out Marine wives club
J.J. * okay one of those days is it baby?
Me * hey Marine…
J.J. * so I wanted to call you before I go and shower
Me * yummy
J.J. * Breana Tanner where is your mind
Me * right now in the shower naked with my Marine cowboy, kissing his…
“Breana… EW… that’s my brother-in-law and I haven’t eaten” Riley butted in as she put down my food on one of the boxes
J.J. * okay now I can’t go in the shower with the tent pole I have in my pants.
Me * I’m sorry baby… hey what’s wrong with Flynn?
J.J. * I haven’t seen him since 2am I went on patrol and he was due out about an hour before I got back. Why?
Me * I didn’t feel so good last night and I’m blaming him
J.J. * like I said I haven’t seen him
Me * don’t worry about it.
J.J. * so what are you doing?
Me * Well Riley just got some Thai food and I’m hunting for my laptop and design book
J.J. * see you should wait till I get home to move
Me * Baby all I want to do when you get home is
“Ew… let me leave the room before I loose my apatite” Riley got up and walked into the kitchen
J.J. * if she’s gone you can tell me what you want to do.
Me * Other than get you naked I want to get to Texas and get married… again
J.J. * so haws the planning going?
ME * all done between my family and yours all I’ve had to do is my dress and Riley’s and your sisters and our wedding bands.
J.J. * yeah I wanted to talk to you about that
Me * James Jordan Tanner please don’t tell me you’ve changed your mind about wearing one.
J.J. * no hell no it’s just the one I had on well I sort of lost it a couple of days ago
Me * okay I guess these things happen and it was a little big on you
J.J. * I was dreading telling you because I thought you’d kill me
Me * no Your Sister is picking ours up from the Jeweler in Dallas he’s making them for me at a lot less than he charges everyone else.
J.J. * so you’re being cheap
Me * No… using my contacts for gain that’s all and I’m sorry but the last one of my designs he made and sold as a wedding band sold for $25,000 and baby I love you but you’re not some businessman that can wear high end stuff like that… you’re my devil dog, my boots on the ground and under my bed hard working Marine.
J.J * $25,000 holy shit Breana
Me * I know nice fat commission check from that as well
J.J. * wow I can be a kept Marine
Me * hell no, a captive one yes… I know what box the handcuffs and the sexy M.P.’s costume are in
J.J. * okay you can’t find your laptop but you know where all the kinky stuff is
Me * priorities baby and you have 3 weeks left on the tour so I’m getting ready
J.J. * okay dirty phone calls are going to have to stop because I’m getting a few funny looks
Me * hey you should see the cowgirl outfit I got
J.J. * Breana are you trying to make your husband explode
Me * something like that
J.J. * it’s working… but let me just say when I’ve got you pinned on the bed and I’m kissing you along your jaw and down the side of your neck…
Me * okay I’m sorry…
J.J. started to laugh on the other end of the line
Me * so do we have a date for you getting back
J.J. * the day before thanksgiving
Me * sweet I can’t wait
J.J. * what date have you given people for the wedding?
Me * December the 11th 
J.J.*  perfect.
Me * I miss you Marine
J.J. * I miss you as well baby… I’ll get Flynn to call Riley when he gets back in
Me * okay I take it that means you’re going to have to go now doesn’t it.
J.J. * yeah I’m sorry but I really need a shower and I have to go see the CO about something
Me * you’re not in trouble are you?
J.J. * not that I know… I love you Breana and it’s 19 more sleeps till I come home
Me * I’m counting already Marine stay safe baby and I love you
The line disconnected I closed my eyes and fought back the urge to cry, I had the feeling something was wrong again only this time very wrong…………..

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