Semper Fi till we die (Marines part 8)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Horny Marine

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Submitted: September 08, 2010



..................... I felt Gramp’s hold on the two of us tighten as I could feel myself tremble with nerves and anticipation the busese stopped and Marines began to file off.
“Oh I wish Adam were here?” Gramps muttered “he’s good at spotting…’
“There’s Flynn” Riley Squeaked before she burst into tears. I spotted my brother he looked tired and like he needed a good hot shower I couldn’t help but smile I was so proud of him, suddenly my heart caught in my throat as a few more guys stepped off one of them being the hottest Marine ever, J.J. seemed to close his eyes and take a long deep breath at the chilly salty air before he moved into place next to Flynn.
“He’s back baby girl” Gramps murmured as his lips pushed against my hair all I could do was nod my eyes fixed and locked on the man that rocked my world. “I have to go do my Col thing” he chuckled “you girls going to be okay?”
“They’ll be fine Dad” I heard Mom’s vice from the left of me her voice still unsure and shaken I know she was wishing it was her Marine here today.
We listened to the few words Gramps had to say about the pride we all have for the Marines and the job that they do before he called out to them to go find their families.
“Go on girls” Patty’s voice rang out choked with emotion as Riley and I took off running toward Flynn and J.J.
“Hey Cowboy” I heard Flynn laugh “I think you’re cowgirl’s here” J.J. Looked up and a smile broke out on his face as he bent his knees slightly and lifted me from the floor with one arm as I wrapped my arms round his neck. My lips crushing against his as his tongue fought it’s way into my mouth his free hand in my hair holding my head in place.
“Get a room Marine” the sound of Grandma’s laughter filtered through the haze of desire between us, I pulled back a little and smiled at him
“Hey Marine”
“Hey yourself beautiful” he rubbed his rough thumb on the side of my face “Damn you’re so damn sexy”
“Have you looked in a mirror” I giggled as he kissed the side of my neck
“Oh and it starts again” Grandma sighed “Horny Marines never change”
“You should know honey” I groaned as Grandpa joined in the conversation
“Go see your Brother J.J> laughed as Grandma squeezed in between us to hug J.J.
“Welcome home Marine you’re Mom asked me to give you a Mom sized hug from her” Grandma explained as I looked round as Flynn stood with his arms wrapped round Riley.
“I think your sister wants you” Riley winked at me and stepped back.
“Hey you” I grinned as Flynn wrapped me in hs arms and hugged me dropping a kiss on my head
“I missed my little sister” he sighed “I had to deal with his complaing about missing you” he nodded his head toward J.J. who was being hugged by Riley “And believe me it began the day we left here”
“At least you know he loves me” I laughed. I had my Twin back close to me since he’d become the Marine we all knew he was going to become the sense thing between us had increased the longer we were apart which was good because I could always reassure Riley and Mom that he was safe and fine. “I missed you”
“So when do we have a wedding?” he asked as we walked over to the others.
“Well that I don’t know because we didn’t know when exactly you were coming home till last week and then someone decided you have to go have a real honeymoon and booked tickets for tomorrow” I poked Riley in the ribs. “So any time after you guys get back because Dad and the others should be back as well”
“Awesome” He let go of me as Mom plowed into him tears of Joy mixing with the tears of fear that had been threatening to brim over since we got here.
“If you guys will excuse us I want to take my Marine Home” I snuggled against J.J. “Mom call me if you need me” I hugged her
“I’ll be okay honey… you and J.J. go…” I kissed her cheek looking at Flynn and mouthed ask Riley and call me he nodded slightly as J.J. picked up his bag and reached for my hand. The two of us walked across the parking lot I dropped his hand instead putting my arm round his waist I rested my head on his shoulder as we walked inhaling the smell of him the dusty dirty combat fighting Marine smell that I’d loved since I was little, it meant that they were home safe and sound.
“You smell so good” I murmured as we reached my truck he turned me to face him and pushed me against the cold steel his hands skirting the bottom of my Shirt.
“Okay now I think Miss Richardson you’re delusional” he groaned as I slid my hands round his waist and found the warm tight flesh of his lower back “I haven’t had a shower for 4 days and I  think the last time I shaved was a week ago”
“Well Sgt Tanner you’re just going to have to give me a severe case of razor rash then aren’t you” I moaned at the circles his thumbs were working on my rib cage. “And I’m not talking about my face” I caught his bottom lip in my teeth and tugged, the chilly air suddenly seemed hot and steamy as My Marine was already at Attention………………………………….

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